Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 20: Return Journey

Chapter 20: Return Journey

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The capital was always packed with people. Groups of them would often enter the city in threes or fives from outside. Currently, at the roadside, Ye Hang and wife were sending Ye Yuan off.

"Yuan-er, although this is only a half-day journey, I keep feeling uneasy. With Wan Donghai’s personality, he definitely wouldn’t swallow this insult and humiliation silently. My guess is that he is definitely scheming something. Ah Ping and Ah Cheng had followed me for many years. I think it is best if they escorted you along the way." Ye Hang tried his best to persuade his son.

Just like how Wan Donghai understood Ye Hang, similarly, Ye Hang too had a deep understanding of Wan Donghai. That was why he had been persuading Ye Yuan all these while to bring along the two guards but kept on being rejected by Ye Yuan. Findd new 𝒔tories on nov/e(l)bin(.)com

"Father, it is only a half-day journey. It is fine. Furthermore, there is Brother Tang who is traveling with me. No matter how brave Wan Donghai is, he wouldn’t dare to openly send people to kill me."

Ye Yuan rejected with a smile like before.

"Aiya. Just listen to your father, Yuan-er. That Wan Donghai is vicious and coldhearted. It’s easy to dodge a spear in the open but hard to guard against an arrow shot in the dark." Ren Hongling tried to persuade him as well.

The couple had lost him once, and now they had him back, they did not want any accidents to happen again.

However, Ye Yuan just smiled and shook his head; the rejection was already evident.

"Aiya. You are so stubborn."

Ye Hang knew that his son, currently, could not be compared with how he was in the past. Perhaps he really had a life-preserving trump card. Yesterday, when his son appeared in front of him, he was astoundingly already at the Third Level Essence Qi Realm; this gave him a huge fright. Although he knew that Ye Yuan encountered a powerful master, this advancement speed was too terrifying.

But after thinking about the extremely mysterious methods of the expert, Ye Hang felt at ease. He knew that there were too many things beyond his comprehension in this world.

"Forget it. Since he doesn’t want to, then let him go alone. Our son is all grown up. There are some things which he must face himself." Ye Hang sighed.

Ye Yuan bowed towards his parents before setting off with Tang Yu and Lu-er.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan was naturally aware that this journey would not be too peaceful. But he wished to face some matters by himself as he wanted to use this chance to temper himself.

Ye Yuan possessed unfathomable knowledge in Alchemy Dao; his broad horizons transcended this world as well as having countless martial techniques. However, these things do not represent strength. Otherwise, Ye Yuan could have already charged back to the Divine Realm right now.

What Ye Yuan wanted to do was to use these things and turn them into actual strength.

In his previous life, Ye Yuan was too focused on Alchemy Dao, leading to him neglecting Martial Dao. His cultivation realm was indeed high, but his combat prowess was a complete mess.

How to take the knowledge brought over from his previous life and convert it into combat power?

Ye Yuan knows that it was to fight, fight, and FIGHT!

Only through non-stop combat he could increase his battle power and slaughter his way back to the Divine Realm!

Without actual combat experience, no matter how profound Ye Yuan’s knowledge was, it would merely be like the moon’s reflection on the water, only an illusion.

Hence, Ye Yuan did not wish to grow up under Ye Hang’s protection. That was why he chose to return to the Dan Wu Academy in order to compete with other geniuses.

Just as Ye Yuan described to Tang Zong Huai, the Dan Wu Academy was not a utopia. In contrast, the competition inside was quite cruel.

And with this return journey to the academy, it would be the first time Ye Yuan going to face this challenge.

. . . . . .

The Dan Wu Academy was not situated within the capital, but rather, located a hundred miles north of the capital. The area was close to the Endless Forest; an excellent place to temper geniuses.

Ye Yuan and his group did not rush back to the academy. Instead, they rode on their horses in a leisurely manner.

"Oh right, I still haven’t congratulated Brother Tang for stepping into the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm."

Originally, Tang Yu was at the peak of the Fourth Level. Now that he obtained Ye Yuan’s Exploding Yuan Pill, he might as well find a rock to commit suicide with if he still could not step into the Fifth level.

"No no. This was all thanks to Brother Ye’s Exploding Yuan Pill. The Exploding Yuan Pill is indeed miraculous. To think that the essence energy contained inside is several times greater than in the Essence Qi Pill. I only ate one of them and easily broke through."

Up till now, Tang Yu was still reminiscing the aftertaste of that violent essence energy, thinking to himself that increasing cultivation level was unexpectedly easy. Furthermore, because he ate the Exploding Yuan Pill, he understood why Ye Yuan could advance two ranks overnight.

What he did not know was that Ye Yuan already consumed the Exploding Yuan Pills of the best quality. Furthermore, the quantity consumed was several times of his. Those pills would have been sufficient for him to cultivate to the Sixth Level Essence Qi Realm.

Every stage within the Essence Qi Realm was not as simple as one plus one equals to two. The higher your realm was, the greater the quantity of essence energy required; furthermore, it increased multiple times. The amount of essence energy needed to go from the Fifth Level to the Sixth Level was practically the total sum of essence energy needed for the First Level to the Fifth Level. Yet, such an immense amount of essence energy was only sufficient for Ye Yuan to cultivate to the Third Level.

"Hahaha. An innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth. After Brother Tang returns to the academy, take care to not reveal the Exploding Yuan Pill. Otherwise, the consequences would be unbearable."

Wan Donghai had the confidence to take down the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion with just the Essence Gathering Pills, yet this Exploding Yuan Pill’s medicinal effects were even greater than the Essence Gathering Pill. Once it was exposed, it would definitely cause a bloodbath.

During Ye Yuan’s previous life, he spent a long time in an exalted position. Other than that wildly ambitious traitor, he was confident that he had some ability in judging people. Tang Yu had commendable filial piety and was definitely not a despicable backstabber. Furthermore, he saw a great deal of himself in Tang Yu which was why he showed his appreciation of his talent by gifting the Exploding Yuan Pill to him.

Of course, Ye Yuan was not without any selfish intention. A good man had three helpers. After Ye Yuan went back to the academy, he could not possibly personally take care of every problem he would encounter. If he had a few good friends, things would be much easier.

"Don’t worry, Brother Ye. Tang Yu isn’t someone who can’t differentiate between good and bad. I am also aware of the huge implications that this Exploding Yuan Pill has and will absolutely not reveal it in front of others. Forgive Tang Yu for being bold, but since Brother Ye has such capabilities, why is there a need to attend the Dan Wu Academy?"

Tang Yu was not a fool. Although he could only see a corner of the iceberg, he was absolutely certain that Ye Yuan’s Alchemy Dao standards had already completely surpassed the current standard in the State of Qin. Was it not an unnecessary move to attend the Dan Wu Academy?

However, there were some things that he did not feel comfortable saying, fearful that Ye Yuan might misunderstand. That was where did Ye Yuan learn all of these from? Regardless of that nameless medicinal pill used to treat his father or that Exploding Yuan Pill which Ye Yuan possessed, all of those could not possibly be refined by Ye Hang.

However, he could only let all these suspicions remained in his stomach. Unless Ye Yuan took the initiative to tell him, he would not overstep his boundaries.

"The Dan Wu Academy is still a place where the elites of the State of Qin congregate. Such a place where the wind meets the clouds; how can I, Ye Yuan, pass up this opportunity?"

"Hahaha. In my opinion, those so-called elites and geniuses, they are all just clay chickens and pottery dogs when compared to Brother Ye."

Ye Yuan shook his head and replied, "The heroes under the heavens cannot be underestimated. I think you’ve guessed it, but these few days, I’ve had a lucky encounter, which was why my changes were so big. However, my strength is still too weak. A genius who cannot grow stronger will only become stepping stones for others."

Nodding his head, Tang Yu faintly understood the reason why Ye Yuan wanted to go to the Dan Wu Academy, and at the same time, he was full of admiration towards Ye Yuan.

It went without saying that the lucky encounter which Ye Yuan came across was absolutely extraordinary. But for Ye Yuan to not be conceited or rash and remained clear of his position, it was truly hard to come by.

Among those geniuses in the academy, which one of them did not have eyes growing on top of their heads? Those people looked down upon others with ordinary backgrounds.

Tang Yu believed that soon enough, Ye Yuan would be able to display his own brilliance within the Dan Wu Academy, and those so-called geniuses would be outshone by him.

"Come on out. I believe Mister is tired after following us all the way. Am I right?" Ye Yuan suddenly shouted out loud while Tang Yu was still lost in his own thoughts.

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