Twin Reincarnation: Epics Of The Worldline

Chapter 133 133 Eisheth’s prison (Part-7)

Chapter 133 133 Eisheth’s prison (Part-7)

[Lucy's POV: ]

"Hmmm? Yes?"

"Tell me."


"The link skill is a double-edged sword, you know as well. Tell me."

"Task. Fucking skill."

She gave up quickly and returned back to her angry face. She seemed to be really annoyed to hear her own skill gave her away, but it was what it was.

She could know all that was going on inside me while I could at least guess she was trying to hide something from me even after her enhanced but still terrible acting.

"Sit down."

With her hand on her head and an expression that seemed to have some complications regarding things that were going on with her, she first created a place for us to sit down with her earth magic and sat down.


I sat down beside her as well, and she put her head on my shoulder. Her head that was unusually hot.

[ "I don't know how but seems like the dragon magic we dealt with left some kind of defensive mechanism in my mind.

By the time I sensed it, the foreign Mana had already spread in one part of my mind, and even though I'm trying to clear it with my Mana, it's not budging.

It's not harmful in any way yet since it is just doing some kind of surveillance and I have blocked it, but, it is trying to make its way out of it and continue spreading like some virus.

It's still just Mana so I might be able to absorb it after emptying whatever Mana I have currently so, I don't think there is any need for you to worry. It will be resolved during our fight with that bitch." ]

[ "No it won't." ]

A dragon's magic was a living entity itself, this situation proved that statement to be far more accurate than we had known.

She tried going against a spell like that and failed at first, however, she fought against the spell's defense mechanism and won. But, the spell, the being, didn't give up and instead, before it was destroyed itself, it managed to invade her mind through the direct connection. Which, technically shouldn't have been possible for any ordinary being but since we were talking about a dragon's original spell, this little thing didn't sound that much impossible.

'And since it is inside her mind, or the abstract location that doesn't actually possess any set coordinates, I guess there isn't much we can do for now.'

I had an idea, but I didn't know if it would work or not, and it was difficult to tell how she would be able to actually block that thing for long. But there was one thing I'm certain of.

[ "I tried absorbing that Mana and you know what happened. There's no way I'm letting you do that." ]

[ "Then what?! Do you want me to just keep it there?! It's fucking weird to even describe what this is!" ]

[ "I know how you feel, ok? Just calm down and stop shouting. Look at me." ]

There was no need to worry about that thing. Knowing her, even though that 'spell' creature had managed to invade her mind, it would die even before reaching the surface of her active consciousness.

It must be on the inner borders right now and it will stay there, or die on its own. But, knowing that there is some foreign substance inside her, well, my El would never tolerate such a shitty parasite.

She would have started working on obligating it as soon as she discovered it but, we were inside a dungeon, following a new plan that I crafted with difficulties.

She didn't want to ruin everything by telling me something like this. But I knew it now, and I also knew she didn't like the fact that I knew...

Holding her face with both hands, I looked into her eyes while maintaining an appropriate distance between us.

"What are you?"

"An idiot sandwich! …wait, no! What the fuck?!"

But, she was surprised by my sudden action and spoke up about something true, but weird.

'Dumb girl. Haaa…'

[ "You are the greatest genius El, I know you will deal with the situation but, what are we?" ]

She knew well what we were and why I was asking her such a question.

[ "We are ONE… sorry. I just-" ]

[ "It's alright. I'm angry but I will let this one go. As for the thing you have inside there…" ]

[ "You have an idea?" ]

I had a feeling but I didn't know if it would work or not… actually, there was no drawback to giving it a try so might as well test this theory.

[ "El. Can you go in there?" ]

Looking at her with a serious gaze after a moment of thinking, I asked her the question with a pinch of hesitation. But, this damn girl gave me a pleased smile after seeing the look on my face.

[ "I can go inside you if you want as well-" ]

[ "Alright then go there and try calling my [Six Walls]." ]

The concept of 'mind' was different for both of us.

She believed it was a space that existed in the deepest level of the consciousness or the consciousness of the mind itself in simpler terms.

I, on the other hand, believed that we ourselves were our minds as well as souls.

Different from a place that was located inside one's body, the mind was the conscious soul, something that was the part of the body, as well as an independent element that existed alongside us.

She believed the body contained the consciousness and the soul contained a higher consciousness that was connected, or in her own words, the 'physical' body possessed the mind while the 'mental' body was the personification of this mind.

According to her, what we call the soul, was the mental body and so, it was a part of the physical body and, without a body made of 'matter', the existence of a pure energy form 'soul' was not possible in the 'lower plains' of existence.

'The topic of Soul is something we both argue for long hours but it's one of the things that she believes differently than I do. It's some of the few things we can have healthy debates over.'

When I think about the mind, I think about the 'thing' that is thinking what I am thinking. When she thinks about the mind, she finds herself in a place that is supposedly her 'mind' where most of the internal and external processes happen.

It was absurd and hard to explain but, simply put, for me, the mind was me and the world, while for her, the mind was a quality of hers that existed somewhere in her brain.

[ "Use… the skill?" ]

[ "Yes. Go there and try calling one of the walls in there. See what happens." ]

[ "…ok? Have you done something like this before?" ] Ne/w novel chapt𝒆rs are published on no/vel(/bin(.)co/m

[ "I did think about it, but no. I don't know what will happen or if anything will even happen at all. I just had a thought about, what would happen if the [Six walls], a skill that is practically guarding our minds, is used by the controller of my being, or the mind, or the consciousness of our consciousness… well, you understand what I mean, right?" ]

[ "…no. Fuck that. You're saying you haven't tried it, right?" ]

[ "No I haven't-" ]

[ "Alright then~! Wait up!" ]

She didn't even want to think about what I had just said but she was excited to test out something that even I had not done before. So, she hurriedly closed her eyes, focused, focused some more, focused so deeply that her body went into a suspended state and I had to lay her body down on the ground, and after that, we stayed like that, with her head on my lap.

I still could not figure out how she did this strange thing, how she had such control over her mind and body. This ability to do whatever she wanted with her being is just… unbelievable.


Not long after she went into this state, a strange phenomenon occurred.

Some kind of icy blue Mana came out of her and when it perceived me, it tried to attack me or perhaps go inside me, but before it could do so, I materialized one of the Six walls to block its attack, caught it, used my sword as a medium to absorb it, and this time, without making contact with it, I put it in a separate blank energy container.

It struggled a lot when it was inside of it as well, but it was imprisoned there, and now that I had a clear look at this thing, it was something... strange?

'It was strong despite being so strange though but, what do I call this actually?'

It was certainly a 'spell' of a dragon but from all our knowledge, and its weird looks, we at least knew spells do not become something like this.

This creature was akin to a parasite now, and it had not been like this during the time we played this in our game.

This thing was unfamiliar… at least to me.

[Many beings of 'Absolute purity' faction are astonished to see a Spellmutant in this kind of place.]

[Many 'Gods' are curious how you were able to capture that rare newborn. They ask if you have any intention of exchanging it with something else.]

[Some beings of 'Pure evil' factions had dropped their jaws after witnessing the World ending disaster's existence. Now they are smirking pleasantly.]

[Some beings of 'Flawed neutrality' are concerned by the appearance of the young creature. They speculate it could be detrimental to the stability of the world and suggest that you hand it over to someone who knows what it is.]

[The spectator 'Diety of the forest of luck' says what just came out of 'Synthist of rumors' is a mutated creature that feeds on the mental bodies of any being possessing it. It says it is a creature of disaster that does not usually manifest in lower parts of the Worldline. Its existence itself is surprising, however, the fact that it is captured when it has just been born makes the container holding it a valuable treasure.]

[Some spectators had complained about how this level of information is being revealed to someone but they will be ignored.]

"…so, you all mean this is a Spellmutant? They look like this when they are born?"

Now this… is fucked up.

There wasn't even a need to mention what a Spellmutant was, everyone who knew about the 'disasters' already knew this simple-sounding name.

We knew it as well. We had even fought and lost against some in the past while playing.

I had some good experiences with it, and very bad ones as well. But, if what I am holding is really a Spellmutant, a being that had neither appeared in our previous game runs or when creating the storyline… then it only meant one thing.

'We dodged a bullet… no. We dodged a possible horrible ending.'

This was caused by our existence, a butterfly effect I had never considered could be a possibility.

"Ummmmm… did I do it…? Lucy?"

She woke up and I looked at her with a concerned expression.

We knew the world would be affected by our actions. We knew it from the time we came to this capital city and met Nes. However, our mere existence was becoming so important that our actions were already causing changes on the world level, perhaps on the level of the Worldline.

I… this is a problem. An Alpha A-1 level problem…

"We need to talk, El."

Perhaps... we might have to make new plans from scratch now.

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