Tribulation of Myriad Races

Chapter 618: Old Friend, Test (2)

Chapter 618: Old Friend, Test (2)

Su Yu said, "You can take a bath upstairs. Are you hungry?"

Wu Lan replied, "Somewhat. I didn't take too much food with me. But I did manage to hunt a few small beasts, but the taste was terrible..."

That was because she didn't know how to prepare her food properly. Su Yu laughed in amusement. Without any condiments, the roasted flesh of freshly hunted beasts would taste terrible.

"Go wash up."

"Ok..." Suddenly, Wu Lan said, "I don't have any of my clothes with me."


Su Yu was speechless. He asked, "Did you come empty-handed?"

"Nope. I brought my merit card and identification documents with me. Are you stupid? If I came empty-handed, I wouldn't even get through the checkpoints."

Fine. He was stupid. What could Su Yu say if even this silly lass was calling him stupid?

"Alright. I'll buy some clothes for you..."

After taking a good look at Wu Lan's size, he turned around to leave. While walking, he said, "Don't run around. I don't know this building well as well. Be careful lest you stumble upon any traps."

"Yeah, yeah."

Wu Lan went upstairs without any hesitation. Meanwhile, Su Yu walked out of the research center.

Outside, he rubbed his face. He didn't know what to feel. Wu Lan had actually traveled this far for him. He had not expected this at all. Not only had she arrived, but she had even transferred to this academy.

The Wu Family was probably aware of that, right? Why had they allowed her to come? Suddenly, Su Yu raised his head and looked ahead of him. A familiar figure was standing there.

He exhaled and stepped forth before bowing. "Greetings, Teacher Wu."

Wu Qi stared at him for a very long time before saying, "My little sister is very honest. She is also inexperienced and stubborn. Our family does not agree with this, but she was too stubborn. Eventually, my grandaunt was the one who had deliberately helped her make the journey. I know what my grandaunt was thinking.

"There are things that can't be forced. Just let everything take its natural course. My little sister is not someone with a lot of schemes in her head. She believed that she had promised you to come. So she came. As for you, there is no need to think too much. Since she's already here, just treat her as an additional assistance. Don't think about anything else. Wu Lan does not represent the Wu Family, even though everyone is already seeing us as the supporters of the multiple character faction because of Teacher Liu Wenyan.

"Su Yu, I don't know if you're touched by what she did. Or perhaps you're annoyed. I only hope that you don't drag my sister into any conflicts."

Su Yu said, "I never thought of dragging anyone into this conflict."

"I know." Wu Qi's tone turned helpless as she said, "But I still want to tell you that...Wu Lan is simply a fool. She doesn't understand anything. But I also know that you have yet to give up. You still wish to return. Not only that, but you want your revenge. You even want to get involved in the affairs of Teacher Liu. Su need to know that the matter fifty years ago is a lot more complicated than you believe.

"There are things that my grandaunt or the others in my family can get involved in, but not my little sister. She's too stupid. She doesn't even understand what she will face if she gets involved. But all of us know that very well..."

Both she and Wu Yuehua knew the price of participation. That was why it was fine for them to participate. But Wu Lan did not understand.

Su Yu inhaled deeply and said, "I understand. How about this? I'll find a chance to chase her away..."

Wu Qi remained silent for a long while before she said, "Thank you."

"Don't worry about it."

Wu Qi handed him a storage ring and said, "My little sister's things are inside. Just say that we have someone deliver this ring over. She left without taking anything with her. What a silly lass. She has never suffered so much hardship before. I guess this is a good chance for her to learn that the world outside is not as beautiful than she thought..."

"She's very brave."

That was Su Yu's judgment. Wu Lan was someone who had never left home alone before. This time, she had traveled thousands of kilometers all by herself. Su Yu could imagine the kind of fear she would feel during her travel.

Even he himself could not traverse that far without any fear. In truth, during his journey, there were times when he hesitated. But his situation was much better as unlike her, he had the company of his beast protectors. He also knew that Director Hou was following him in secret. But Wu Lan had none of that.

Wu Qi smiled and said, "All Wu Family members are born courageous. She is also a member of the Wu Family. Like I said, she lacks experience, but that doesn't mean she can't do anything."

Wu Qi personally believed that her little sister was super dumb, but she still felt the need to say something nice about her little sister.

Su Yu nodded.

Wu Qi smiled and said, "This...might be a good thing for her, after all. Great Xia's environment is too vile. That might not be suited for her. Great Ming's environment is very good. Too bad it's too far from home. Su Yu, I'll be leaving immediately. Please take care of her for me."

"I will."

Wu Qi nodded and turned around to leave.

But after taking a few steps, she turned again and said, "I doubt you'll be able to return anytime soon. I hope I can see you in the Luminous Domain Mansion."

"You will." Su Yu smiled, "Definitely."

Wu Qi said nothing else and left.

Su Yu smiled. Wu Qi was not someone to be underestimated. Luminous Domain Mansion...he had heard about it many times. Hopefully, he would get the chance to visit that place as well.

Would his teacher be able to gain the qualifications to enter as well?


Back at the research center.

Wu Lan was done with her bath. She was still wearing her dirty clothes, but her face had been washed clean.

When she saw Su Yu return, she casually tossed her towel aside and asked, "Su Yu, when are we starting with our research on the Aperture Fusion Art?"

"There's no rush." Su Yu smiled and handed the ring over. "Your family delivered this over. I saw the delivery guy when I was outside."


Wu Lan accepted the ring indifferently and said, "I'm not a child anymore. I have my merit card on me. With money, I can buy what I need. Why bother?"

Su Yu wanted to tell her that she was a child.

He really didn't know what to say. She had set off on such a dangerous journey alone without thinking about the consequences. If it wasn't for Wu Qi's secret protection, she wouldn't have been able to reach here.

But instead, he warned her, "You got lucky. Most of the wild beasts have been killed while I was traveling here. Otherwise, you would have been eaten by a Skysoar beast before you can even go far."

She had no idea how dangerous the journey was. He couldn't allow her to remain so naive.

"Do you think I'm stupid?"

Wu Lan was dissatisfied. But Su Yu said nothing. Was he wrong?

"I brought some treasures with me. I just didn't get the chance to use them."

Wu Lan smugly said, "Those beasts were lucky to not encounter me. Before I left, I took all the poison from my grandaunt's pill concoction room. Any beast with the guts to approach me will be poisoned to death."

She looked incomparably proud. Did Su Yu think that she was stupid? She wasn't defenseless! What a pity that she wasn't given the chance to test out the poison she had stolen.

Otherwise, she would definitely arrive with a few Skysoar corpses and show Su Yu how incredible she was.

Su Yu smiled, "I'm glad to hear that. But you need time to use the poison while some of these beasts can kill you instantly. Just remember to be careful. You might really die if you underestimate these beasts."

"Yeah, yeah."

Wu Lan was still dissatisfied. Wasn't she fine?

But before long, her face turned into one of excitement as she said, "Su Yu, you don't know this but before I left, I did something! Hah! You won't be able to believe what I did!"


"I beat Xia Chan up!"


What the hell was that?

"She's a part of the single character faction, right? They are all disgusting people." Wu Lan said in excitement, "Thus, I learned from you and ambushed her before leaving! I did it right in front of the prefect's manor! After beating her up, I left!" F0lloww new š¯’„hapters at nov/(e)l/bin/(.)com

Holy shit!

Su Yu stared at her in stupefaction. Was she for real?

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