Tribulation of Myriad Races

Chapter 617: Old Friend, Test (1)

Chapter 617: Old Friend, Test (1)

Great Ming Cultural Research Academy.

Multiple Character Faculty.

A group of students were returning after taking a look at Big Ball when they noticed a dirty woman in their faculty. Noticing that she was looking around blankly, one of them asked curiously, "Who are you looking for? This is the cultural research academy. Are you here to..."

He couldn't bring himself to finish his words. He was about to ask if she was here to pick up garbage. Was this an actual student or had she sneaked into the academy? No matter how lax the security was, an outsider shouldn't be able to sneak in so easily, right?

Wu Lan sized the student speaking to her up before raising her head smugly. She had concluded that the student before her was very weak.

"Are you from the Multiple Character Faculty?"


"Where is the Source Soul Research Center?"

"Source Soul Research Center?"

The student blanked out slightly before asking, "Are you here to see Su Yu?"


The student sized up Wu Lan with an odd expression. Su Yu's taste sure was unique.

"Cough, cough. Where do you work?"


"You're a working lady, right? Is this a new service your place is offering?"


Wu Lan frowned in confusion. What was this person talking about?

"I am the leader of the Source Soul Research Center's Breakthrough Team. I'm here to see Su Yu. Do you know where he is? If you don't, never mind."

"Leader of the Breakthrough Team?"

The student smiled with an ambiguous expression and said, "Since you're insisting on your roleplay, fine. If I'm right, he's probably at Xiansheng Research Center. Tsk, tsk. Junior Su sure has a unique taste. Or should I say that those from Great Xia have unique tastes?"

With that, the student started leading the confused Wu Lan over. Along the way, they encountered a few other students. And these students joined the group as well. Why? Because there was a new show to watch.

What a surprise. Su Yu had remained silent after arriving, but the first thing he did was familiarize himself with the local brothels before ordering a unique service. This lady would probably look quite good after cleaning up. They had never tried such a unique service before.


A short while later, Su Yu was forced to go outside after hearing the loud noise. At first, he didn't even recognize Wu Lan. But when he saw her posture and heard her voice, he was stunned.

Wu Lan was furious. She said, "How dare you insult me!"

Despite the thick layer of dust covering her face, her fury could still be clearly seen.

Su Yu frowned and asked, "Wu Lan, why are you here?"

When Wu Lan saw him, her previous toughness vanished as she said in a pitiful voice, "Su Yu, I only came because you told me to come! But these people have insulted me!"


Su Yu blanked out. When did he tell her to come?

But of course, it was not the time to think about that. He looked at the other students and frowned. The student who had shown Wu Lan the way awkwardly said, "Junior Su, this is a misunderstanding! We didn't mean it! This junior sister did not introduce herself and asked for you the moment she arrived. We weren't aware that she's your friend since you're so new here so we misunderstood."

He said, "That was a joke! Really! Please accept our apology..."

The other students also hurriedly apologized with awkward expressions. Apart from awkwardness, they were also feeling quite nervous. Had they offended the devil king?

Su Yu indifferently said, "Forget it. Just be careful with what you say next time. You can bring disaster to yourself easily if you don't watch your mouth."

This was one of the weak points of Great Ming. The people here could relate everything to pleasure. He didn't even need to ask to know what the misunderstanding was about. Seeing that the others had apologized, Wu Lan's anger dissipated. She snorted and decided to ignore them.

Su Yu said, "Seniors, thank you for showing her the way. Sorry for troubling you."

"Don't worry about it!"

They were aware that this was his way of telling them to leave. Not daring to tarry, they hurriedly walked away.

After the students left, Wu Lan snorted and said, "A bunch of perverts! Do they think that I know nothing? How dare they ask me for my price? If this is the Great Xia Cultural Research Academy, I would have challenged them to a fight long ago."

She was very offended.

Su Yu smiled helplessly, but soon, his emotions turned complicated and asked, "Why are you here?"

"Didn't you hint at me to come?"

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When did he do that?

Wu Lan was infuriated, "Are you denying that now? You said that you will name your next cultivation method after me! You also gave me a cultural art and told me to remain as the team leader! Wasn't that a hint for me to come?"

Was he trying to change the name of his next cultivation method? Was he not going to use her name anymore?

Su Yu resisted the urge to roll his eyes. How was that a hint? How did that brain of hers work?

"Did you travel here all by yourself?"

"Yes." Wu Lan raised her head smugly and said, "I came alone! From Great Xia until Great Ming, I killed numerous beasts! None of them is a match for me!"

Su Yu had a lot of questions. She traveled alone and survived the journey? Was that a joke? He spread his senses around, but he couldn't sense anyone from Wu Family. He asked, "Did you encounter any Skysoar beasts on your journey?"

"Nope. Am I supposed to encounter those beasts?"

For many people, the answer to that was a resounding yes.

Su Yu wanted to tell her the truth, but he decided to shut his mouth. Since she had traveled thousands of kilometers without encountering a single Skysoar beast, she was definitely under the protection of a Wu Family expert.

"Come on in. Why are you so dirty?"

"It's your fault!" Wu Lan complained, "You left without notifying me. I only found out about your departure after the fact. I had to spend a few days to complete my academy transfer procedures before leaving. I spent eight days on the road! It's not like I can find a bathroom in the wilderness!"

Eight days...

Su Yu didn't know what else he could say. As he showed her in, he asked, "Where did you sleep during the journey?"

Wu Lan smugly said, "Do you think I'll sleep at random locations? Tsk. I am well-read on topics regarding wilderness survival. I can't sleep near water. I can't lit up a bonfire at night. I can't eat raw food. I should avoid staying in the forest. I should also avoid caves. Most of the time, I'll stay the night at a spacious and dry location."

"So you have been sleeping outdoors?"

"Are you stupid? How am I supposed to reach here this fast if I waste my time sleeping in cities?"

At that moment, Wu Lan noticed the sky in the building. She looked up and said, "I thought you're staying at a shitty place. But you're actually staying in a place like this? Is this building yours?"

"Yeah. This is the new Source Soul Research Center?"

"Did you buy it?"


"Did you get a loan somewhere?"


The conversation ended there. After looking around, Wu Lan asked curiously, "Where are the labs?"


"Do we start our research now?"


Su Yu wanted to roll his eyes. What were they supposed to research? They had yet to make any preparations. Also, what did this girl think she was going to research? Why was she asking to start the research immediately?

Even back at Great Xia, her task only involved gathering information. Did she really think that she was a genius in research and deduction? She had actually traveled thousands of kilometers to find him.

Even Su Yu himself had taken many days to reach Tiandu from Great Xia. For Wu Lan to reach in only eight days, she had probably traveled without rest. No wonder she looked so dirty. And she had been sleeping in the wilderness. Had she even left her home alone before?

Was she not afraid when during all those nights when she was accompanied by nothing but the howls and roars of wild beasts in the wilderness? Did she not feel uncomfortable going so many days without taking a bath?

Numerous thoughts appeared in Su Yu's mind.

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