The Sinful Life of The Emperor

Chapter 761 Saved You From Marriage!

761  Saved You From Marriage!

As the sleeves of Phantom Clone tightened around Kiba's limbs and wings, the latter smirked. "Do you think your daughter would like it if I play such tight bondage with her?"

This question further provoked the already infatuated Castor Damon.

"You wouldn't be in any state to play with her!" The Phantom Clone barked.

The sleeves broke into threads, and like snakes, they slipped up, entangling Kiba's neck in circles. "Argh!" His muscles tightened, his skin turning sweltering red. In the distance, Agatha and Ashlyn panicked, their hearts beating with worry. They believed Kiba would be safe after he got rid of the Cosmic Armageddon Sword.

But now…

"We need to act now!" Agatha exclaimed. Ashlyn nodded and channeled her energy into the suit. The discs started rotating, buzzing with power.

Claudia, though, remained calm. She stopped Agatha and Ashlyn, bewildering them.

"Have faith in the master."

Agatha and Ashlyn looked at each other in confusion. How can they have any faith when Kiba was in such a dire state?!

Far away, Kiba's divine radiance dimmed as he struggled to breathe. The Phantom Clone came face to face with Kiba, and further entangled him with his sleeves, smothering his very cells.

His veins broke and his internal organs turned to pulps.

The white sleeves turned bloody from his golden blood…

Castor Damon was naturally excited by this development. The slum insect was finally getting what he deserved!

Alas, had his brain not been devoured by rage, he would have known he was making his biggest mistake after the incident in BSE79. The reason Phantom Clone could more than match Kiba was due to the unique nature of his existence. But now after making physical contact to strangle Kiba, he was losing that very advantage.

All because of letting anger cloud his judgment…

Kiba was fully wrapped by the sleeves. Just as his life was about to extinguish, he did something that shocked Phantom Core beyond disbelief.

He cut off his connection with the Cosmic Spark!

That naturally transformed him into Zed.


In the lab, the brain of Castor Damon was startled.

Why would the slum insect transform into his weakest form?! Just as he wondered, he instantly knew the answer.

The sleeves had adapted into dimensions suitable to crush Kiba. And not Zed whose body was slightly shorter and less masculine than Kiba.

This gave the weakened Zed a moment of breathing space before the sleeves adapted.

"But that would also get him killed….Unless….!!"

Castor Damon's brain buzzed with lightning.

"That insect!!!!"

Even as Castor Damon's brain roared, inside the entangled sleeves, Zed wiped the blood from his mouth. The injuries of Kiba naturally remained despite the transformation and felt more painful.

But instead of grunting, he started laughing.

"This was fun but it has dragged for far too long!" ÚpTodated 𝒏ov𝒆ls on 𝒏o(v)𝒆l()bin(.)c𝒐m

He re-established a connection with the Cosmic Spark, and a bolt of lightning exploded from the Cosmic Spark, rushing straight into his bloodstream.

He began to transform back into Kiba, confusing the sleeves that were adapting to Zed's size. As this happened, Castor Damon sent an order to Phantom Clone: retreat! Don't let Kiba take advantage of the brief eruption of power from the Cosmic Spark!!

But even as the message reached Phantom Clone, the explosion of Kiba's aura burst out.


Two gigantic pairs of wings sprang out of his back, tearing through the sleeves.


The Phantom Clone stumbled back, but Kiba was close, grabbing the torn sleeves.  Kiba pulled the sleeves, forcing Phantom Clone to tumble forward.

Phantom Clone didn't panic. He started to take advantage of his unique existence: return to the state where he was neither a part of space nor time.

Alas, much to his shock, despite him separating from space and time, Kiba was still grabbing him.

The Phantom Clone's gaze fell on his bloodied sleeves.

"Blood!!" The Phantom Clone realized why. Kiba's blood essence had fused with the Phantom Clone's existence. That meant Kiba risked death, all to infuse his blood essence into the sleeves.

"Pretty smart for a clone!"

Kiba summoned his trusted golden hammer and slammed it into the Phantom Clone's chest. "Argh!"

The Phantom Clone was knocked back. But since he wasn't a part of space or time, there was nothing to stop him.

So like a ball, he was sent flying thousands of miles, straight into outer space.

"I believed I had killed you with that lightning strike in BSE79! But here you are… so tell me, Castor, how have you been doing?"

Kiba asked as he appeared behind the Phantom Clone. Swish!

The Phantom Clone's body shifted forward and he swirled back, his bloodied sleeves spreading in a zig-zag manner around Kiba, almost like a cage.

Kiba ignored the cage of sleeves and waited for an answer. He was sure wherever Castor Damon was, he could answer through the clone.

"Not going to answer," Kiba sighed with disappointment. "You used to… no, you still think of me as a slum insect, but I think we both know who's the real insect."


Inside the lab, the brain of Castor Damon flinched. He recalled the popular hypothesis of how cockroaches could survive nuclear disasters.

And what he survived in BSE79 was no less than a nuclear disaster for himself!

That bastard…!!

In outer space, the cage of sleeves began to twist into hypnotic swirls and started contracting around Kiba. The hypnotic swirls could entrance even the strongest psychics, allowing the sleeves to crush their enemy without any resistance.

Kiba closed his eyes and threw his hammer up. As it was about to slam into the zig-zag cage of sleeves, it exploded, but instead of a volcanic eruption of energy, it broke into pieces.

The pieces flew out of the gap between the cage and rushed straight at Phantom Clone. "Judgement Day."

Kiba whispered, the cage of sleeves tightening on him, cutting through his skin.

The pieces of hammer turned dazzling as if they were meteorites and violently smashed into the Phantom Clone.


The explosion set the conclusion of the battle.

On Earth, Agatha and Ashlyn looked up but couldn't see anything. "He must be safe, right?" Agatha asked.

"Even if he's not safe, you should worry for the Phantom Clone," Claudia replied.

Agatha's lips twitched.


It's always the enemies she has to worry about.

Not Kiba. "That clone of Kiba is fleeing!"

Agatha suddenly shouted, startling Claudia and Ashlyn. They turned in the direction of The Defender, and as Agatha said, he was running away.

Claudia grabbed her whip and shot after him. The others followed.

They couldn't let the clone escape. Swoosh~!

The Defender grunted and increased his speed. He wouldn't let the likes of them catch him even if he was weakened. "I have to live… not only for the Cuckold Union but also for myself!"

The Defender declared to himself. Soon, he was near the place where the wedding guests had retreated and he noticed a man grieving.

It was Olly whose wedding he had interrupted… No, the one he had saved!

After all, if not for his actions, Olly would have been a married man by now! So why was Olly grieving?!

Shouldn't he be happy that he was saved from being married!?

Or did he not know what a disaster marriage could be?!

To know the answer, The Defender used his psychic powers to understand Olly.

"Like one motherfucker wasn't enough, another one appears at my wedding and ruins everything!"

Olly wept with sorrow. "My luck is turning bad with time! "At least the first motherfucker only liked to destroy my mother's holes… this new one fucked my wedding!"

The Defender stopped, his eyes bursting out in shock.


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