The Legendary Mechanic

Chapter 1462 - Information Form Anchor (5)

Chapter 1462 Information Form Anchor (5)

A few days later, on a residential planet in the Ancient Star Desert.

“Gasp, this woman...”

Han Xiao walked on the bustling streets and passed through the crowd. He activated the invisibility function and was not discovered by the passersby. He rubbed his waist from time to time and mumbled softly.

It was not easy for him to appease Ames and leave an Information Form Anchor. He was finally able to leave the crime scene and go to the other metropolitan planets. He planned to take a stroll and find a new Information Form Anchor.

“I already have quite a few Information Form Anchors on me. I can feel that my Information Form base has become much stronger, but I feel like I’m still lacking something...”

Han Xiao looked around as he pondered.

After walking for a while, he suddenly stopped and looked ahead.

Not far in front was a Wayne Cards store. There was a huge crowd at the entrance, and there was a long queue. On the side was a poster of himself, on which were written the names of various stores and offers. Today was the day of the release of the Black Star series.

In front of the shop, a shop assistant was shouting.

“This set of ‘Black Star’ series has a total of twenty-four cards, including the Black Star cards from different time periods. There are also thirteen new cards, all equipped with holographic effects. The appearance, attack, defense, and activation of special effects all have different holographic images. The collection value is extremely high, and this is a new product that Wayne Card’s fanatics absolutely cannot miss. There are only eight thousand sets in our store, and each person can only buy two at most. It’s a limited sale...” In front of the shop, a long line of people was rubbing their fists and palms. Their faces were full of anticipation, like a group of lively leeks waiting to be harvested.


“This is a single-player set for me?”

Han Xiao blinked and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Although Wayne Cards included most of the famous people in the galaxy, there was only a handful of them who had a whole set for themselves, which showed how shocking his popularity was in the galactic society. Speaking of which, shouldn’t his portrait usage fees be increased this year?

Right at this moment, Han Xiao suddenly felt a jolt in his intuition. He sensed a new Information Form Anchor, and his expression changed slightly. Wait, could Wayne Cards also be an Information Form Anchor...


He quickly narrowed his eyes and sensed for a while before heaving a sigh of relief.

The next moment, he opened his Virtual Vision and instantly covered the entire planet. The lives of the galactic residents jumped into his eyes.

Han Xiao saw that some people had posted his posters at home, some had bought his figurines, some were watching movies and series based on him... All the galactic residents who were related to him were marked and lit up in his vision.

“This Information Form Anchor is from the galactic society itself...”

Han Xiao pondered.

He had brought countless changes to the galactic society which deviated from the trajectory of his previous life. These were all signs that he had been there. The changes he brought to this world were all Information Form Anchors.

After experiencing all kinds of storms, the galactic society finally had the long-lost peace. Behind every galactic citizen’s peaceful and happy life was his image. The respect and memories of everyone in the galactic society were the biggest Information Form Anchor. As the galactic residents lit up one after another in his Virtual Vision, Han Xiao felt that this Information Form Anchor was getting stronger and stronger along with his Information Form base.

Han Xiao understood.

Perhaps this was the most important Information Form Anchor, to personally witness the changes he had brought to this world, to see the new life he had brought to countless people... to walk through the mortal world, to see all living things, to anchor himself to the entire world.

“Come to think of it, is this the scene of Immortal Cultivation or Cthulhu...”

Han Xiao laughed to himself before retracting his smile. He stood still and fully activated his Virtual Ability. The next moment, countless Virtual Souls split up and spread out along the quantum network, taking in the lives of countless people.

The citizens of the planets were lit up one after another, and the Virtual Vision seemed to see a bright galaxy. The Information Form Anchor seemed to have absorbed endless nutrients and was continuously growing.

Central Galaxy, three Universal Civilizations’ conference room.

The remote projections of Marbruce and the other two sat behind the table, whispering to each other from time to time, their eyes fixed on the door.

“Strange, why isn’t Black Star here yet?”

“I’ve already sent him a message, but he hasn’t replied. I wonder if he received any news from today’s meeting?”

“He must have received it. He probably just can’t be bothered to reply. Recently, he’s been busy preparing for the Information Form conversion...”

“Speaking of which, what does he need to prepare? I saw that the intelligence department recently reported that Black Star has been visiting various civilizations and constantly releasing and receiving data on the quantum network. I wonder what use this has for our plan?”


“I don’t understand, but he’s the user of the Information Form Materialization device. He definitely knows what he’s doing...”

The three of them discussed softly.

During this period, they had also been preparing for the conversion and had completed a series of preparations.

Although Han Xiao was in control of the Information Form Materialization device, it was not something that could be activated immediately. According to the messages in the Sanctum, there were many more supporting facilities required to transform the entire dark side universe. What the three Universal Civilizations were doing was creating a large number of supporting facilities for the Information Form Materialization device and installing them in different areas. The blueprints were provided by Han Xiao, and they were all supplementary devices used to enhance the transformation of the Information Form state.

The three Universal Civilizations had spent a lot of manpower and resources to install these parts, and the hardware had already been settled. Now, they only had the problem of overall planning, which could only be carried out after the official implementation of the conversion was finalized. Many of these were trivial matters, but the three Universal Civilizations handled them well, so Han Xiao gave them all these miscellaneous tasks.

While the three of them were chatting, the door suddenly opened, and the secretary led Han Xiao in. He then left and closed the door, leaving the room for a few big shots.

“Black Star, you’re late. We thought you wouldn’t be coming today.” Marbruce heaved a sigh of relief.

“I was preparing for the conversion and was delayed.”

Han Xiao casually explained. The three of them wanted to say something, but suddenly, their expressions became strange.

Although Han Xiao’s appearance did not change, for some reason, they felt that the feeling Han Xiao gave them was completely different from the last time they met.

Black Star’s aura gave them an indescribable feeling, as though they were staring at a black hole.

“You seem a little different...” Marbruce said hesitantly, suspecting that it was his imagination. Rêađ lat𝒆st ch𝒂pters on n𝒐/v/𝒆/l(b)i𝒏(.)c𝒐m

“I’ve deepened my connection with the dark side universe. This is normal.”

Han Xiao waved his hands casually.

During this period of time, he had visited most of the civilizations in the galactic society and integrated all beings into his heart, perfecting the last Information Form Anchor. At this point, his Information Form base had become extremely solid, making him give off the presence of everything returning to one.

Han Xiao did not elaborate further. He paused for a moment before asking,

“I’m almost done preparing. What about you


“We’re more inclined to spend some time to verify all the information in the Sanctum... but in principle, we’re all willing to cooperate with your actions to carry out the conversion plan. We’re just short of time.”

“Alright, the transformation won’t happen overnight. It might take a few years, or it might take dozens or even hundreds of years. Therefore, the earlier we start, the better.”

“Yes, we’re having a meeting with you now to discuss the exact date.”

The three of them nodded.

“Alright, let’s have a chat.”

After Han Xiao finished speaking, he exhaled lightly.

I’ve finally come this far...

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