The Constellation Returned From Hell

Chapter 483

Chapter 483

[The new household member of the ‘Undefeated Incarnation of Training’, the metal cat, has been appointed to the ‘Never-ending Explosion Industrial Complex’!]


Ganonvial, the lich, was taken aback by the sudden news.

‘Uh... Isn’t this too much?’

He wasn’t flustered because a new household member had suddenly taken charge of an area. He was flustered because that area was the Never-ending Explosion Industrial Complex.

It was hard to believe that the Undefeated Incarnation of Training was leaving that garbage dump to a newcomer. Wasn’t he being too harsh?

Being an experienced and excellent lich, Ganonvial put up with it. However, if a newbie household member was put in charge of that area, it wouldn’t be strange if they ran for the hills while yelling, “I can’t do this!”

Indeed, it was that difficult to manage that area. The Never-ending Explosion Industrial Complex was a factory where the sinners of the Abyss were gathered. It was a perpetual hell where they worked for twenty-five hours a day without any breaks!

Of course, the sinners were also tough. Given that they were trapped in that hellhole, they constantly tried to rebel and revolt.

-Haha! I broke the anvil! I can control this factory!

-Everyone, get up! We’re not prisoners! Just because we wiped out a village by killing everyone there doesn’t mean we should be locked in here! Give us freedom!

Ganonvial had to constantly run back and forth, grab the prisoners, and hit them on the back of the head with his staff so they would get back to work.

-Ah... I want to focus on the undead factory.

The undead factory, which he had built with the power he had recently learned from a constellation, was Ganonvial’s joy.

That quiet factory would allow him to forget about the loud orcs, the annoying goblin magician, and the strange human.

-Ah... Isn’t this what true peace of the soul is?

The undead skillfully crafted various items and behaved well as though they were Ganonvial’s children. That sight tawed the lich’s frozen soul.

Thus, Ganonvial had to be happy that someone had taken over the Never-ending Explosion Industrial Complex. With that, all of his problems would go away.

However, he was still a bit worried. If such a task was entrusted to a new household member, wouldn’t they immediately run away?

‘Maybe Master trusts his household members too much. If this newcomer runs away...’

Ganonvial walked out the door of the undead factory with a worried expression. The undead, who were preparing to load the assembled supplies into boxes one by one to send them back to Earth, bowed when they saw Ganonvial leaving.

‘Let’s check it out.’

Ganonvial headed toward the Never-ending Explosion Industrial Complex.


And he was stunned by what he saw.


The Explorer of the Stars was one of the Abyss’ leading magicians and researchers.

The metal cat had learned various things from its master, and so it was a monster well versed in various theories. Moreover, the cat had also learned a lot from Earth since the Abyssal gate had opened.

And so...

-I, the metal cat, am your new master! I will divide the factory into different production areas and allocate a quota to each one! If the quota isn’t met, the entire factory will be held responsible!

A system of collective guilt.

-I will give these armbands to those who have a good performance and are highly loyal! Wearing this armband will give you the power to manage other prisoners in the factory!

A system to drive a wedge between the prisoners...

-I will divide the performance of the prisoners into grades! High-grade prisoners will gain more benefits than low-grade prisoners!

A grading system...

...And so on. The metal cat forcefully integrated the methods it had learned from Earth into this industrial complex.

And by doing so, the Never-ending Explosion Industrial Complex saw an amazing change.

-Our berserker area did a much better job!

-No! Our poisonous magician area is way more efficient! Don’t take their word for it!

-The kingdom’s traitor zone is planning a breakout! Arrest them!

It changed into an industrial complex where efficiency was maximized by the workers’ constantly trying to expose and outperform each other.

Ganonvial’s skeletal mouth hung open.

What was this?


The metal cat saw Ganonvial and waved its front paws very happily.

Befuddled, Ganonvial asked, “...I-is your work going well?”

The metal cat nodded. It didn’t seem the slightest bit dissatisfied with being in charge of the Never-ending Explosion Industrial Complex.

Mountains of items kept coming out of the factory, from various consumables that the household members could use to high-quality equipment. FOlloow 𝒏ewest stories at n𝒐(v)el/bi/n(.)com

Ganonvial was terrified by this sight.

‘I need to work harder...!’

A rival had emerged into this realm.


A dinner party was organized at the mansion of the Parker family, and many entrepreneurs participated. Nobody would miss the opportunity to make connections with the family that owned one of the largest companies in the United States.

There was a lot of information being shared over this dinner, both by the Parkers and by the other entrepreneurs.

“What happened to the factory in China this time?”

“Don’t even mention it. I’m completely ruined... Those imbeciles... There are so many hunters. How on earth are they handling things?”

“In my case, I’ve lost all contact. I’ve contacted the government several times and I’ve still received no response.”

“I really don’t know what’s going on... Ah, what a mess...”

“Let’s hope the worst has passed... I wish I’d known what was going on.”

“By the way, Dragon Industry must’ve suffered quite a lot of damage. I don’t know how they’re getting their supplies.”

Many companies considered Dragon Industry to be a peculiar case. Given the ongoing invasion of the evil god constellations, factory areas were closed and logistics cut off. This led to a drop in stock prices and a rise in the prices of daily necessities.

However, Dragon Industry’s production of things like relief supplies, artifacts, and potions seemed unhindered.

The clans had seen a sharp drop in artifacts and supplies due to the ongoing war, so they had to bow their heads to Dragon Industry.

Those that had switched from Dragon Industry during the last corporate war had to backstab or replace their clan leaders if they wanted to get help from Dragon Industry.

How did Dragon Industry manage to stay on top of the game?

“Isn’t the constellation helping them? They’ve built factories in the realm of the constellation.”

“Funny. How could a constellation do such a thing? What, is that constellation their nanny?”

“Look who’s joking now...”

“Maybe they stocked up before the invasion?”

“Who the hell would stockpile supplies for a situation like this?”

“Dragon Hwang is such a weirdo. Eh, he’s an S-grade hunter who has also suffered from the first great invasion, so I guess his decision to stockpile supplies in this situation isn’t that weird.”

“But the one who’s currently leading Dragon Industry is Martial God Choi Yeonseung.”

“He seems like a formidable weirdo as well. I can’t believe he’s going around fighting monsters in a situation like this. No sane person would do something like that.”

“In any case, I’m making strides to contact Hunter Choi Yeonseung. Just a bit more and I’ll get ahold of him.”


The other businessmen looked over at this person with surprise and jealousy.

Other large companies were trying to find a way to fight Dragon Industry, but the smaller companies didn’t think that far.

Which side would be the most advantageous to join?

The raid industry was an ever changing-industry, and it was almost unrecognizable from what it had been ten years prior. Only a few big companies with competent people and large capital had managed to survive. Such companies wouldn’t collapse easily.

Unless the smaller companies wanted to grow by making breakthroughs that surpassed others, they had to stand below those big companies.

The hottest company at the moment was Dragon Industry. Besides the company itself, the chairman was also a very popular person.

“I heard that since he's from South Korea, he’s very happy when you approach him and talk about Korean culture. That’s why I called in an expert on Korean culture and learned about it beforehand. I also ordered a hanbok and a bamboo hat. I’ll wear them when I invite him to my headquarters.”


Given that many Westerners were ignorant of Asian culture, no one in the room argued with that person’s idea.

“Oh, that sounds like a great idea!”

“Damn, I envy you!”

If Choi Yeonseung were there, he would tell them they were a bunch of imbeciles, but...

“Now, now...”

Everyone looked at Alex Parker when he started speaking.

“Here is Mitt Huntsman.”


“Mitt Huntsman...!”

“That lunatic?”

“Shh. He’s the most likely candidate right now.”

Some reacted negatively, but most people responded quite favorably to his appearance.

Huntsman was firmly establishing himself as the number one candidate for the Liberal Federalist Party’s presidential election.

-Huntsman is the future! Huntsman fights risking his life with the hunters!

-Huntsman begged to be spared? All dissidents who spread fake news should be thrown into the sea!

The other candidates from the Liberal Federalist Party felt like they were suffocating as they competed against him, but they could no longer deny reality.

Huntsman was most likely going to win when the party’s candidate race began!

‘Why are people supporting this lunatic?’

Alex Parker was frankly surprised. Surely not even Huntsman himself had expected to do so well.

To think that a maniacal businessman with little political experience was the most popular candidate... Alex Parker had initially planned just to use him as his pawn, but now the story was different.

The clown who had played into Alex Parker’s hand was going to become the president of the United States?

‘...Things are unfolding ten times faster than I anticipated!’

“Here is Mr. Huntsman, who is running for president for the future of the United States and the future of the world. The opposing party has no chance of winning!”

“Haha! Thank you, everyone!”

Huntsman laughed heartily and raised his arms. These people were the ones he would get rid of when he became president, but until then, they would serve as his strength.

‘Wait and see, old man. If I become president, those like you...’

“Huntsman! Huntsman!”

Thanks to Huntsman’s approval rating, many people came and shook his hand. There was no one in the opposing party who was more powerful than him. They could never keep up!


-Mike Hwang challenges the presidential election...

-Will the son of Dragon Hwang challenge the presidential election?

“Hah. They’re going too far. He won’t get support just by being the son of Dragon Hwang.”

“He’s just a first-term congressman and doesn’t have any connections, right? He must’ve come out to show his face, but will suffer a crushing defeat even within the Republican Democratic Party.”

-Martial God Choi Yeonseung declares support for Senator Mike Hwang!

-Fourteen large clans from the Western parts of America declare their support for Mike Hwang... A big shock to the political world!

-Dragon Industry asks people not to use the title of Martial God... A heartwarming tale of humility...


“Uh... E-even if Hunter Choi Yeonseung supports him, it will still be difficult for Mike Hwang to win.”

“You’re right. Voters won’t trust such a weak, inexperienced politician.”

-Senator Mike Hwang ranks 1st in the party’s approval ratings by a landslide!

-A green light in the candidate race...

-The leading contender, Senator Krager, announces his withdrawal from the presidential race... He states that he will support Mike Hwang...



All politicians, both in the ruling and opposition party, were shocked by this ridiculous turn of events. One side saw a lunatic take the lead, while the other saw a newly elected senator rank first because an A-grade hunter supported him...

‘My political career... has been in vain...!’

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