Stealing Spree

Chapter 2015 It's wonderful

Chapter 2015 It's wonderful

"Huh. He dares overtake us?" Hitomi coldly remarked as she watched a blue sedan passing us by and cutting us out in front.

With the way that vehicle swerved in and blinked its rear lights after overtaking us, there's no doubt that the driver was showing off.

Did he feel like he had to do that because Hitomi’s car is a premium model that boasts its performance? I know there's a lot of jerks on the road. But not much in this country, much less our city.

It may be accidental too and the flashes of light were his means of apology – which was also common.

Nevertheless, what I found strange was Hiitomi’s reaction.

Because she always drives Otoha around, Hitomi never really used the car at its maximum efficiency before. Today, with us on board, she also strictly followed traffic rules, prioritizing our safety and comfort.

So… why did she react that way?

Since I sat on the passenger’s seat, I glanced to check on her and there was an irritated expression on her face. That’s definitely unusual of her.

The first thing she learned when training to be Otoha’s chauffeur and bodyguard was to remain calm at all times to carefully assess the situation…

What was different in this instance?...

“Hitomi, you don’t need to get annoyed over that. Let him be." I said. It was an attempt to calm her down as well as to see if I could figure out what set her off.

With her eyes remaining on the road, the woman tightened her grasp on the steering wheel before matching my gaze through the rearview mirror.

Her eyes were sharp as if she was already in battle mode and the attempt to calm her down didn’t work.

"No, Ruki-sama. He deliberately cut us off. It's an affront to you."


An affront to me? I get that my status in her head has risen considering our relationship also evolved to that of lovers. However, I didn’t expect it to be higher than Otoha’s.

“Well, we don’t know who’s driving that car. I don’t think it’s a big deal at all.”

“It is a big deal, Ruki-sama. Forgive me for saying this but Otoha-sama also instructed me to take care of you…”

I see. So that’s why she’s like this, huh? But still,.that explanation was insufficient.ALL new 𝒄hapters 𝒐n n𝒐v(𝒆)lbin(.)com

“Don’t worry. I don’t plan on retaliating. Bringing you to your destination is still my utmost priority.” Hitomi continued as she put on a gentle smile.

Noticeably, the tension on the steering wheel also loosened up. I guess she’s being true to her words.

Or so I thought…

At the next moment, a dark gleam flashed from her eyes as a cold expression was drawn from her face.

“I will be dealing with this affront when I return to the manor. I memorized the plate number. I can easily identify the driver and car owner. Remember, Ruki-sama. I’m someone who gives back three times as much as I receive…”

Leaving that last sentence like a grim reminder, I watched as Hitomi turned the gear a notch higher before speeding up and leaving that vehicle behind.

Behind, I could hear Akane and the other two sighing in amazement as we watched the view in front zoom in as though we were in a thrilling car race. And despite that obvious increase in speed, the comfort level of the car remained stable.

But is this necessary?

“Wow. Hitomi-san is scary when pissed off, huh? This is a discovery! Go, Hitomi-san! Let them eat the dust behind!”

Akane… Can you not?

“Yeah! That guy deserved it though. Why did he have to cut us off?!”

Not you too, Yua!

“How interesting… Though I will certainly act the same way if I’m the one on the wheels.”

Haa… These girls… Their line of thought is the same… Or maybe, I was the one who was taking this lightly.

I don’t know…

In any case, I noticed that Hitomi was still adhering to the speed limit on this road. No matter how pissed she was, she was never going to stray off and get us in trouble.

I shook my head inwardly and shrugged before resting my back comfortably on the seat.

Ten minutes later, we arrived at our destination. Hitomi parked at the designated parking space of the railway station.

Akane, Yua, and Miho exited the car first after doling out praises to Hitomi’s skilled driving.

As for me, I remained seated and only unbuckled my seatbelt.

Turning to my side, Hitomi was already staring at me with her usual blank expression – though a hint of red could be seen on her cheeks. She was flattered by Akane and the other two’s praises.

“Ruki…” Hitomi called out to me first. Noticeably, she dropped the ‘-sama’ honorific. And this was in line with what we agreed before.

When we’re alone together… she’s not Otoha or the Kaneko Family’s servant. She’s simply Hitomi. My lover.

I stretched an arm out to cup her cheek and caressed it gently.

“First of all. Thank you for driving us here, Hitomi.” I said before conveying the intangible form of my gratitude and appreciation through a kiss.

Hitomi closed her eyes and savored the sensation.

But after I pulled away, they snapped open before chasing after my lips, renewing our connection with three times the intensity.

Slowly but surely, Hitomi went over to my seat as she straddled on my lap.

My reflexes didn’t fail me as I also received her carefully and brought her down on my lap while prioritizing her comfort.

Outside the car, I noticed the three girls waving at us. The slight shaking of the car most likely clued them to what was happening inside. Following that, they pointed at the station and started moving there.

Yeah… They’re pretty much telling me that they’ll wait for me there so I should take my time with Hitomi.

Really, how should I say it? While I don’t see any problem with this since I also intend to spend time with Hitomi before leaving, I can’t help but feel like my girls are deliberately doing this for my sake.

Is it because they also know that I may hesitate to ask them to give us some time alone?

Right. That might be the case.

This way, they’re preventing that hesitation from manifesting by accurately predicting my intention and executing it before I can voice it out.

“I appreciate their consideration, Ruki,” Hitomi said as she pulled me out of my overthinking habit.

“Mhm. I do appreciate it as well. But tell me, what do you think about it?” Knowing Hitomi, her views on things regarding our relationship should be different. She’s still someone who’s navigating her feelings for me.

As this was her first time potentially falling in love with someone, a lot of things were still foreign to her. On top of that, for her first romance to be met with too much complexity like this, I could trust that her views would always be truthful in her perspective.

Anyway, a wry smile was drawn from my lips upon catching the fact that what I was asking her seemed to be disconnected from our current position.

My face was close to being buried in her chest while she embraced me tightly. On top of that, my hands firmly grasped her behind, feeling up her bounciness.

“I think it’s wonderful, Ruki. Like Otoha-sama, their love for you is so deep they can turn a blind eye in this situation. Their trust in you is so high that they understand that no matter how much you profess your love for me, your love for them will remain the same.”

Quite unusual of her, Hitomi spoke a lot of words, voicing her honest thoughts.

And once she was done, she lowered her head again, renewing our lips’ connection.

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