Stealing Spree

Chapter 18: Secret Connections

Chapter 18: Secret Connections

"W-wait, why do we have to do it in here?"

Maemura asks.

We are currently inside their locker room. This was where she changed earlier.

"It will be bad if someone saw us there. Someone might just open that door."

"B-but it's only a kiss. It won't take long, right?"

Well, if it's a normal kiss then yes. But that's not enough for me. If I have to guess, there's a chance that this will be her first kiss. I'll let her savour her first kiss. Enough that she won't be able to forget it. And along with it, imprint in her memory who gave her that experience.

"This is my only chance. I want it to be memorable for both of us."

"I-idiot Ruki. You're taking advantage of me."

Currently, she's leaning her back against her own locker. Hers is located deep inside this room so even if someone comes in, she won't see us immediately.

Maemura is taller than me thus I'm currently tiptoeing just to have our eyes line up. We're close enough now to smell each other's breath, a simple push from me and our lips will touch. Close enough that our bodies can feel the warmth of the other, a simple push from me and I can feel the softness of her chest as well as the sound of her heartbeat.

"If you say no. I'll stop."

"H-how could I? When you looked that earnest when you asked me. Plus you helped me."

"Then it's fine, right? Even if it's just your gratitude, it doesn't matter as long as I can do this with you."

"W-what do you even see in me? That's what I don't understand the most."

Maemura's eyes which were averting my gaze just now turned back to me. She's staring at me. Maybe searching for an answer.

"It's hard to put it in words."


I cut off what she will say by decisively taking her lips. Pushing my face closer, making sure she can't dodge nor escape it. It's just a normal kiss, putting my lips on top of hers, pressing it a bit.

Her eyes widened, surprised at what I did. Expressing that she's not prepared. Her lips were taken by me in a way that she couldn't dodge.

However, I won't stop. I'll let her understand that this is the answer to her question.

Her arms that were about to struggle and push me away were grabbed by my arms. Pushing it against her side.

Her only free limbs are her feet. One knee or kick can defeat me but it didn't move. Or rather, she decided not to.

Giving up her struggle, she closes her eyes.

When I saw that, I separated my lips from hers.

"I-is it over?"

"Look at me Maemura. How will it be memorable if you just close your eyes like you're running away from it? It would've been better if you say no."

"I-idiot. That was my first kiss. How would I know how to respond? My body and mind froze."

"Then, one more? Let's redo our first kiss."

"Eh? It's over now right?"

"I don't recall saying only one kiss."

"Ah! You're really taking advantage of me."

Slowly, I'll slowly make you mine Maemura. My desire was being filled up again.

"I can't deny that. This is my only chance after all. And I'm conveying my answer to your question through this kiss."

She thought for a bit before answering.

"T-then okay, one more."

"It won't be a normal kiss this time."

"What do you mean?"

"Stick out your tongue Maemura."

"Eh? Why?"


"Ugh. You're too forceful right now Onoda."

"I know."

"And I feel something hard and hot."

"If you look down, you'll see."


"I'm like this because of you."

Because I'm filling up my desire, it became that hard. You just discovered your mutual affection to each other and you felt relieved that you now have that resolve to confess to him. It will certainly go well.

But I won't let it end that beautifully. I'll have me imprinted on your mind that you'll hesitate. I'll act like I'm still pushing you together while stealing your everything bit by bit. Ah. Now that I think of it. This sensation is much better than my forceful stealing before. Using blackmails and such. That did the trick back then but not fulfilling enough for my desire.

"I give up. Let's redo that kiss. Let's do it properly."

"Are you sure?"

She didn't answer.

Instead, Maemura leans her face towards me. She chased the lips that kissed her. Taking the initiative, her arms that were pinned by me came loose and circled behind my head. Pulling me closer to her.

I feel her soft body against mine, and her clumsy lips doing its work, kissing me aggressively. This is the real her. Aggressive, not the timid girl earlier who accepted that kiss. She would lash out as a way to protect herself. Just counting the insults she'd thrown, no one would think she's timid. She's a strong girl in a way.

Ah. I can't just let myself lose to her here, this is my field. She's an inexperienced girl in this department.

I met her aggressive kiss with the same intensity. Sucking and pecking at her lips. Our lips are now glistening with our saliva mixing together. My arms that had their prisoner escaped circled around her, feeling the sensation of her back and down to her not-so-perky butt. She didn't resist my hand and just let it rest there.

Then my tongue that's behaving just earlier, invaded her mouth, entwining itself to hers. It then pulls her tongue inside my own mouth and sucks at it forcefully. The sounds of slurping started to fill this empty locker room. I can taste from her tongue the lemonade she drank earlier. It made this kiss of ours even more memorable. Every time she drinks lemonade, she will surely remember.

I don't know how long it was but when we separated, a thin line of saliva appeared before us, connected from each other's mouth.

We stare at each other in silence. I don't know what she's thinking right now and likewise, she doesn't know what's on my mind. Even for an inexperienced girl, she performed impressively.

"H-how was it?"

Maemura asks in between her gasps for breath.

"Delicious. If you didn't tell me I took your first kiss, I will think you're an expert at kisses."

"Ah! I just copied from movies."

"Oh. You're studying for Sakuma?"

When I mentioned his name she blushed and nodded.

Ah. This maiden in love. Even with that intense kiss, it didn't even shake her feelings for him. I really wonder why that emotion can be strong and weak at times. I don't understand.

"I like Sakuma. I have liked him since 6th grade."

"I know. You told me last night"

"Onoda. Tell me honestly. You really want to steal me from Sakuma, right?"

"Yes, I want to make you mine."

"I can't stop liking Sakuma."

We're going in circles but I now see the road. The path that I'm looking for. We're close.

"I don't mind. I already said I'm conceding you to him."

"But you won't stop wanting me right? You never said you like me. Not even once."

"I knew you're this smart. You're a maiden in love, devotedly liking Sakuma since your 6th grade. I can't compete against that. But even still, I want you. I only want you. This kind of secret between us, I want this."

Maemura didn't answer. She just kept on staring at me. As to what she's really thinking, only she knows.

"It's time for me to leave then."

I release my hand from her butt and step away from her. Her arms that were resting on my shoulders came loose as well.

"Onoda. This secret. I want this too."

She finally finished organizing her thoughts and that was the answer she arrived at. I don't know why she chose that answer unless she herself explained it to me. But her love for Sakuma. It never wavered. It's still there inside her burning brightly. But that's fine. That's what my desire want.

I nod at her and smile. I'm sure she will understand. That starting at this moment, we now have this secret connection between us.

"See you later Maemura."

I bid my goodbye to her. We'll still see each other in class later anyway.

"Yes. See you."

I saw her unconsciously tracing her lips before I left the room. Yeah, that kiss is now that memorable, not just for her, for me too.

Ah. I'm hard. My desire got filled up again. Waking up early paid off. I finally got an initial hold on Maemura, but in turn, she finally knew how Sakuma feels for her. As to what changes that will bring, maybe I can see that later in class.

I left the gym and started my journey to my next appointment. The Literature Clubroom. I look at the time on my phone. 6:45am. It's still early. I wonder if Kana arrived already. Well, I can just wait inside for her. I didn't think things would go that well with Maemura.

The Club Building at this time is still deserted. Students often come to school around 7 am. Only those at the athletic clubs or those who have plans will go to school early.

I tried looking for hidden places I can use back on day 1 but because of my discovery of Kana, my search stopped at just the School Building. I wonder. There's probably a lot of empty rooms here. Rooms from clubs who were shut down due to violations and shortage of members. I have to find the time to look for it again but for now, Kana is my priority.

Maemura made me hard back there but because I haven't conquered her yet, I held back. I'll vent out all of these desires I accumulated in Kana today.

When I arrived in front of the clubroom, I heard two voices inside. Both familiar.

One is Kana and another person. Looks like I'm not getting my fill again eh? Or I still can. Let's see.

"Huh? Onoda? Why are you here?"

Otsuka-senpai, this curious girl suddenly opened the door and found me standing there.

Because of her curious personality, her mouth speaks faster than her mind.

"Oh? Is this? Kana-senpai and you?"

She alternated her gaze between me and Kana.

"Really? Wait. Are you here for Kana-senpai?"

"Or are you maybe here for me?"

"Which is it? I'm curious."

"Ah. You didn't come yesterday. I was waiting for you. That piece of yours was hilarious."

Otsuka-senpai then giggles as she taps my back.

This girl. She's even more talkative now than the first time I saw her. She's like that anime character whose eyes sparkle intensely at everything she's curious about. Ah, I get it. She's like this now because Ishida-senpai is not here to tell her to put a break at her excessive curiosity.

"Ah, senpai. Which question should I answer first?"

Otsuka-senpai burst into laughter. Th.ê most uptodat𝓮 n𝒐vels are published on n(0)velbj)n(.)co/m

"You're really hilarious Onoda. Come in first. Don't mind my questions. You know how I am. I don't want you to quit."

But senpai, I'm not a member yet.

Ah. Let's not tell her that. It's hard to keep up with her curiosity.

"G-good morning Ruki-kun."

Kana who was watching at the side finally speaks up when the door closes. She's fidgeting there. Is she feeling it too? Her voice last night was too erotic.

"Ah. Yes. Good morning Kana-senpai and Otsuka-senpai too."

"Eh? What's that priority? You're favouring Kana-senpai more than me."

Huh? What is she on about? You didn't greet me and you want me to greet you first before my Kana?

"But senpai. Kana-senpai greeted me first and she's a senior."

"Ah. I see, I see. Anyway. Why are you here again?"

Her changing of the topic is really fast. It's hard to keep up. Where is Ishida-senpai when we need her? Ah. I don't want to see her yet. She's probably still angry at my written piece.

"Karen, he's here to hear about our reactions about the piece he wrote."

Oh. Kana. I just noticed now. She's amazing at making excuses. From her excuse on how to leave the room, to the excuse on where she will stay the night and her excuse about that massager. And now this. Every excuse she makes is effective enough that there's little doubt about it. I'm learning more about her than I initially thought. But those faces she makes when having sex is still the best. I wanna see it again.

"Really? This early? If you would ask me, I'll be thinking he's meeting you here secretly Kana-senpai."

Ah, that did not convince her and her deduction is spot on. Why is she here anyway? I heard Kana saying there should be no one here at this hour.

"Err. I'm afraid to meet any of you Otsuka-senpai. You see, I heard Ishida-senpai's shout that day."

"Yes, that's why he asked me when will be the best time to come without meeting you."

Otsuka-senpai is back at thinking. She's gauging the authenticity of our excuse.

"That sounds plausible but there's also a possibility you're teaming up to fool me. Am I right?"

Ah damn. It's hard to deal with this curious girl. How can she be this sharp?

"Uhm, Karen. Why will you think we're deceiving you? I don't know Ruki-kun that well. Like you, my first interaction with him was last Wednesday."

"Hmm. I just felt like there's a secret connection between the two of you."

She then looks at us as if searching for the connection she's talking about.

Eh? Is this like how Andou saw through me yesterday? I want to tease this girl to make her flustered but it's risky to show her how close I am to Kana. But if it can make her lose composure. Then. Should I?

Let's see. What should I do in this situation?

"I guess we wouldn't be able to fool Otsuka-senpai, Kana."

I said.

After that, I pull Kana into my arms and kiss her lips right in front of Otsuka-senpai. Not just a normal kiss but a passionate one that can leave her speechless.

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