Second Try Idol

Chapter 149: End-of-Year Stage (19)

Chapter 149: End-of-Year Stage (19)

“Okay, time to let go, everyone." It had been quite a while since Joo-Han pulled me into a hug. Actually, I felt like it had been ages.

“Awww! Hyung, do you have any idea how heartbroken I was because there was an empty spot during the meeting?" asked Jin-Sung.

“Yeah, I get it. Jin-Sung, you really adore me, right? But you need to let go now. My back's starting to hurt."

Upon hearing about my sore back, they finally released me and took seats close by.

“Hyun-Woo, come and sit on the couch."

“Sure. …Yoon-Chan?" In the midst of getting ready to carry on with our live broadcast, one guy was still clinging to me. Park Yoon-Chan remained still, his head resting on my forearm.

‘What's up with him?’ As I looked bewilderedly at Park Yoon-Chan, the ever-perceptive Goh Yoo-Joon shook his shoulder, looking shocked. “…What? Is Yoon-Chan crying?"

“He is crying?"

“Yoon-Chan is crying?"

We hurriedly clustered around Yoon-Chan, and he quickly let go of me as he sensed our movements.

“Hey, why the tears? What's got you so upset?"

“...I'm just so worried..." The sight of my injury had shaken him to his core, and the memory of Jin-Sung's previous harm only added to his distress. Yoon-Chan tried to quickly stifle his tears, covering his face with his hands.

Suddenly, I realized that we might have been neglecting our Q-app fans too much. Glancing at the chat, I noticed that it had shifted from “haha” to a sea of crying emojis.

“Please don’t cry.”Follow the latest novels 𝒐𝒏 n𝒐/velbin(.)com

“Ah! Is he really crying? No, no. You can't cry. If you cry, Jin-Sung the cry baby will start too."

Worried about the mood turning too heavy, Goh Yoo-Joon quickly tried to lighten things up, and Joo-Han glanced away from Yoon-Chan to the screen.

“Everyone, looks like our Yoon-Chan really missed Hyun-Woo during the meeting. But no worries. Hyun-Woo is all good, right?"

“I'm totally fine.” Raising an eyebrow, I playfully gestured toward Yoon-Chan with a thumbs-up and cracked a teasing smile. “This guy here~ Why so emotional~."

“Yoon-Chan~ has such a soft heart~."

“Exactly~ Baby Yoon-Chan's heart is so... delicate… Uh..."


‘Is Jin-Sung crying now?’ They said tears were contagious, and it seemed like Jin-Sung had been holding back his tears until now.

Lee Jin-Sung, who was teasing Park Yoon-Chan, suddenly started crying amid his laughter.

While the chat was flooded with 😢 when Yoon-Chan cried, it switched back to 😀 when Jin-Sung started to cry.

I admit it. While Yoon-Chan's tears trickled quietly, evoking sympathy from onlookers, Jin-Sung unleashed his sobs with fervor, looking somewhat… ehm, entertaining.

“We… we had to… cover… dance… heup..”

“Cover dance? Did you guys decide to cover a dance?”

“Uhuhuh, yes!”

Goh Yoo-Joon started giggling and started to playfully respond to Lee Jin-Sung's words. “Pfft!"

“Ah, don't laugh...!"

Pfft! Ah! My, my back..." As soon as I laughed, I felt a sharp pain in my back, clutching it and burying my face in the couch. However, I was still giggling.

“Ah, seriously... I'm sorry, Rings. We've been chatting amongst ourselves too much." Jin-Sung apologized to the viewers with his eyes turned red. It seemed like he was expressing his sadness about my injury and suggested doing a cover dance together once I got better.

Joo-Han clapped his hands to shift the sad atmosphere. “Come on! If we continue like this, everyone will think Hyun-Woo is seriously injured! It's not like that, folks. The younger ones were just a bit startled. Yoo-Joon, can you take the kids and have them wash up and come back?"

“Okay." Goh Yoo-Joon took the sniffling Yoon-Chan and Jin-Sung to the bathroom, and Joo-Han picked up Manager Hyuk-Soo's phone from the living room table.

“Let's see. What were you talking about? Oh wow, Hyun-Woo has been broadcasting for over an hour?"

- Noooo. Don't cry… Don't get hurt… It hurts us too 😢

- But is it okay for celebrities to keep talking about being hurt on broadcast? Shouldn't they just quietly visit the hospital? This is making fans worry.

- Ahhh, can't imagine how shocked the kids were... Just hearing the news made my heart drop.

- Hyun-Woo, we are fine, so please rest... We are so worried about you!

- Fishing for sympathy tsk tsk…

- I feel like crying too 😢

- HAHAHA Jin-Sung is so cute! Aww, my baby was so sad that he saw his fellow member getting hurt! ADORABLE!

Joo-Han briefly set aside the chat and laughed. The chat was indeed too full of worries about me and the other members, and he couldn’t continue with it.

“Earlier in the live cam, weren't you guys discussing first impressions of the members?" asked Joo-Han.

“Yes, we did. We talked about how you chickened out saying you couldn't do it."

“That's nothing. Shall I also share my first impression of Hyun-Woo? Or was it more of a first meeting?” Joo-Han scrunched up his face, trying to recall his memories, and then let out a small “ah.”

“The first time I met Hyun-Woo was when I visited the practice room with my parents after becoming a trainee. I saw this kid my age just standing there, staring at me blankly among the older guys."

Right. I was just amazed to see someone my age joining as a trainee, and Joo-Han didn't seem to like my staring, so he glared at me and quickly looked away.

“That’s when Allure seniors were all trainees. Even though Hyun-Woo was in elementary school, he was really well-dressed. His practice clothes and haircuts weren't the typical ones of kids that age, but more stylish, something high school seniors would have."

“Was it? Oh yeah, it was. Allure seniors used to take me along for hairdos."

“Yeah, but you were also good at dancing, unlike me, so I was a bit jealous at first."

“Ah." That was probably why it took some time for us to get close. At first, Joo-Han seemed to ignore my comments, which I didn't appreciate.

Joo-Han finished speaking and checked the chat again. Fortunately, the chat had moved on from 😢 to asking questions and sharing messages for us.

- But Joo-Han, why don’t you call Allure members ‘hyungs’?

I caught the question from the chat and passed it on to Joo-Han. “People are asking why you don't call Allure seniors 'hyungs'. What's up with that?"

“Me? I… umm… I've always been more at ease with formal speech. It's kinda like how Yoon-Chan still can't bring himself to be informal with me. Not that it's uncomfortable, but speaking formally just feels right. On the other hand, from the get-go, Hyun-Woo seemed to be everyone's darling."

“Yeah, I can't quite recall when, but I naturally started calling them ‘hyungs'. But obviously, I properly address them as seniors in public..."

While Joo-Han and I chatted away, the trio who had gone to the bathroom came back. Jin-Sung and Yoon-Chan had towels tied around their necks like bibs, most likely the result of Goh Yoo-Joon's playful antics.

“I got them cleaned up."

“Did you wash them up yourself? What's with the bibs on the kids?"

“Jin-Sung was sobbing so much that I even helped him blow his nose, and I didn’t want Yoon-Chan to feel left out, so he got a bib too."

I chuckled at Goh Yoo-Joon's cheeky comment. “We should definitely get Yoon-Chan's take on this."

“Enough, enough. Anyway, I overheard you guys talking about your first impressions while helping the kids. Everyone's first impression of Suh Hyun-Woo must be pretty similar. Like a veteran trainee."

“Exactly. Hyun-Woo hyung had that vibe spot on. I thought we wouldn't have much in common."

“Yeah, that’s true for me as well."

The two, who had stopped crying, nodded while still in their makeshift bibs.

“I was kinda intimidated by Hyun-Woo hyung at first. He was always stone-faced, hanging out with Yoo-Joon hyung and the other older guys," remarked Jin-Sung.

At Jin-Sung's remark, Goh Yoo-Joon grinned. “You were scared of all the trainees who hung out with Joo-Han hyung because you always got scolded."

“Ah, hyung!"

“What? Haha. Anyway, Hyun-Woo was really quiet and aloof, just like Joo-Han hyung said. I'm all about jokes, and Hyun-Woo was way more sensitive back then, so we really didn’t hit it off."

“Yeah, you two always fought but then ended up being close."

“Yeah, we didn't like being stuck together, but the company had us go to school together and always kept us close. It was inevitable that we'd butt heads."

“But you two still bicker until now."

“Shh, that's enough."

After that, we got bombarded with lots of questions. Some fans wanted us to appear more on variety shows in the next album, asking about our plans for the next end-of-year stage, and if we'd consider doing gaming broadcasts again or individual streams. In total, the stream lasted about two hours, including a brief interruption due to an error.

The fans said it was one of the longest live streams ever.

“Anyway, we will try to get on more variety shows for the next album just as you want. Sorry for not being much on Q-app lately."

“I promise we will be on more frequently."

“Have a wonderful night, everyone!"


[The broadcast has ended.]

As the livestream came to a close, I found myself nearly slouched completely on the couch. Our extended session with the members brought fresh energy, but it left me feeling drained. I couldn't help but worry that my exhaustion might have seemed like I was exaggerating my pain again, especially after someone in the chat had pointed it out earlier.

“Good job everyone. I will clean up here. Yoo-Joon, could you help Hyun-Woo to his room?"

Everyone dispersed to their respective rooms. Joo-Han stayed behind in the living room for a chat with the managers and sent us off to our rooms.

“Can you walk?"

“Yeah, I'm a bit better now. My back was killing me earlier."

“You were clutching your back and laughing on air."

Goh Yoo-Joon supported me to the room and then asked Yoon-Chan to bring a towel soaked in hot water.

“Hey, pop that in the microwave first," I said.

“No way. What if it catches fire? I will just wrap it in plastic to prevent water leakage. It will be fine."

Goh Yoo-Joon covered the towel in a plastic bag and gently placed it on my back as I lay on the bed. “Be more careful, dude. Why get hurt, you silly?"

“The stage was slippery, okay?" I giggled, teasing him, but Goh Yoo-Joon gave me a stern look and headed back to his bed.

“Anyway, I was worried, so get better quickly. We've got stages to share. The manager said if you don't recover, he won't set up the stage."

“That won't happen. I will get better."

Goh Yoo-Joon shrugged nonchalantly. “If that's what you think, fine. But seriously, don't overdo it. You saw the kids crying, right? To be honest, it scared me too."

Seeing how Goh Yoo-Joon rushed backstage right after I got hurt showed me how shocked he was. “I am really sorry."

I know I was being a burden to them all. I wasn’t the only one who wanted to shine on the year-end stage. Even though they didn't say it, I knew they were disappointed. I needed to recover as much as I could, at least to the point where I could move properly…

“Anyway, don't move around. I will help you out until you are fully better."

“Thanks, man."

Goh Yoo-Joon casually nodded, lying on his bed and booting up his laptop. “Yep."

While Goh Yoo-Joon played games and I had my hot towel treatment, Joo-Han came into the room to check on me. He seemed determined not to let me on stage unless I was completely healed.


With only a week left until the next performance, I decided to take it easy and learn the choreography through video to avoid any further injuries.

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