Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 14 – Intimidation

Chapter 14 – Intimidation

“A mere demonic path creature dares to pester junior-apprentice sister Ning, it’s as if you have no idea of death or danger!” The Skycloud Sword Sect’s chief disciple frostily glared. He stepped forwards, his sword howling as he stabbed straight towards Liang Taizu’s head.

Liang Taizu sneered. He flicked his sleeves and a mass of dark light shrouded the sword, instantly turning the blade black.

The chief disciple spat out a mouthful of blood, horror and panic filling his eyes. “Corrupting demon light!” He began to revolve his law technique, trying to shake away the sword and flee.

Liang Taizu laughed. “Then I will accept this sword!” He lifted and tapped the sword blade. The sword immediately turned pitch black and it leapt up as if struck by a bolt of lightning. The brilliant spiritual light that emanated from it began to disappear.

The chief disciple vomited another mouthful of blood, his face pale with panic. His eyes were flooded with endless hatred. His life’s sword had been destroyed and his cultivation shattered; it was unlikely he would be able to restore it. He was now nothing but a crippled man.

The several people on the side revealed expressions of panic and all of them shut their mouths, not daring to say a single sword. That sword sect chief disciple was a top figure amongst their group, and yet he had been crippled in a single exchange against Liang Taizu. If it were them, their fates would only be worse.

“A demonic path Little Monarch, just how horrifying is he? He was able to instantly kill the chief disciple of the Skycloud Sword Sect!”

“It isn’t exaggerating to say that he is invincible amongst the Foundation Establishment realm. This person is terrifying!”

With deep gasps, the young elites from the various factions within East Stream Town all revealed panic-stricken looks. The Demon Purging Alliance hadn’t even formed but they were already all scared witless.

Liang Taizu laughed uproariously. “For these past years, you so-called righteous immortal sects have blamed us demonic sects for countless sins. Now, today, I have brought my subordinates here to teach you just how much trouble loose tongues can cause!”

The green-clothed devil flew forwards, his aura as deep as a hellish prison. “Young Master, please accept this Golden Core. Once I kill that old man Zeng, I will give you another one.”

“Li Yunmo, old man Zeng is mine! If you dare to interfere then I will kill you!” The black-clothed old man furiously roared.

“You useless thing, even with the demon treasure granted by the young master, you still lost an arm to a sneak attack. You have shamed my Seven Slaughter Demon Sect!” Li Yunmo coldly jeered.

“You are courting death!” The black-clothed old man shouted, enraged.

Liang Taizu looked at this without expression. “Enough.” Although he only had a Foundation Establishment cultivation, as soon as he spoke the two Golden Core devils lowered their heads, their faces filled with reverence.

“Look at the situation you’re in before you start arguing. Senior Zeng is going to take you two as a joke.” He took the Golden Core that was dripping with blood and licked his crimson lips. “I am practicing my devil arts and am missing several Golden Cores to serve as support. Senior Kong was wise and compassionate and was willing to help, so I hope that Senior Zeng can also be so kind as to help this junior.”

Zeng Chingming raised his sword, smiling with anger. “My Golden Core is in my abdomen. If you want it, then come and take it!”

Liang Taizu chuckled. “Senior Zeng’s gallant spirit soars to the heavens! Li Yunmo, didn’t you hear him? Senior Zeng has issued an invitation, so why don’t you go help me and take out his Golden Core.”

Li Yunmo obeyed. “Yes!” He raised his hand and produced a black skeleton. This skeleton has green flames in its eyes, and its jaw emitted macabre clacking sounds. It rose up in the wind, immediately growing over ten feet tall as it rushed towards Zeng Chingming, wanting to swallow him whole.

“Gra–” Before Zeng Mo’er could speak a word, Qin Yu covered her mouth. “Do you want to be captured as a hostage? Then be quiet!”

Mo’er immediately responded by biting down on her lips. Tears began flowing down her cheeks.

Qin Yu was too busy to think of comforting her. His mind was rapidly racing. If the demonic path invaded the Southern Empire, then they must have completed all the required preparations and planned for any contingencies. Otherwise, if news were to leak of this, none of these Seven Slaughter Demon Sect people would escape with their lives…in this world, only the dead could safely keep secrets! And before this, with the Zeng Family and Kong Family being ambushed from nowhere, this clearly indicated that these demonic cultivators intended to kill them all.

Qin Yu felt his heart sink to his stomach. This was the sorrow of lacking strength. No matter how magnificent an identity he could weave from scratch, none of that would be useful facing a demonic cultivator.

A single finger from them would be enough to place him in a life or death crisis!

What should he do?

As Qin Yu’s mind was racing, the battle between Zeng Chingming and Li Yunmo was reaching its white-hot phase.

A giant golden flag appeared above Zeng Chingming’s head, causing endless golden tornados to rush outwards. The tornados cut through the air, issuing loud muffled thumping sounds. The black skeleton continued to strangely cackle. It emitted a vast amount of demonic energy that transformed into the phantoms of sabers and swords as it rushed forwards.

The two magic tools collided with each other. With the support of the magic power of Golden Core masters, an astonishing amount of energy erupted outwards. In that instant, half of East Stream Town was destroyed. The two people seemed evenly matched, but the demonic path side still had a Golden Core cultivator that hadn’t moved. Even though this person had lost an arm, a Golden Core was still a Golden Core; he was more than enough to suppress all other cultivators in East Stream Town.

Suddenly, a deep whistling exploded from the southeast direction where the demon energy was blocking out the area. Dazzling divine light erupted and Ning Ling fell backwards, her beautiful face pale white.

Liang Taizu laughed. “My beauty, you have finally revealed yourself. I cannot wait to bring you back and make love to you.”

Ning Ling looked back at him without expression. “If you want me, then come and take me yourself.”

Liang Taizu said, “You want to provoke me? Very well, then I will personally seize you!”

His fist crashed outward and tyrannical demon energy erupted, instantly forming a wolf’s head. But, no one expected that this powerful strike was only a cover. Liang Taizu twisted his fingers and a black rope came howling outwards.

Ning Ling seemed to have already expected this. She wasn’t shaken by the appearance of the wolf head and immediately drew backwards to avoid the sneak attack of the black rope. Lifting her hand, her fingers moved as she released an astonishing white beam of chilling energy.

Liang Taizu smiled wide, not embarrassed at all. “You are truly worthy of being the woman I have set my eyes upon. If you were to obey me so easily, then I wouldn’t have taken such a liking to you.” He casually moved sideways, easily avoiding the killing beam. The wolf head shot forwards, cruel and vicious. Demonic path cultivators were all sinister and vicious with their attacks, each attack aiming to settle life or death. Even if their opponent was a woman they liked, they wouldn’t show the least bit of mercy.

Ning Ling was already wounded to begin with. Although she had gradually suppressed them, having to resist the attack of the wolf head and Liang Taizu’s sneak attacks caused several wounds to open up on her body and her white clothes to be dyed red.

Liang Taizu’s eyes turned blazing hot, as if he wanted to swallow her down whole. But suddenly he emitted a strange cry. Billowing black demon energy erupted from his blood rune robes, trying to fend off a sudden eruption of ice cold energy. Even so, his entire body as well as the demon energy around him was frozen by ice, sealed within.

Ning Ling’s eyes turned swift and fierce. She quickly moved her fingers, every movement part of her supernatural powers. An opportunity had suddenly presented itself to her, so how could she miss out on it? She rushed forwards, aiming at the frozen ice. But soon she had no choice but to stop. Her palm came slapping out as it collided with demon energy, and her figure was forced to fly backwards, her face even paler than before.

The black-clothed old man slapped the ice. Cracks formed on the block of ice before immediately shattering. Liang Taizu strode out, lifting his hand to slap the black-clothed old man. “You unruly thing, who said that you can touch my woman?”

Liang Taizu flicked off the pieces of ice covering him. He praised, “Ning Ling, I nearly died beneath your hands, and now I only love you that much more. Be a good little girl and don’t resist me anymore, otherwise I will have no choice but to have Hei Nu grab you. I don’t want to do that, so don’t force me to.”

The black-clothed old man strangely smiled. “Young Master, this old servant will be careful. I will be sure not to harm the mistress.” He didn’t seem to mind being slapped at all.

Ning Ling shouted out, “How shameless!”

Liang Taizu rubbed his chin. “Well, I am a demonic cultivator, so in your eyes, when have the likes of us ever kept our word? I know I am not your match, so why would I continue to suffer difficulties just to save a little bit of face? Keeping promises is only a specialty of you immortal sects; that’s not something I can learn.”

Ning Ling turned and flew away. Trying to spar verbally with Liang Taizu was useless and speaking any more would be a waste of time. But then, her eyes lit up and she fell onto a nearby roof.

“Big Sister Ning!” Zeng Mo’er plunged into her arms and burst into tears.

Ning Ling patted Zeng Mo’er and looked behind her.

Qin Yu frowned, gently shaking his head.

Ning Ling’s eyes darkened.

Zeng Mo’er had no idea that the two people had exchanged a conversation in a single breath of time. She sobbed, saying, “Big Sister Ning, what do we do? Do you think something will happen to Grandfather?”

Ning Ling comforted her. “Don’t worry. Senior Zeng has a deep cultivation and a treasure in his hands; nothing should happen to him.”

Qin Yu sighed. If this were really true, why would your eyes hold so much worry? Of course, this was something that the panicking Zeng Mo’er wouldn’t be able to notice.

Qin Yu felt his heart suddenly chill, as if some viper had locked onto him. He looked up to see Liang Taizu staring at him with a warm and gentle expression. “Brat, how dare you flirt with my woman right beneath my eyes? Do you think I am blind? Today, you are sure to die a miserable death.

Qin Yu said without expression, “I’ll wait for you.”

Liang Taizu laughed. “You’ve got guts. I’ll let you live a little bit longer!” He waved his hand and shouted out. “Li Yunmi, it’s been long enough.”

Ning Ling had already guessed what Liang Taizu’s character was like. Since he spoke up, he definitely would not let this matter go. She apologized, “Fellow daoist Qin, I’ve drawn you into this mess.”

Qin Yu waved his hand. “If the demonic sects came today, then they should have planned to not let anyone off to begin with. Even without Miss Ning here the situation wouldn’t have changed.”


With a miserable shout, Zeng Chingming drew backwards and spat out a mouthful of blood. An additional black handprint had appeared on his back.

Li Yunmo was enraged. “Hei Nu, who told you to meddle in my battle. I was just about to kill him!”

Hei Nu sneered. “The young master is already impatient with waiting.” He turned around, his eyes cold and dense. “You old ghost Zeng, you cut off my arm, so returning a palm to you makes us equal.”

Zeng Mo’er screamed. “Grandfather!” Her face was full of panic. “Big Brother Qin, please ask the Grandmaster to help us, to save my grandfather!”

“So it’s the Zeng Family’s prized daughter. Rumors of Miss Mo’er’s beauty have long since spread wide and far, and as I see today, you are truly extraordinary.” Liang Taizu said, happiness all over his face. “I didn’t think that besides Ning Ling, there would also be such a harvest. After today you can be my concubine. I will make sure to treat you well.”

Hei Nu approached, his body billowing with demon energy. “To become the concubine of my family’s young master is the good fortune you have gathered over your past several lives. Why don’t you prepare yourself and follow me away!”

Zeng Mo’er cried out in fear. “Big Brother Qin, save me! Save me!”

Qin Yu stiffened like a rod of iron. Beneath the Gaze of a Golden Core, the magic power within his body seemed to freeze, making it so that it was difficult to move even an inch. He lowered his head, silent, as he avoided Zeng Mo’er’s eyes.

Zeng Mo’er’s eyes widened. Disbelief colored her face.

“When a beautiful woman sheds tears, even I feel pity. Yet, boy, you actually remain unmoved. I must say I am truly impressed by you. It’s no wonder that you were received as a disciple by the Grandmaster.” Liang Taizu’s eyes flashed. “Why don’t you try? If the Grandmaster asks it, then I can let Miss Zeng off. We can even discuss Senior Zeng’s Golden Core.”

Qin Yu’s heart iced over. From the moment Liang Taizu noticed him, he had a deep foreboding feeling in his heart, and that was the only reason he responded. Now, he was almost certain that this man came here with a plan beforehand…it was likely aimed at the non-existent alchemy Grandmaster behind him. If this matter were to be revealed, then all that awaited him was death!

Even with fear seeping into his bones, Qin Yu’s expression didn’t reveal anything. “If Grandmaster was willing to interfere, then he would have already spoken. I wouldn’t need to say anything at all.”

Liang Taizu laughed. “You are indeed worthy of being the Grandmaster’s disciple; you can recognize just what the circumstances are. Then, as a show of respect to the Grandmaster, I will take back my words of killing you. So, boy, before I change my mind, screw off!”

Without another word, Qin Yu leapt off the roof. L𝒂aTest nov𝒆ls on (n)𝒐velbi/𝒏(.)co𝒎

Zeng Mo’er watched, dazed. Seeing him leave without hesitation, her heart began to turn ice cold.

Grandfather said that since the Grandmaster trusts you so much, you must be the descendant he plans on passing down his legacy to. If so, then all you have to do is open your mouth to save me and save Grandfather, just like you saved my uncle. So why won’t you say anything? Why?

“Hold on!” Hei Nu shouted out. He turned and bowed. “Young Master, your devil arts cultivation has reached the critical point. If you had a top grade Spirit Protecting Pill, then that would guarantee you absolute success. Since you met the Grandmaster today, why not request one from him?”

Liang Taizu hesitated for a moment. “A top grade pill can only be found and not asked for, especially for a pill as rare as the Spirit Protecting Pill. Even an alchemy Grandmaster might not be able to successfully refine it.”

Hei Nu respectfully replied, “You should still try.”

“The Grandmaster can refine top grade pills.” Zeng Mo’er suddenly spoke up. “Not too long ago, the Zeng Family exchanged for a top grade Foundation Establishment Pill.”

Qin Yu stiffened.

Liang Taizu’s eyes began to heat up. “Miss Zeng, are you speaking the truth?”

Zeng Mo’er’s face turned pale white, but her expression remained calm. “Of course. Big Sister Ning also asked the Grandmaster to refine a top grade Enduring Glamour Pill earlier, so she knows of this too.”

Liang Taizu’s eyes swept past Ning Ling’s icy gaze and he raised his head up and laughed. “Good! Good! Miss Zeng is truly my lucky star. Without even having become my concubine, you have already given me such a pleasant surprise.” He turned and looked at Qin Yu. “Boy, pass down a message to the Grandmaster. No matter what, he must refine a top grade Spirit Protecting Pill for me.

“Remember, if the Grandmaster does not agree then I will consider this as you intentionally creating trouble for me, and I will burn you alive with demonfire!”

Qin Yu didn’t turn back. He coldly said, “Fine!”

He strode into the courtyard and slammed the doors shut behind him.

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