Primordial 'Dual Cultivator' Dragon With System

Chapter 995 Xuanyuan Sisters Arrival

Chapter 995 Xuanyuan Sisters Arrival

Since there were no other cultivators on the 11th floor besides Ling Yun's group, they could relax and rest freely on that floor without any disturbance. However, the demihumans and disciples of the Eternal Spring Sect decided to go to another area, especially since they wouldn't be able to train if he went on a rampage like before.

Zhong Chenyu also brought Yue Tu with her to hunt beasts in another area, especially since she wanted to find some items that were useful to them.

Ye Yuxian, Wu Gui, and Ya Xixian also continued their hunting while waiting for Ling Yun to make his move, especially since the number of beasts on the 11th floor was much greater.

At first, Ling Yun wanted to stop his unofficial women and partners, but he ended up letting Dongfang Jingjing and the others go hunting, especially since he had no intention of making a move after he used his complete dragon form for three whole days.

The Mu Sisters shared the task of accompanying Xiao Xiao, Feng Ruxue, Feng Ling'er, and the two Feng Ancestors in their activities to hunt beasts. Although the beasts on the 11th floor were like them in the Saint Realm, they were several times stronger than most of them.

With that, only Zhou Yu remained by Ling Yun's side, who was checking his item box while resting his head in her lap. 'There are nine tower gift packs, one boss gift pack, and one special gift pack. The tower gift box I got after clearing the first floor had a good reward, so these other nine must have equally good rewards.'

[You obtained strength-enhancing fruit x1]

[You obtained speed-accelerating fruit x1]

[You obtained vitality boost fruit x1]

[You obtained jade soul fruit x1]

[You obtained five elemental fruit x1]

[You obtained immortal fox saliva x1]

[You obtained golden flesh lingzhi x1]

[You obtained wondrous fruit x1]

[You obtained 100 years life fruit x1]

'Oh?' Ling Yun was most surprised by the last reward, and he read every description directly.

[Strength Enhancing Fruit: Increases raw strength by 50%.]

[Speed Accelerating Fruit: Increases raw speed by 10%.]

[Vitality boost fruit: increases vitality by 10%.]

[Jade Soul Fruit: Increases Soul Power by 10%. ]

[Five Elemental Fruit: Increases the level of all basic elements by 1 level.]

[Immortal Fox Saliva: This item can be used to concoct pills or potions.]

[Golden Flesh Lingzhi: This item can be used to concoct pills or potions.]

[Wondrous Fruit: Increases cultivation speed by 10%.]nÊw st𝒐ries at n𝒐/vel/b/i/n(.)co𝒎

[100 Years Life Fruit: If one eats this fruit, one's lifespan will increase by 100 years.]

Ling Yun ate the top four fruits without hesitation, but he decided to keep the Five Elemental Fruit. This decision was made because some of his basic elements had reached peak rank, and he wanted to give it to Yi Mingxia because her light element had not yet reached peak rank.

Besides, Ling Yun decided to eat the wondrous fruit, especially since the amount of qi he needed kept increasing, and the amount he needed was simply too much, so it would be of great help to him. He decided to put the 100 years life fruit and the two alchemy items back in his item box.

[You obtained Heaven-Grade Spirit Lamp x1]

'Spirit lamp?' Ling Yun inwardly muttered after he opened the special gift pack.

[Soul Lamp: This lamp can help the user increase soul power while cultivating soul, especially when combined with a soul cultivation technique.]

"This lamp is truly extraordinary." Ling Yun uttered this while examining the small golden lamp in his hand. "We have the soul cultivation art, and this lamp will boost our soul power every time we cultivate our soul."

Zhou Yu agreed with that. "Moreover, you still have the ancient treasure pagoda that you left in Yunlong Zhuzhai, so you can combine the soul cultivation art and this lamp with that pagoda, which will make the effect multiply."

"That's true." Ling Yun sighed softly as he remembered the pagoda. "Sigh, if I hadn't left that pagoda in our residence, I could challenge the second floor now, especially since challenging that floor requires cultivation at the venerate realm, which I've already reached."

"Haha." Zhou Yu laughed upon hearing that. "Why do you have to think about that? Haven't you gotten a lot of interesting things from this tower? Furthermore, there are still 90 more floors, so you'll get more interesting items later. As for the pagoda, you can challenge it after we return to our realm, and you might be able to challenge it to the top floor right away, especially since your strength will undoubtedly increase greatly after we clear this tower and obtain one of the old dragon's body parts."

Ling Yun nodded in agreement with Zhou Yu. Furthermore, he left many of his women at their residence, allowing them to use the first floor of the pagoda to enhance their soul power. He promptly put away the soul lamp before opening the boss gift pack.

[You obtained one-tenth of the Yin-Yang Banner.]

[1/10 Yin-Yang Banner: Details unknown.]

"Hmm?" Ling Yun then took the item before showing it to Zhou Yu. "Do you know what this Yin-Yang banner is used for?"

"No." Zhou Yu answered with a shake of her head. "I'm not a dual cultivator, so I'm not familiar with anything related to dual cultivation. Based on its material, it seems that this banner originated from the supreme realm, and it will be beneficial for your dual cultivation once you acquire the rest. Anyway, how long do you want to rest on this floor?"

"Just today." Ling Yun answered as he put away the Yin-Yang Banner. "I can't use my complete dragon form continuously, or else it will take a great toll on my body. That's why I decided to take a complete rest today, and we'll move again tomorrow until we reach the 21st floor."

Zhou Yu herself didn't want to see Ling Yun overexerting himself, so she felt relieved that he had made such a decision. "The number of beasts on this floor is almost twice as many, and they are even stronger, so we will probably need a full week to clear floors 11 to 20."

"Yes." Ling Yun suddenly turned his head away with a raised eyebrow. "Hey, do you feel someone else's presence on this floor? Actually, I sense that some people have been watching us since we were on the first floor, and one of them has been following us to this floor.

"Hmm?" Zhou Yu immediately followed Ling Yun's gaze, but she could not sense anyone else's presence. "Are you sure about that?"

Ling Yun nodded to Zhou Yu. "I was initially unaware of their presence, but I only realized it after using my complete dragon form. However, I chose to ignore them, particularly because the immortals had built this tower, leading me to assume they were part of them, and Huang Lingzhu had sent them to observe us."

"I can't feel their presence, so your guess is probably right that they are Huang Lingzhu's people." Zhou Yu then looked down at Ling Yun. "You don't need to think about them, and it would be better if you rested now, so you will be ready for tomorrow."

Ling Yun exhaled softly before closing his eyes, and he quickly fell into a deep sleep. However, Zhou Yu smiled amusedly as she felt his qi continue to circulate within his body, which he used to stabilize his oddities. 'This guy is getting more and more ridiculous! He could do such a thing even when he was sleeping, and no one would be able to do the same thing as him, including those immortals.'




Outside the tower, several flying artifacts began to land in the surrounding area, and many groups of cultivators descended from them.

One of the groups consisted of four women and four men, two of whom were the Xuanyuan Sisters.

"Phew! We finally arrived at this mysterious realm! I was so bored after spending time in our flying artifact for so long." Xuanyuan Chang'er said as she placed both hands on her waist, and she then turned to her big sister, who was looking at the tower with enthusiasm. "Do you think that guy has arrived in this realm?"

Xuanyuan Xue'er responded by shaking her head. "We don't know which realm he lives in, so we can only find out if we enter the tower."

Suddenly, a woman with waist-length red hair and a long red dress walked to their side. "Junior Sister Xue'er, if you don't mind, could you tell me about the man you two were talking about?"

"Her name is Mo Chen, Senior Ji Ping'er."

"Huh?" Ji Ping'er and the other five were shocked to hear the name. "Are you sure his name is Mo Chen? How do you know him? According to my understanding, there is only one Mo Clan in these upper realms, and they live in the Earth Cloud Realm. Furthermore, that clan is not ordinary; its members are heretic cultivators."

Xuanyuan Xue'er turned to Ji Ping'er with a frown, especially since she still remembered the story behind the Mo Clan on earth, and the cultivator who supported them was a member of the Mo Clan from the upper realms. "Mo Chen is not a member of that clan; he comes from the same realm as us."

- To Be Continued -

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