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Chapter 993 Persuade Ling Yun

993  Persuade Ling Yun

When she didn't receive a response, Kate chose to disregard the person and re-join the others in fighting the hell nightmare beast. Even so, the mysterious person did not stop helping them; he only helped when they were in dire straits and close to death.

In the end, they managed to kill the beast, but they felt strange when they saw the item drops from the beast, especially since all the items were suitable for them. However, they realized that it was the mysterious person who gave them the items, and they immediately picked them all up before returning to the cave to rest.

Most of Ling Yun's wives and family members had also returned to the cave because they were too tired from fighting those unique beasts, whose strength was several times greater than theirs, and some of them even suffered too many injuries. However, their injuries were not too bothersome because he had provided them with healing pills of four different grades, which they could use based on their severity.

Unlike them, the female disciples of the Eternal Spring Palace, as well as the people of the demihuman race, did not experience any significant difficulties when fighting those unique beasts. After all, their cultivation was already in the five god realms, which made them feel bored.

Unfortunately, they had no choice but to fight those beasts because the door to the second floor would only open after they were all dead, but there were countless of them there, so they couldn't clear them all in a day.



A few hours later, Xiao Xiao and the others saw Dongfang Jingjing and Zhong Chenyu return to the cave, but their expressions were disappointed because they had not obtained the pelts and eyes of the three-eyed rainbow fox.

"What happened to her?" Lian Bing inquired as she pointed to Yue Tu, who was fast asleep on Zhong Chenyu's head. Finnd 𝒏ew chapters on n𝒐ve/lbi𝒏(.)com

Before answering, Zhong Chenyu lifted Yue Tu from his head and stroked her fur. "Tu'er is actually quite lazy, but Mo Chen forced her to fight those beasts, which infuriated her. Every time Tu'er became angry, she would go into a berserk state, unable to control her own power, leading to exhaustion after killing so many of them.

Lian Bing and the others nodded in understanding at Zhong Chenyu's explanation, and they also felt that Yue Tu was indeed too lazy, especially since they had never seen her cultivating or training, including when they were busy training in the Burial Realm.

"Where's our husband?" Feng Qing asked Dongfang Jingjing.

Dongfang Jingjing sighed helplessly before answering her. "Mo Chen is so eager to get the golden tusk elephant's ivory, especially since it is very useful for forging good equipment. Besides, he also hunts those three-eyed rainbow foxes to get their pelts, which can be used to make coats, and their eyes can be used to concoct a pill."

"A pill?" Feng Ruxue was surprised to hear that. "Is it possible to concoct a pill with their eyes? My master has told me about the various herbs, but she never mentioned their eyes."

"I'm not an alchemist, so I don't know about the ingredients for concocting pills." Dongfang Jingjing then sat down beside them before continuing. "Aunt Wuyue once told me about a pill that requires their eyes to concoct, but it requires quite a large number of them. Unfortunately, I had no interest in the pill, so I didn't inquire about its name or effects. Anyway, she and my two cousins are on their way to this tower, so you can ask her later."

Feng Ruxue nodded to Dongfang Jingjing. "I've met with Dongfang Wenyue many times, and we often discuss alchemy with my master and Ying Sha, so I'll ask her later."

After that, they started to talk about the results of their training, and they also showed each other the items they got from those beasts. Since their numbers were quite large, the items they managed to get were also very numerous, so they decided to exchange things based on their needs.




Ling Yun, who was tired of fighting the beasts, decided to go to the gate leading to the second floor. As usual, the two spirit women and their six followers followed him there, and Ling Xi asked him. "Are you impatient to go to the next floor?"

"Yes." Ling Yun replied with a nod. "After all, Zhu Ling and Jing Shen are on their way to this tower, and they will arrive soon, leaving me with limited time for relaxation. Although I have reached the lower venerate realm and can fight with cultivators in the venerable god realm in my complete dragon form, the two of them are on a different level. I can only fight them if my cultivation has broken through to the five god realms, but I won't be able to do it anytime soon, especially since the amount of qi I need to reach it is too much, and they won't be able to help me."

Hearing that, Jin Zhongli, the metal dragon, spoke to Ling Yun directly. "Master, I understand that you don't want to take our virginity before you reach the five god realms, but I believe it's the only way to reach that stage as soon as possible. Indeed, you will waste a lot of our virgin qi, but you can dual-cultivate with the six of us for a long period afterward, and our yin qi is no less powerful than our virgin qi, so I don't think it's a big deal."

"Master, I agree with Zhongli." Jiu Shen, the nine-dead poison serpent, joined in and nodded. "You can take our virgin qi while we wait for your women to finish their training on this first floor, and we'll go together to the second floor afterwards."


Unlike them, the celestial dragon horse, Long Ma, gave Ling Yun another idea. "Master, these beasts will come back to life after we go up to the next floor, right?"


Long Ma immediately continued. "In that case, I think it would be better if they got out of this tower first, so you could clean up all the beasts on this floor and the next few floors right away. After they come back to life, they can enter this tower again to continue their training, so you don't need to waste time waiting for them."

Ling Yun let out a sigh after hearing Long Ma's words, especially since he had also thought the same thing, but he felt heavy about leaving his wives and family members behind. That's why he made the decision to wait for them before proceeding to the next floor, and he could only feel a sense of relief when they reached a location that was truly safe for them.

Tian Lanyi, the sky lightning wolf, suddenly hugged Ling Yun's arm and spoke to reassure him. "Master, I know your concern and worry for them, but you have us, right? The six of us and Hu Yuan will stay by their side, and we will protect them from those beasts and people, so you can go to the next floor with peace of mind."

"Lanyi is right, Master." Bai Zhongyi, the snow white crane, also persuaded Ling Yun. "Although there will still be many strong cultivators arriving at this tower soon, we are all special beasts, and our abilities are far more than enough to deal with them. If necessary, sister Jiu Shen could use her deadly poison to kill them, and they would all be safe from harm."

"Hehehe." Cai Hudie, the seven-colored illusion butterfly, suddenly laughed before sitting on Ling Yun's shoulder. "Master, have you forgotten my illusion ability? Although my illusion ability does not work on the embodiment of the heavens, I dare to guarantee that my illusion will work on those human cultivators, and they will never be able to escape from my illusion, just like with cultivators in the Cultivation Realm back then."

"Ling Yun, the six of them are your loyal followers, and Hu Yuan is your contract beast, so I think you can trust them more to protect them all." Ling Yun immediately looked up at Zhou Yu, especially since he always believed in the six female beasts. "As they have stated, each of them possesses unique abilities. Cai Hudie's illusion is so powerful that, despite her cultivation in the realm of heavenly gods, not even a phoenix like Feng Ling'er can evade it, let alone ordinary humans. Tian Lanyi was born of a lightning tribulation, a phenomenon that frightened cultivators to no end. Long Ma possessed strong defense capabilities, making it difficult for many cultivators to breach her protection. Bai Zhongyi's ice element was extremely cold, enabling her to freeze those people. Jiu Shen's poison is undeniable and incredibly lethal. Jin Zhongli is a pure dragon with metal and gravity abilities; ordinary humans will not be able to fight her."



"Let's go back to the cave, and I will discuss this matter with them first before I make a decision."

All of them could only shake their heads helplessly at Ling Yun's answer, and they immediately followed him back to their resting cave.

When they arrived there, Ling Yun immediately discussed the matter with the others, and all of them agreed without hesitation, especially since they themselves were fully aware that they were only hindering his development.

- To Be Continued -


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