My House of Horrors

Chapter 1211 (END) - My House of Horrors

Chapter 1211: My House of Horrors

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The red dress flowed like blood, it was decorated with the black patterns that radiated power. Resentment and despair coagulated into actual materials to act as decoration. Zhang Ya stepped out of Chen Ge’s shadow, stomping on the wailing of dead souls. The horror that surpassed Red Spectres stunned everyone. Who would have thought beauty could be so mesmerizing and captivating. Chen Xiao and Xu Meng stood dumbly on the steps, both of them had been shocked out of their mind.

“A Demon God? The girl that you speak of is a Demon God?!” Due to how overly agitated he was, Chen Ge’s father found his words stammering. He could guess that Chen Ge would find spectres to work for him and he would have known that the Haunted House would continue to flourish under Chen Ge’s management but it never even crossed his mind that his son would one day bring back a Demon God to meet them.

“Yes, her name is Zhang Ya.” Chen Ge very naturally reached out to hold Zhang Ya’s hand. This caused Xu Meng and Chen Xiao’s eyes to twitch. They were worried that Zhang Ya might suddenly reach out to snap Chen Ge’s neck due to anger. The two of them had just awakened from their coma. When they returned to the Haunted House, they had been introduced to a non-stop series of trauma. In fact, the two of them had started to suspect whether they had fallen back into the hospital director’s illusion? But once they gave it some thought, they realized that could not be true because even the cursed hospital would not make up something like this.

“Other than his good personality, what other positive traits that you see in him?” Xu Meng turned to ask Zhang Ya. She watched Chen Ge grow up under her nose, she knew that her son was incredibly wonderful but that was only in comparison to other people. Facing Chen Ge’s mother’s question, Zhang Ya was as silent as before. She even nudged even closer to hide behind Chen Ge. Those with eyes could see that this Demon God had a very heavy reliance on Chen Ge.

“We have gone through so much together. How about we take a tour of the Haunted House for now and then we can find a time to sit down and chat over it?”

“We can tour the Haunted House any time, I think we should focus on Zhang Ya for now.” Chen Xiao and Xu Meng said at the same time. Their own son was in a romantic relationship in a Demon God, the tour of the Haunted House could wait indefinitely until they got to the bottom of this.

“Aren’t you guys tired? It is almost midnight already.” Chen Ge said with a bitter smile on his face. He was not expecting his father and mother to have such a big reaction to this development.

“We have been asleep for a whole year already, we cannot be more refreshed even if we try.”

“Okay then, I will go find us a restaurant and we can have get a gathering there.” Chen Ge summoned all of his employees. He switched on his phone and selected a high class restaurant at Jiujiang which had a ballroom to rent. There were currently too many employees at the Haunted House that they could not all fit into Yan Danian’s manga anymore. Therefore, many baleful spectres and lingering spirits had no choice but to masquerade as Chen Ge’s shadow. Carrying the backpack, once Chen Ge departed from the theme park, the whole street was submerged under an oppressive atmosphere. The parade of a hundred ghost was not enough to describe that horror and terror.

There was no taxi on the road. Chen Ge had Tang Jun drive the last bus of route 104. He was to ferry Chen Ge, his parents as well as his other colleagues to the restaurant that was lucky enough to be selected by Chen Ge. It was already midnight, so naturally the restaurant was already close for business. Chen Ge first had Zhang Yi come out to edit the security’s memory and then he had Qiumei and Tong Tong sneak into the surveillance centre to temporarily shut down all the cameras.

After all of that were done, he flipped through the manga and one after another employees walked out. The employees who were good at cooking voluntarily walked into the kitchen, the lingering spirits of the students were very excited, as they chattered among themselves. There was nothing they loved more than this kind of ‘outing’. Seeing how the employees cooperate among themselves as they set up the restaurant, the whole scene felt so surreal to Chen Xiao and Xu Meng. The reason behind spectres’ existence was their resentment, they were creatures of pure resentment and hatred so they would never expect that the spectres would be able to coexist to harmoniously with Chen Ge.

“We will be booking the whole place tonight. After the sun comes up, I will pay of course.” Chen Ge showed off the money in his bank account through his phone. “I am not that interested in money, this number is just a bonus from the expansion of the Haunted House.” Before Chen Ge could continue, he was knocked lightly on his head by his father. “If you are not interested in that, feel free to donate some to me. Ever since my wedding, I have not seen that much money in my life anymore.” The family of three walked into the restaurant chatting and joking among themselves. They came to the VIP lounge that was situated at the top floor. At this place, they were given the perfect view of the entire Jiujiang at night.

The employees started to serve the food and Chen Ge summoned out Zhang Ya. Initially Chen Ge’s parents were worried about Chen Ge and Zhang Ya, they kept asking them about their plan for the future, they wanted to know how they were going to spend their lives together. But once Chen Ge brought up Zhang Ya’s past and the things that they had gone through together, the attitude Chen Ge’s parents had towards them had a complete 180. This was especially true for Xu Meng. She moved her chair to sit right next to Zhang Ya, like Zhang Ya was already her own daughter. She held Zhang Ya’s hands out of empathy and she whispered something to Zhang Ya.

Xu Meng and Chen Xiao were particularly kind individuals. A long time they had adopted the soul of Luo Ruoyu, at the time, Chen Ge had the feeling that they treated the adopted Luo Ruoyu much better than they did him. Now this incident appeared to be repeating itself. Xu Meng stopped asking about Zhang Ya’s past, instead she turned her attention onto Chen Ge. She hoped that Chen Ge understood a relationship was a completely different thing from a promise to spend a lifetime together. She wanted Chen Ge to think very clearly about this and take every single preparation that he could. She did not wish for anyone of the two to get hurt from this.

The party lasted for a long time. The employees technically were unable to consume alcohol but they appeared to be on quite a buzz. They talked and laughed among themselves, a simple bliss was buried deep inside their heart. Before this, they were tortured and entrapped by the memory from their past but because of their encounter with Chen Ge, they could now openly discuss their future with others.

The night was eventually coming to an end. Just as the sun was about to come up, the employees worked together to replace everything back to its place. Comparing the items that they had exhausted, Chen Ge drew some money out from the bank and placed them on the counter. He also left behind a note, of course, the note was written by one of the employees as well.

Walking out from the restaurant, Chen Ge’s parents carried Chen Ge’s backpack and told him they were going to head back home first. They wanted to give Chen Ge and Zhang Ya some alone time. Both of them had walked this path before. They knew that Chen Ge and Zhang Ya probably had plenty of things to talk about after the meeting with the boy’s parents so they did not want to stand in the way and disturb them.

The black hair fluttered in the mind, Chen Ge and Zhang Ya strode down the deserted street. This whole scene felt like a déjà vu, they appeared to have been through something similar in a dream before. The various memories from the past rose in their heart. The two of them sidled close to each other. They walked through the night to welcome the arrival of a new day.

“Tomorrow, we shall go to the registry office to make some enquiry, it is about time we put down the past and try to start a new chapter in our life.”

The sun rose up like normal and the sunlight chased away the darkness. New Century Park opened for business at 9 am. A very long queue had already lined up in front of the Haunted House.

“Senior, you are still recovering from your injury, how about we skip the tour today?” He San was trying his best to leave but unfortunately he was under great scrutiny from Zuo Han.

“There is going to be a new scenario opening to the public today, even if we are not going to visit it, it is fun coming here to watch other people make the attempt.” Zuo Han swept the group from Jiujiang Medical University behind him. His brows were screwed together. “Where is Gao Ruxue? She still refused to come?”

“yes, senior said she is not feeling so well.”

“In that case, we shall go visit her together one day.” Zuo Han still had something else he wanted to say but his words were cut off by the hubbub that came from the crowd.

“What the fuck! The new scenario is now open! It is a 4 star scenario!””It’s called the cursed hospital! The nineteen floors that lead down to hell!””Quick! Who has contact with Brother Gang, it is about time he comes back to challenge the Haunted House again!””Brother Gang is still resting at the hospital, please refrain from interrupting the poor livestreamer.”

Once the promotional announcement in front of the Haunted House was changed, the visitors got instantly excited. Everyone was feeling the urge to make the first batch of challengers but no one actually was brave enough to put that thought into action.

“What a bunch of cowards.” Moments later, a balding uncle walked out from the crowd. He strode directly to stop before Uncle Xu. “The ticket for the 4 star scenario has a different appearance from the ticket for the other scenario, right?”

“Yes, the ticket for the four star scenario is black and red in color.” Uncle Xu was about the same age as this balding middle-aged man. “But I suggest that you start with a less challenging scenario for now.” Upd𝒂ted chapters 𝒐n n𝒐velbin(.)com

“Thanks for the advice but I would like a ticket for the cursed hospital please.” The balding uncle insisted. The surrounding visitors all focused their eyes on him.

“Are you sure?” Uncle Xu asked the question again. After ensuring the man did not have a suicide wish, Uncle Xu finally gave him a ticket. After accepting the ticket to the 4 star scenario, cursed hospital, the balding uncle took out his phone, stood in front of the Haunted House gates and took a selfie holding the ticket. And then he proceeded to share it among his friend group. “It is yet another spring day, the perfect weather to go out for an adventure. My personal recommendation is the 4 star scenario at New Century Park’s Haunted house. I have just finished my tour of it, I was so frightened that my body is now covered in cold sweat...” After snapping the picture, he chuckled while reading the messages left by his friends and then he left just like that.

“Wait, haven’t that uncle been here before? How come he look so familiar to me?”

“I remember it now, when the scenario for Minghun was first open, he had been here to take selfies as well.” There was none of the visitors who dared to enter the cursed hospital to visit but there were quite a number of them who bought the ticket to share on social media. Now that Chen Ge’s Haunted House had reached such a high popularity, there were not that many ‘warriors’ who dared to challenge the newly unlocked scenario. No one was dumb enough to be the willing lab rats. After all, other people’s Haunted House normally would be attached to a small souvenir shop, but for Chen Ge’s Haunted House, there were two smaller rooms at the room. One was fitted with the best medical equipment and there were doctors standing by for 24 hours; the other small room was a vendor for underwear. According to legend, it was because of the high demand at Chen Ge’s Haunted House that an undergarment company found the business opportunity and made a business deal with Chen Ge. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement. With such a set up, who dared to volunteer to explore the new scenario?

After waiting for half a day, there was still no visitor who dared to challenge the new scenario. Chen Ge decided to leave the Haunted House, however, he did not leave alone. A middle-aged woman was seen leaving with him, that was Gao Ruxue’s mother. Chen Ge personally escorted the woman back to Gao Ruxue’s home. He did not choose to lie or omit, but decided to tell Gao Ruxue the whole truth. Leaving the mother and daughter to their reunion, Chen Ge silently retreated out from the room.

A small drizzle was falling when he came outside but Chen Ge did not mind it. He rushed then to Jiujiang’s Children Home and worked through the red tape to adopt Fan Yu and Ying Tong. Initially he wanted to adopt the other few children as well but the procedure would not allow it. The reason that he could successfully adopt Fan Yu and Ying Tong was because the Children’s Home had taken into consideration the two boys’ unique situation and hence they allowed for this exception. Taking Fan Yu and Ying Tong back to the Haunted House was something that Chen Ge had planned a long time ago. His goal was for them to inherit the Haunted House and they would eventually one day become the new owner of the Castle of Nightmares. After dealing with all these things, Chen Ge grabbed some of his documents and made his next journey to the government registry office.

The rain outside was getting heavier. When Chen Ge arrived at his destination, there was only one worker there. The woman expressed her regret for failing to complete Chen Ge’s wish but she did not reject him fully, instead she had given Chen Ge the promise that she would help him figure something out. After knowing the result, Chen Ge was rather disappointed, even though he already suspected this outcome before he came to the office. The barrier between human and ghost was too large, it was really difficult for them to come in contact with each other.

The theme park closed for business at 6 pm. Chen Ge closed himself up in the staff breakroom. He was writing down the plans that he had for the future. After who knew how long, a big white cat jumped onto the table carrying a doll on its back. Then came the knocking. Chen Ge’s parents were standing at the door. “Chen Ge, the employees have planned something for you, why don’t you come out to take a look.”

“The employees have prepared something for me?” Chen Ge put the down the pencil he was holding. He walked out of the staff breakroom. The Haunted House appeared to be incredibly quiet that night, like all the ghosts had gone mission.

“Are they outside?” Pulling back the thick curtains, the blinking fairy lights glittered like a dreamscape, they were as brilliant as the stars in the night sky. New Century Park was usually so quiet at night but that day, it was as bright as day, the employees had prepared so many things to transform this place into a scenery that looked as if it had been pulled right out of a fairy tale.

“What is all these? What are you guys up to...” Before Chen Ge could finish, Ol’ Zhou walked towards him. He handed a small box that was expensive and exquisite over to Chen Ge. “All of us have combined our money to purchase this, this is as far as we can help you.”

Walking out from the Haunted House, Chen Ge was led by his employees to the ferris wheel, this was the centre of the theme park. Holding the small box, Chen Ge was rather flustered. He looked around him, his parents and his employees were looking at him with eyes of anticipation and encouragement. The ferris wheel behind him started to move slowly. The lights chased away the darkness and the cold. Chen Ge sucked in a deep breath. He held up the small box with one hand. He uttered softly, “Zhang Ya.”

The captivating beauty floated up behind Chen Ge. Like usual, she had been guarding at Chen Ge’s side. Turning around, Chen Ge looked at Zhang Ya. With everyone watching him, Chen Ge knelt on one knee as he opened the small box. “For our lives together, we shall stay like each other’s shadow, that is the promise that I have given you.” He lifted the wedding ring out from the box and slid in on Zhang Ya’s finger. Chen Ge asked the question in the gentlest voice, “Will you marry me?”

Zhang Ya did not expect Chen Ge to pose the question. The blood in her eyes faded away. The heart of the Demon God started to race with excitement. After a long time, Zhang Ya leaned on Chen Ge, she looked into Chen Ge’s eyes and her lips moved slightly. “I will.”

Pulling himself up, Chen Ge pulled Zhang Ya into a warm hug. “I will stay by your side forever so that you will never be alone and sad again.”

In the brightly-lit theme park, under the slowly turning ferris wheel, Chen Ge and Zhang Ya embraced each other, it appeared like they were embracing the goodness of the world at the same time. The employees who did not even dare to breathe too loudly all exploded into cheers when they saw this. They were feeling actual joy from the bottom of their hearts.

That night New Century Park lit up like Fourth of July, the employees parties into the night. Many citizens that lived near the theme park and the cars that passed the place all witnessed then. From that night onwards, another scary urban legend appeared at Jiujiang.

After midnight, some of the attractions at a theme park at Western Jiujiang would move on their own and even though the place was supposed to be close already, you could see hear the laughter and cheers of the visitors. According to some trusted insider information, the reason behind this ghost story probably had to do with a Haunted House situated inside the theme park.

Some people said that place was heaven on earth, others called it the 19th floor of hell. Some even claimed that the place connected nightmare and reality, it was the presentation of deepest despair and also permanent salvation.


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