My Celestial Ascension

Chapter 438 Lily Is So Lewd (R18)

Chapter 438 Lily Is So Lewd (R18)

"Beautiful…!" Yan said in a dazed voice, his gaze fixed on their naked bodies, analyzing every inch of them. He couldn't help but be impressed by their beauty.

Yuan was astounded by the size of Mireya and Sylvia's bosoms, which were somewhat larger than his two mothers', not to mention their curved and luscious proportions.

Mireya's physique appeared incredibly feminine, with a seductive attraction that could not be ignored, and her light skin tone, along with her enormous juicy buttocks and a massive pair of melons, made her look like a goddess descended from heaven.

Sylvia's physique was no less appealing than Mireya's; her huge pair of bosoms, combined with her plump buttocks and thick things, as well as her advertisements, were simply too tantalizing for Yuan to refuse, and he was briefly dazzled by her seductive beauty.

Yuan then carefully shifted his focus to their nether region, where he was astounded by the beauty of their pussies, which were wet and constantly dripping. He almost began to drool.

They both have pubic hair on the top of their pussies, and they appear to clip it down regularly. Mireya has golden pubic hair on top of her pussy, whereas Sylvia has silver pubic hair, which is slightly thicker and longer than Mireya's.

'This is embarrassing...he is staring at our pussies!' Mireya cried inwardly, trying to conceal her crotch with her palm, as did Sylvia.

They're humiliated to the point where their ears and faces grow red.

'Both of them look really cute!' Yuan exclaimed inwardly, finding Mireya and Sylvia's current expressions lovely.

Meanwhile, Lily peered at Mireya and Sylvia's breasts, jealous, and compared them to her own, which were somewhat smaller.

"No wonder my brother dearest was staring at their breasts like that. It turned out that they have such large breasts…" Lily twisted her head and glanced away, slightly offended.

Yuan approached Mireya and Sylvia with a smile, brought them into his embrace, and wrapped his arms around their attractive waist, causing them to flush. Anna and the others smiled gently.

"You two look so adorable, I can't help but want to hug you!" Yuan whispered into their ears as he clutched their waist, causing them to blush even more.

They remained like this for the next few minutes, and Anna and the others did not stop them because Mireya and Sylvia had never spent a moment like this with Yuan before, so everything was completely new to them.

A few minutes later, Yuan suddenly placed his hand on their bare naked buttocks, startling them and making them flush.

"Yuan, you're such a big pervert; you're already groping our buttocks, plainly indicating your true intentions towards us," Sylvia stated with an uncomfortable expression on her face, but she was also expecting something like this to happen.

"Is that so…" Yuan grinned and grabbed their buttocks forcefully, eliciting a tiny pleasurable moan.

"Yuan, you are pinching my buttocks too tightly!" Mireya complained of a mix of excitement and pain as Yuan grabbed her buttocks more firmly than usual.

Yuan was a Spirit Grandmaster level cultivator, so it was evident that even if he moved his arms and legs carelessly, it could be damaging to others, and because their buttocks seemed so tempting for a time, he forgot he was a Spirit Grandmaster level cultivator.

Yuan promptly apologized to her, putting a delicate kiss on her neck, sending a thrill down her spine.

"It's okay. I understand that wasn't your intention, honey." Mireya smiled warmly at him. "But aren't you going to undress yourself? It's only fair that you become naked as well..."

"Oh! Is my wife willing to witness her husband's "weapon" so soon? I'm really surprised!" Yuan grinned playfully at Mireya, causing her face to flush scarlet.

But before she could say anything, Yuan drew her face closer, placed his lips against hers, and kissed her passionately.

Although she was taken aback by the unexpected kiss, she did not reject him; instead, she returned the kiss with another passionate kiss and took the initiative to place his hand on her boobs, insisting on playing with her breasts.

'So soft!' Yuan was shocked at how soft Mireya's breasts were, and after playing with them for a while, he moved his hand toward her nether region, startling her.

'His hand is coming towards my pussy! Does he want to touch my pussy? Should I stop him? Should I allow him to touch my pussy because he is my husband and has the right to do anything he wants with my body?' She cried inwardly, frustrated.

Before she could respond, Yuan's hand had already reached the most sensitive and secret part of her body, and as soon as his fingers brushed over her pubic hair, she felt an electric current flow through her body, causing her to shake.

'Ahh! He's caressing my pubic hair!' Mireya cried inwardly when Yuan touched her pubic hair.

'Her pussy is quite warm and wet! Yuan thought as he rubbed his finger against her crotch, which was quitewetand sticky.

"Oh my,you'reso wet down there, Mireya,"Yuan exclaimed with a huge grin, bringing his finger, whichwas drenchedin her pussy fluid, to her eyes.

'T-This is quite embarrassing!'Mireya shouted inside as she noticedYuan'sfingers covered in a thick layer of her pussyfluid,and her face and ears flushed with shame.

"Stop saying anything so—"Yuan captured her lips with a searing kiss, rendering her speechless.

Yuan glanced at Sylvia after the kiss, took her into his hug, grasped her breasts, and beganfondlingthem, causing Sylvia to let out seductive moans as she felt the pleasure of having her boobs fondled by her husband.

"Mmmm…!"Sylvia let out a charming moan as Yuan toyed with her breasts, and shecouldn'tstop herself from moving her hand towards her dripping wet crotch and unconsciously rubbing her fingers there.

Yuan grinned and began chewing her long ears, causing her moan to grow louder, and her soft moans echoed throughout the tent.

Meanwhile, Anna instantly utilized her aura to block the voice and prevent it from leaving the tent and reaching the otherpeople'sears.Visitt nov𝒆lbin(.)c𝒐/m for the l𝒂test updates

A few minutes later, he stops fingering her pussy and gives her a deep, passionate kiss before letting go of her body.

Sylvia was panting after the passionate kiss, her cheeks flushed with scarlet, and shecouldn'tlook directly into his eyes.

"Don'tbe embarrassed; you two are my wife, sothere'sno need to be timid, okay? And this is absolutely typical between a husband and wife."Yuan answered and kissed her on the forehead beforeturning to facehis other wives, who were impatiently awaiting his attention.

As soon as he turned towards them, Lily shoved him onto the mattress and began stripping his shirt and trousers, startling Mireya, Sylvia, and Valeria.

'Julie was speaking the truth; Lily is really aggressive!'

All three of them are thinking the same thing, butthey'realso quite excited to viewYuan's'manhood',as this will be their first time seeing aman'sprivate parts.

When Lily removed his trousers,Yuan'shard dick stood tall, as ifa dragon had been releasedfrom its cage, and Lily swallowed her saliva at the sight.

'Is thatYuan's... panis?!It'sso big!'

Mireya, Sylvia, and Valeria pondered, their eyes fixated onYuan'serect dick andgulpedanxiously.

'Iwonder if that massive object will fit within my pussy... There is no way something that big could fit in my pussy; it would split my pussy!'Mireya cried inwardly, clearly taken aback byYuan'sdick size.

Lily glanced at his dick with lusty eyes and gently touched it, then looked at Yuan with a wicked smile and said,"It appears thatyou'rereally pleased to put this thing in my hot pussy, my brother dearest!"

"Look! Just how wet my pussy is from tasting your lovely cock! My pussy is drooling."She released his dick and opened her legs before widening her pussy lips with her two fingers.

Yuan noticed the small pink hole in hissister'spussy, and his dick began to pulse with excitement, causingLily'sgrin to expand, and she licked her fingers, which she used to spread her pussy in a very filthy manner.

'As expected, my daughter is quite brave and wild!'Grace stared at Lily with a proud smile on her face.'This child is so shameless! Ican'tbelieve she would act that poorly in front of Mireya and the others;doesn'tshe have any shame at all?!'Anna was outraged byLily'sobscene behavior and considered spanking her buttocks as punishment.

"You'revery vulgar, big sister; I enjoy it when you talk like that."Yuan smiled and drew her face into an intense, passionate kiss, savoring eachother'ssaliva as they played with eachother'stongues.

After the kiss, Lily looked at him with a lusty and seductive expression on her face and said,"Yuan, my pussy is extremely eager for your cock. Sodon'tkeep me waiting and thrust that huge dick inside my eager pussy! Fuck me!"

Mireya, Sylvia, and Valeria were astounded byLily'sobscene statements; they nearlycouldn'tbelieve it.

"Are you always hungry for my dick?"Yuan inquired with a chuckle.

"You know me too well, sweetheart!"Lily grinned and extended her legs, allowing him to shove his dick into her pussy, which was continually dripping love juice.

With a seductive smile, she continued,"Now fuck my drooling pussy to please me!"

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