My Celestial Ascension

Chapter 437 Postpone

Chapter 437 Postpone

"Yuan, your dinner is ready! Stop what you're doing right now and continue after dinner."

Lily's face twisted in displeasure as she expected a wonderful time with Yuan when they heard Anna's voice summoning them for dinner. But now her mother, Anna, has put cold water on her fantasy, leaving her exceedingly annoyed.

"Tsk! Why is Mom Anna calling us for dinner now? We were ready to do something incredibly exciting and enjoyable, but now we have to postpone it till another time." Lily murmured with an angered expression on her face and began putting on her clothing, eager to get Yuan's stiff cock within her moist pussy.Tôp 𝒏𝒐v𝒆l updates on n/(o)/v/𝒆lb/in(.)com

Yuan and his other wives rolled their eyes and shook their heads when they heard Lily's statements, but they were also upset that they didn't have the opportunity to do anything other than share passionate kisses.

'Well, Mom sounded pretty unhappy; perhaps she was annoyed because she wanted to engage in the fun as well, but she was busy making our supper.' Yuan thought, feeling a little melancholy about making his two mothers work while he had fun with his other spouses.

They should be his top priority because he loved them the most, except for Xi Meili, who is cherished and treasured by everyone. He quickly placed Ava down and looked at Lily.

"Don't be upset with Mom; she is working hard to create our favorite dishes for us." And, as Mom suggested, we can pick up where we left off after dinner." Yuan replied, smiling, as he watched her put on her clothes again.

Lily gazed at Yuan for a while, her lips curving into a sly grin as an excellent thought occurred to her, and added, "I'll forgive her for breaking our passionate moment since you are saying, but in exchange, you must make love with me first after supper."

"I can still hear you loudly and clearly!" Anna's angry voice resounded from outside the tent, instantly turning Lily's face pale.

"M-Mom…" She spoke in a low voice, causing a chilly shudder down her spine; her voice was just above a whisper.

"Hurry up, or the dinner will become cold!" Anna shouted from outside the tent, ordering them to hurry up and eat their food.

"I am coming!" Lily immediately threw on her clothing and dashed out of the tent, leaving Mirerya and Sylvia perplexed.

'I never imagined Lily would be terrified of Anna, who is always calm, polite, and loving. This is a totally unexpected discovery. Mireya thought with a smile.

'Only Mom Anna can control Lily's spoilt princess demeanor. Mom Grace would simply urge her to be more bold and obscene.' Yuan contemplated and smiled helplessly.

He turned around, looked at Mireya and the others, and said, "Let's go outside and join them for supper; we don't want to make Mom Anna mad, do we?"

"Very well. Let's go outside and enjoy our lunch while it's still hot." Julie said as she put on the last piece of clothing on her body, after being naked just moments before.

After that, they exited the tent and came to the bonfire, where Emma and Leah were distributing food to everyone, as well as numerous side dishes, which made Yuan's mouth water.

"Oh! You guys finally decided to come out of the tent, right?" Emma responded with a slight pout on her face, seeming a little jealous. "While we were working hard to prepare so many delicacies for you all, you must have had a lot of fun inside the tent, didn't you?"

"Well, that's... We only exchanged a few passionate kisses..." Yuan responded and laughed awkwardly, as he felt a number of frightening gazes on his body, making him feel like a mouse encircled by a pack of cats.

"I see…For now, let us eat." Emma commented before taking a seat next to Rose once she completed serving everyone's lunch.

They soon began eating, as the exquisite aroma of the food made it difficult for them to refuse.

"This grilled meat tastes great!" Xi Meili screams excitedly, praising Anna's grilled steak, and begins stuffing her face with food.

"Astonishingly, our mother-in-law Anna has such advanced culinary abilities; everything she serves is excellent!" Mireya added, shocked at how excellent Anna's dishes came out.

Anna smiled proudly as she heard her daughters-in-law praise her wonderful culinary talents, and she looked at Grace with a huge grin on her face; seeing this, Grace snorted, angry by Anna's provocation.

'Hehe~! It's too simple to make Grace upset. This time, I won!' Anna thought and chuckled inwardly.

Everyone finished their dinner and wanted to chat for a time after washing the dishes, so they all sat around the campfire to talk before retiring to bed.

Yuan opted not to join them as soon as they began their conversation, which largely consisted of 'girl's talk', after receiving a very menacing glare from Anna, which sent shivers down his spine.

Seeing Yuan seated away from them, Xi Meili decided to join them, seeing an opportunity to be indulged by her husband.

She was a bit juvenile at times, and she lacked common sense. But when it came to Yuan, she was always ahead of everyone else, seizing the opportunity to be spoilt by him.

"Hubby, are you disappointed that mother-in-law Anna wouldn't let you listen to their conversations?" She asked as she sat on his lap and leaned against his chest.

"Of course not; how could I be disappointed with my lovely wife Xi Meili by my side?" He responded with a smile and a gentle kiss on her neck, making her body shake with excitement.

"Mmmm…" Xi Meili let out a beautiful moan as Yuan kissed her neck and she felt her pussy becoming wet.

Yuan stopped kissing her neck and began kissing her lovely soft lips; she turned around, threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him passionately in response.

After the kiss, Xi Meili looked at Yuan with a sexy expression on her face and asked, "Hubby, how about we go inside the tent? I want my husband to spoil me inside the tent."

When Yuan heard this, he turned around and observed that many people were staring at him with jealous eyes, some of whom were enraged.

"Let's go inside and continue from there..." Yuan nodded with a smile, lifted up Xi Meili like a princess, and entered the tent, surprising many people.

When they entered the tent, Yuan placed Xi Meili on top of the mattress and began kissing her passionately, clutching and squeezing her breasts, sending a rush of pleasure through her body.

"Mmmm… Be careful with me, Hubby. Don't squeeze them too hard..." Xi Meili whispered into his ears, her tone full of anticipation.

Yuan grinned and kissed her again before starting to undress her. Just as he was about to take the last item of clothing from her body, Yuan heard his elder sister's scolding voice from behind.

"It appears that you forgot about your promise to me, my brother dearest; didn't you pledge to fuck me before fucking anyone else? Then what are you doing with our dear Xi Meili?!"

"Oh! You've finally decided to discontinue your 'Girl's Talk,' right? While you're chatting, Xi Meili is accompanying me." Yuan answered Lily with a smirk on hisface,as if to tease her.

"Is that so?" Lily stared at Xi Meili, astonished when she heard this.

A few minutes later, everyone began to strip except Mireya and Sylvia, who stood completely naked in front of Yuan, absolutely taken aback by the unexpected situation.

'What the hell?! Everyone undressed naked in front of Yuan, and we were the only ones still wearing clothes!' Mireya and Sylvia yelled inside, evidently in amazement.

Even Valeria stood naked in front of Yuan, and she wasn't embarrassed because Yuan had already seen and tasted her pussy, so there was no point in hiding it now.

'Even War General Valeria got naked!' Mireya glanced at Valeria, shocked and unable to believe her sight.

Anna looked around to find Mireya and Sylvia still hadn't undressed, and the awkward and ashamed expressions on their faces made her understand why they were hesitant to get naked.

'So they're embarrassed to exhibit their naked bodies to Yuan, right? This is to be expected, given that they have never encountered a situation like this before.' Anna thought and moaned inwardly.

Anna approached the two with a nice smile on her face and said, "You don't have to be hesitant about revealing your bodies to Yuan. After all, he's your husband."

"You're correct, Anna. But it's still awkward for us to display our naked bodies to him," Mireya added, her cheeks flushing scarlet.

Anna spoke with them for a few seconds, and Mireya and Sylvia were ready to undress and strip naked, despite their embarrassment, because they had to do it one day, why not today?

They quickly undressed and stood in front of Yuan entirely naked, their naked bodies on full show for him, and Yuan looked at them stunned, clearly fascinated by their naked beauty.

"Beautiful…!" Yuan said in a dreamy voice, his gaze fixed on their naked bodies, analyzing every inch of them. He couldn't help but be impressed by their beauty.

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