Martial Peak

Chapter 5968: Long Journey

Chapter 5968: Long Journey

For several months, the battlefield was a bloodbath.

The Human Race Soldiers continued to weave through the battlefield, harvesting the lives of Black Ink Clansmen. Their charge was unimpeded at first, but as more and more Royal Lords left the Grand Restriction, the pressure on the Humans grew stronger and stronger.

Ah Da and Ah Er were still blocking the opening of the Grand Restriction, but they could not stop all of the Black Ink Clansmen, and when they were surrounded and attacked by dozens of Royal Lords at once, there would eventually be leaks in their blockade, and every time that happened, a large number of Black Ink Clansman would swarm out of the Grand Restriction.

Many of the Black Ink Clansmen who were unable to escape the circle of battle were caught in it and were annihilated without even a single bone left behind, but many more escaped unharmed to support their brethren on the battlefield.

The entire void was flooded with rich Black Ink Strength and bodies, which may be fine for the Black Ink Clan, but for the Humans, such an environment was brutal.

Since the soldiers were constantly consuming Purifying Black Ink Pills, their medicinal efficacies were falling steadily. Ordinarily, the medicinal efficacies of a single Purifying Black Ink Pill would last for a few days, but after a months-long high-intensity fight, the medicinal efficacies of Purifying Black Ink Pill were only lasting less than six hours each now.

Despite how many Purifying Black Ink Pills the Humans had stockpiled beforehand, there was still a limit in the end.

The same went for Purifying Light.

Once the Purifying Black Ink Pills and Purifying Light ran out, regardless of how much of an advantage the Humans had at that point, it would be hard to maintain it going forward.

After fighting for so long, the Human Race Army could no longer maintain the same intensity in battle. Now, when they charged, only half of the soldiers fought while the other half took the opportunity to rest and recover.

This was the only method that Mi Jing Lun could employ to maintain the combat capabilities of the Human Race Army.

But this plan would not work in the long term. As the number of Royal Lords increased, the pressure was also increasing for the Humans, and the casualties were also rising at an alarming rate.

The only comforting thing was that eight of the 10 rising stars from the Suppressing Black Ink Army were able to advance to the Ninth Order.

Including the Ninth-Order Masters they had before, the total number of Ninth-Order Masters now broke through the 40 mark!

This was probably the final number of Ninth-Order Masters for the Human Race. Before this war ended, no one else would be able to safely break through again.

Among the eight newly advanced Ninth-Order Masters, Yang Kai’s three Legacy Disciples were the most conspicuous.

The three of them joined forces to perform Yang Kai’s unique Secret Technique, the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, killing more than 10 Royal Lords over the course of this battle!

One should know that all three of them were in the Ninth Order now, so together, the might of the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel that they executed was even more powerful than even Yang Kai’s. Moreover, Yang Kai’s Sun and Moon Divine Wheel only contained Space-Time Strength, but their version also had the power of Zhao Ya’s Spear Principles mixed in, which made it even more domineering.

Even though the trio had just broken through, this Secret Technique was not something that the Royal Lords could resist.

Unfortunately, the consumption of this Secret Technique was too great for the three of them, and they could only use it once a day; however, every time they did, a Royal Lord had died.

The Royal Lords naturally took note of this, and whenever the trio appeared, multiple Royal Lords would move to engage them in a fight to the death.Explore new 𝒏ovels on n𝒐velbi𝒏(.)com

The Human Race Army kept wandering the battlefield and fighting, slaughtering countless Black Ink Clansmen, but the losses they sustained were also shocking.

This seemed to be a war that would not end until both sides were wiped from existence.

Despite having achieved far more than they ever had in any battle in the past, Mi Jing Lun on Pure Yang Pass did not feel happy, and that was because he could not see any hope of winning this war even now.

The two Giant Spirit Gods were still guarding the opening at the Grand Restriction. These two had restrained dozens of Royal Lords and even killed some occasionally, but they were conveyed in wounds and nobody knew how much longer they could persist. Once their support fell, the opening of the Grand Restriction would be left completely open and the Black Ink Clan could come pouring out in far vaster numbers.

Every Ninth-Order Master was draining a great amount of power. Not one of the 40-plus Ninth-Order Masters was without injury. Some had even sustained such great damage from the Royal Lords that they almost lost their lives.

Eighth-Order Masters were also struggling to maintain their Battle Formations. While the Battle Formations allowed the Eighth-Order Masters to become more powerful, it was also a burden on them, especially for those acting as the Core of the Formation. The pressure they faced was much more compared to that of the other Eighth-Order Masters.

It was not a problem for a short period, but it was difficult for even the Eighth-Order Masters to maintain a Battle Formation for an extended time.

At the beginning of the war, the Eighth-Order Masters were still able to form Seven Stars and Six Paths Formations, but even the Six Paths Formation could no longer be seen now. The strongest Battle Formations they were using were now just Five Elements Formations, while most of the Eighth-Order Masters were only maintaining the lowest Three Fortunes Formation to fight against their enemies.

It was not that they did not want to form stronger Battle Formations, but they were truly strong in will but weak in strength.

As for the soldiers under the Eighth Order, many had died when their Warships were destroyed.

The Purifying Black Ink Pills and Purifying Light were constantly being consumed, and no matter how much they had been saving up, they would see the bottom of their stock sooner or later.

Even the Small Stone Race Army, which Yang Kai had distributed to the Human Race Army beforehand, had been decimated.

The geography of the battlefield was also a major hindrance for the Humans. The ever-growing Black Ink Clouds and Black Ink Strength that filled the entire void seemed to be turning the battlefield into a Black Ink Ocean.

The Black Ink Clan were like fish in water in this environment, while the Humans were being heavily restricted.

The Divine Spirits roared as they fought, but even they could not change the course of this war.

As the fighting progressed until this point, not only were the Humans unable to see any trace of hope, but they were gradually being submerged in despair.

However, no one retreated, because they all knew that this was a war that could not be lost. If this war was lost, then the Human Race was likely to be wiped from existence.

Everyone was holding on, waiting for a chance to turn things around.

That glimmer of hope was now inside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. Naturally, it was the person who could create all kinds of miracles, and the one who has led the Humans on the path of survival for the past few thousand years.

It could be said that the current heritage and capital that the Human Race possessed that allowed them to carry out a second crusade had to be credited to him.

Nevertheless, he had not appeared yet.

So, there was still hope for the Human Race!


The 700th World was a scene of doom.

Black Ink Strength had already spread throughout the entire World. Yang Kai followed the faint trace and found the hiding Mu. After Mu infused all her remaining power into his body, she disappeared without a trace.

In the 800th World, Yang Kai did not sense Mu’s presence at all. Without hesitation, he activated the power that Mu’s other shadows had left in his body and left this Universe World.

In the 900th world, peace reigned and everyone lived in harmony. Yang Kai successfully reunited with Mu and, with the help of the Profound Source Gate, suppressed and sealed Mo’s Source piece before leaving quickly.

The 1,000th World…



The cycle continued in a seemingly endless journey which Yang Kai was treading alone. 

Sometimes, Yang Kai needed only to follow the faint sensation to find Mu and then use the Profound Source Gate to suppress and seal Mo’s Source piece; however, there were often times when things didn’t go as smoothly as he hoped. There were Universe Worlds where Black Ink Strength had spread everywhere, and even Mo’s Source piece had escaped. In these Universe Worlds, there was not much that Mu could do. She hid and waited for Yang Kai to arrive so that she could infuse the power of her shadow into his body.

To make matters worse, there were some Universe Worlds where Mu had already been killed. Even though she was the most powerful of the Martial Ancestors, her shadows were only a state from a certain period of her life, and within those periods, her strength was limited.

For example, in the 800th World, Black Ink Strength dominated everything and Mu’s shadow was missing. There was no reason for Yang Kai to even stay in such a World.

There were also some Worlds where Black Ink Strength and Mu’s powers competed against each other, similar to the situation in the Primordial World.

If Yang Kai had enough time, he wouldn’t mind lending a hand to Mu, cutting off the wings of Mo and suppressing and sealing pieces of its Source; however, through the messages transmitted by Wu Kuang from the jade pendant that he wore on his chest, Yang Kai knew that the situation both inside and outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction was dire. He didn’t have any time to waste, so he could only give up when he encountered Worlds like these.

Mu’s shadow in these Worlds did not object to any of his decisions, always imbuing their power into his body.

Passing through one World after another, Yang Kai soon lost track of how many Source pieces he had suppressed and sealed. He only knew that the further he went, the greater the likelihood that an unexpected encounter would happen. Often, he would pass through many Universe Worlds in a row and still find it difficult to suppress and seal even one of Mo’s Source pieces.

He knew that his journey would most likely come to an end soon. Once he had suppressed and sealed enough pieces, Mo would awaken completely, and then he would have to face the most powerful existence in the World!

Yang Kai didn’t dare to linger. Besides wanting to suppress and seal even more pieces, he also wanted to take away all of Mu’s shadows from each Universe World!

This predecessor had done enough for the Human Race. Even though she had fallen, her life had been divided into 3,000 pieces and continued to protect the Human Race in the form of shadows.

How lonely those shadows must have been over the years. Taking them away was also a kind of liberation for them.

The power that the shadows infused into Yang Kai’s body at their final moments seemed unremarkable. It couldn’t even enhance Yang Kai’s strength in the slightest, but this inconspicuous power was proof of Mu’s existence and sacrifice.

This was the greatest kindness his predecessor had given to the Human Race, so it was only right as a successor to show how grateful he was.

There was little he could do for Mu. He could only try his best to free more of her shadows from their endless loneliness and waiting.

It wasn’t that he was unaware of the urgent situation the Human Race was facing outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction. The information conveyed by Wu Kuang had already indicated that the Humans were not in a good state currently. The prolonged intensity of this war had made it difficult for them to hold on any longer.

Without external intervention, the Human Race would undoubtedly be defeated in this war, but Yang Kai was in no hurry to leave the Space-Time River despite knowing that. Because the enemies that the Human Race had to face were not only the Black Ink Clan Army, but also Mo.

Nobody had any idea just how powerful the legendary Creator Realm was, so Yang Kai could only suppress and seal as much of its Source as possible to weaken its power and increase the chances of the Human Race’s ultimate victory.

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