Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

Chapter 166: Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 166

Chapter 166: Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine Ch 166

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In the fifth month, the weather gradually began to warm up.

Yaoniang came back from Qing Wang Manor with a strange expression on her face.

Jin Wang had also just returned from the Ministry of Works. He washed up and changed out of his uniform into regular clothes. Sitting on the big Kang by the window, he was reading through some files.

From the look on her face, he knew she was in a bad mood.

Xiaobao and Yueyue greeted Jin Wang, obediently and sensibly, then walked back to the East Wing holding each other’s hands. Even the two children knew Yaoniang was recently in a strange mood, shifting between sunny and cloudy in the blink of an eye.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” Yaoniang replied.

The weather was hot. When she came back from Qing Wang Manor, it was during the hottest time in the afternoon, so she was sweating all over. Yaoniang has always been afraid of heat and whenever she feels hot, she couldn’t help feeling restless.

She went to take a bath and came out with my freshly washed hair. There was an ice kettle in the side room, making the air cooler and refreshing. Yaoniang let out a sigh of relief and felt much more at ease.

She came to the Kang and sat down cross-legged. Yu Chan stood by her side and wiped her wet hair. On the table were not only a few volumes of Jin Wang’s files but also a plate of fruit. During the summer, many different types of fruit were in season, and one could eat them in a variety of ways without getting tired.

Yaoniang ate a few purple grapes before asking Yu Chan to bring “Qian Jia Shi”, a collection of poems, over to read.

After reading it for a long time, none of the words really registered in her mind. She turned to look at Jin Wang, and the more she looked, the more anger there was in her eyes.

Yaoniang behaved quite strangely these days. She seemed to bore great resentment against someone and this someone was usually Jin Wang. Yaoniang didn’t behave like this when spending time with other people.

Jin Wang waved his hand and Yu Chan retreated. Jin Wang threw the file in his hand aside and said, “Come here.”

Yaoniang ignored him and acted as if she was reading again.

“Don’t let benwang say it for a second time.”

She wanted to protest, but for some reason, she was too scared to. Endure one moment of anger for a whole night of peace. Yaoniang comforted herself in her heart and shuffled over slowly.

“What’s the matter?” Jin Wang pulled her over to sit on his lap and brushed through her wet hair with the other hand.


Keep acting! Jin Wang didn’t say anything, but that was the meaning behind his gaze.

In the end, Yaoniang couldn’t sit still and took the initiative to say, “I think this world treats women really unfairly. Clearly, we’re in the right and it’s all you men’s fault, but it’s us who are hurt. You men are really good. You just stand up, pat your butt and walk away, leaving the woman with the problem. Today, Zhuzhu asked Jirou, where did her father go. Jirou smiled and coaxed her, saying that her father went to the border to fight. I wanted to cry. “

Indeed, Jin Wang knew it had something to do with this.

Ever since Qing Wang went to guard the imperial mausoleum, leaving behind the two children, Xiao Jirou didn’t go back to her parent’s home. Instead, she stayed in Qing Wang Manor to take care of the two children. Whenever Yaoniang comes back from Qing Wang Manor, it would be cloudy and sunny for the next few days.

The key point was that she loves to go. Whenever she had nothing to do, she would run to Qing Wang Manor. It was as if Consort Qing is a child, and Yaoniag was afraid that she would suffer and be wronged. It was especially easy for her to feel indignation on her behalf. Everything is to be blamed on the man. As a man himself, Jin Wang has also received a lot of disdain for this.

Back to the current situation, as Yaoniang rambled on, Jin Wang could only listen.

If he didn’t want to listen, he would find Yaoniang running to the East Wing at night. Now that Erbao was old enough to crawl and cling to people, every time Jin Wang dared to ask Yaoniang to go back, he would hold Yaoniang’s arm and howl.

His howl was earth-shattering, and Jin Wang could only return in embarrassment.

With these two little ones and one big one, none of them could be offended. The moral degeneration of the world was getting worse every day and people’s hearts were no longer what they used to be in the past. It was all because he had spoiled them too much!

Jin Wang could only sigh. In order to not let his ears suffer, but also avoid getting a cold shoulder, he suddenly interjected, “By the way, there’s something you should know. Father Emperor reopened the study and asked for all the imperial grandsons over the age of five and under the age of ten to go.”

Yaoniang was confused. What did this have to do with them?

Then Jin Wang said again, “Father Emperor specially ordered for Xiaobao to go too.”

“How old is Xiaobao?!” Immediately, she closed her mouth in embarrassment. Xiaobao was young, but he did catch the attention of Emperor Hongjing for a reason. Now that he was enlightened, it made sense for him to begin his studies.

“Actually, it’s best for you to teach.”

The problem was that Xiaobao had been particularly difficult to discipline recently. In the past, before Yueyue came, he could concentrate on his studies and learn to write. He was so small and could barely even hold a brush, but he still practiced a few pages of calligraphy every day. His diligence made Yaoniang ashamed but motivated. She could only work harder to avoid being left behind by her son.

But ever since Yueyue came, Xiaobao has been lazy.

He spent all his time playing with Yueyue. Playing with this and playing with that, the matter of studying was naturally tossed over his head.

Jin Wang couldn’t force him. After all, his son was still young. This was why Yaoniang’s progress caught up with Xiaobao again. Gett your 𝒇avorite 𝒏ovels at no/v/e/lb𝒊n(.)com

“Then do you think he would be willing?”

If the emperor wants the minister to die, the minister has to die. The emperor ordered him to begin his studies, which was acknowledging his talents. Did he have the qualifications to reject the emperor and not go?

One must know that when Emperor Hongjing said this, Yong Wang and Wu Wang were so jealous that their eyes turned red. It was only because the matter of Xiaobao beginning his studies was brought up that the matter of reopening the study was also brought up.

Of course, it isn’t impossible for the child to play a fool and drag it out for a year and a half. The problem was that this wasn’t Xiaobao’s style.

After Xiaobao heard about it, he really didn’t say a word of refusal, let alone make a scene.

He could only go.

After the matter was dealt with, Xiaobao led Yueyue back to the East Wing. Yueyue was not in a good mood at the moment.

“Xiaobao Gege, you are going to study in the palace, then what should I do?”

Xiaobao was also worried about this matter. After he leaves in the morning, he would only return in the afternoon and Yueyue would be bored at home.

“Why don’t I ask Grandfather Emperor to let you come along as well?”

Yueyue didn’t even ask if it was possible, and just nodded with a big smile.

In her heart, Xiaobao Gege was omnipotent.

Little did she know that her omnipotent Xiaobao Gege was worrying about how to convince Emperor Hongjing.

Later, he thought that instead of persuading Emperor Hongjing, he might as well persuade his parents first. If he acts first and reports later then make a scene, things definitely will work out.

So Xiaobao first asked Yueyue to play with Erbao, and then he turned around to go find Yaoniang and Jin Wang. Yaoniang did not agree and Jin Wang watched from the side with cold eyes.

“Mother, if you don’t agree, I won’t go to the palace to study.”

For Yueyue’s sake, Xiaobao did everything he could. Seeing that he couldn’t persuade them verbally, he laid on the Kang, waving his fists and kicking his legs. He had learned this trick from Erbao. Every time Erbao used this trick, the others would always give in.

He only acted so shamelessly because Yaoniang was too determined. Usually, she was very easy-going, but she also knew that this matter wasn’t something to be joking about, so wouldn’t relent so easily.

This was the first time Xiaobao threw a temper tantrum. Yaoniang was stunned and couldn’t help but look at Jin Wang.

Jin Wang sneered, “Are you going to stay like that?”

He won’t get up! Xiaobao also became angry and he waved his limbs around even harder. Although he was crying, it was a dry howl without any tears.

Before Jin Wang could even do anything, Yueyue heard the commotion and ran over. She ran through the doorway, shouting, “Xiaobao Gege, what’s the matter with you?”

This was too humiliating. Xiaobao was especially afraid of embarrassing himself which was why he sent Yueyue away. Yet, he ended up making a scene, catching her attention and luring her over.

Xiaobao blushed, rolled over onto his stomach and sobbed. His tears were for real this time.

But it wasn’t out of anger. Part of it was because of embarrassment while part of it was on purpose.


Yaoniang had never seen her son like this, so she immediately said, “Alright, alright. Mother agrees.”

Xiaobao timidly looked at Jin Wang. Yaoniang followed his gaze and saw Jin Wang with a dark face,. She quickly said, “Don’t worry about your father. Mother already agreed.”

She patted her chest in assurance and the two little ones walked away again holding each other’s hands. Now, it was her turn to deal with the dark face.

Yaoniang also knew that she had promised too quickly, but——

“Your Highness, you see…”

Jin Wang didn’t want to see. He didn’t wasn’t to see anything at all.

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