Her Kindergarten is Full of Villainous Students

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

He's father had always coveted the kindness people showed towards his son.

He himself was just a scumbag in society, with no ability to earn money.

Add to that his fondness for heavy drinking, and he could only resort to petty theft.

Whenever he discovered someone being kind to his son, he would immediately try to extort a few hundred yuan from them.

All the people living in this area were from the slums. How much money could they possibly have on them? That's why He's father kept hounding them repeatedly. Whenever people saw He Lingfeng, they avoided him like the plague.

They were afraid of being leeched off by his shameless father.

That's why the computer prodigy's life kept getting worse.

The type He's father loved targeting the most were kind, compassionate young girls like Shen Wei. With just a glint in his eye, his malicious intent would arise.

"What are you feeding my son? My son has gastritis, and you're going to make it worse. If my son's stomach gets messed up, you'll have to pay for it." He's father's bloodshot eyes flashed with cunning.

The baker next door was displeased upon hearing this: "Pay for what? Our buns are made cleanly and hygienically. You're crazy to claim our buns could give your son gastritis."

He Lingfeng trembled uncontrollably, but still worried about Shen Wei, whispering as he tugged at her hand, "Sister, please leave quickly, or he'll ask you for money again."

He Lingfeng didn't understand before why everyone avoided him!

Gradually, he came to understand, having heard others' opinions about his father. These two were a matched pair of swindlers, weren't they?

The child didn't know what a "swindler" meant, but he knew deep down it was definitely not a good thing.

He was nervous and upset, afraid this kind sister would also be bullied by his father.

Shen Wei told him, "Don't worry, I'm not afraid of him."

Before Shen Wei could take action, the baker's wife had already chased He's father away.

"What kind of person is that?" the baker's wife muttered.

Although she didn't know what had happened, it was rare to see such a frail child like He Lingfeng in this day and age.

What a sin, for such a person to raise a child.

Shen Wei asked He Lingfeng, "Do you like your father?"

He Lingfeng shook his head.

Shen Wei carefully said, "Then would you like to go to a place without your father, to study there, and have some friends?"

He Lingfeng's large eyes lit up: "Sister, are you going to take me to an orphanage?"

Shen Wei was surprised: "You even know about orphanages?"

The system's electronic voice supplemented in Shen Wei's mind: "In the past, a few people had tried to help him by asking his father to place the child in a welfare institution, but his father demanded 50,000 yuan from them, scaring the kind-hearted people away."

Even Shen Wei was stunned - He's father really did treat his child like a cash cow.

Shen Wei then took He Lingfeng away.

They had only walked a few steps when they saw He's father appear from around a corner, glaring at them viciously.

The baker's wife earlier was stout and sturdy - clearly not an easy person to deal with.

Although He's father was a man, the alcohol had drained his body, leaving him as frail as a chicken, not daring to confront others directly.

So he waited nearby, and sure enough, soon Shen Wei came out with his son.

He's father looked at Shen Wei: "You must think this stinking brat is pitiful too. It's simple if you want to take it away - give me 100,000 yuan!"

Shen Wei said, "But buying and selling children is illegal."

"Moreover, you're not just buying - it also involves abandonment and child abuse."

He's father had thought Shen Wei was just a fresh college graduate, easy to bully, but he didn't expect her to accuse him of breaking the law!

He's father acted tough: "Stop talking nonsense, he's my son."

"If you dare say another word, you'll see if I don't hit you!" He reached out to strike Shen Wei.

But with the system's protection, how could He's father succeed?

The moment He's father touched Shen Wei, the system within her body unleashed 100,000 volts of electricity.

He's father immediately let out a loud wail!

Shen Wei immediately took He Lingfeng and ran to the police station to report the case.

In this old urban area of slums, people still had rather traditional mindsets. Although He's father beating He Lingfeng was unacceptable, they considered it a domestic matter.

These old residents would at most advise and intervene, but rarely called the police for help.

Shen Wei's report immediately drew attention.

When the police saw the crisscrossing wounds on He Lingfeng's body, they gasped in shock. Even a vicious beast wouldn't devour its own child.

For such a thing to still happen in this day and age.

It was fortunate that Shen Wei had reported the case first. If someone had posted it online, the whole nation's netizens would have demanded action. The police station quickly formed a special investigation team.

They went to He Lingfeng's residence to investigate the matter.

Domestic violence against men had long been prevalent in the slums.

As soon as they saw police officers coming to investigate, the residents spilled everything they knew, like a burst of beans.

Very quickly, the details of the abuse charges were shocking to the heart.

Although He Lingfeng was already 5 years old, he looked like a child of just 2 or 3 years old.

Moreover, many of the scars on his body were old injuries. One didn't need to look closely to know what he had gone through before.

The police station immediately filed a report. Prosecuting He's father for child abuse was a given - he would serve at least 5 years.

The police station expedited this case, but deciding what to do with He Lingfeng next was a tricky issue.

Where would this child go? This was now a problem.

Shen Wei immediately said, "Can I adopt him and become his guardian until he turns 18?"

"You?" The police officer didn't doubt her kindness, but Shen Wei was too young.

Adopting a child wasn't a simple matter - she had just graduated from university.

Shen Wei immediately showed the officer information on her phone.

The officer was dumbfounded - at such a young age, Shen Wei already owned a registered kindergarten, and it wasn't a small one either.

In view of this, he asked He Lingfeng, "Would you be willing to live with this sister from now on?"

He Lingfeng hesitated, afraid of burdening others.

"But what if my father causes trouble? How do we deal with that?" He wanted to go with her but dared not say it aloud.

This 5-year-old child could think so much already.

"You don't need to worry about that. Your father did something wrong, so he'll be arrested and properly educated. For a period of time, he won't be able to bother you."

He Lingfeng nodded slowly. The officer then had Shen Wei sign some documents before finally taking He Lingfeng home!Fแป‹๐’dd ๐’ew upd๐’‚t๐’†s on n(o)v/e/l๐’ƒin(.)com

He Lingfeng said to Shen Wei, "Sister, don't worry, I'll definitely earn a lot of money for you in the future! I won't freeload."

Shen Wei smiled slightly: "Okay."

The cold electronic voice spoke in Shen Wei's mind.

"Congratulations to Shen Wei for successfully adopting Villain #1. System reward: 5 catties of beef, 10 catties of spare ribs, 5 tomato seeds, 1 million yuan in cash. 10,000 bonus points."

For a main mission, the system was quite generous, awarding 10,000 points all at once. Shen Wei then checked the offers she had sent out earlier.

All were read but unanswered.

No one had contacted her yet.

Now that Villain #1 had been brought back, but the logistics support team was still unassembled. Shen Wei was a little frustrated - what was going on?

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