Her Kindergarten is Full of Villainous Students

Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Everyone quickly lined up and headed to the game classroom.

As soon as they entered, many children exclaimed "Wow!"

Teacher Tang was quite surprised, as she had been taking care of the children this whole time and didn't know that the kindergarten had such things.

The children grouped up in twos and threes.

On one side were model toys, which were scaled-down replicas of real-life objects.

Over there were boxed meal stalls.

Ice cream stalls.

French fry stalls.

Egg pancake stalls.

And beverage stalls.

The children formed pairs to run their own stalls.

The remaining children were customers.

They were then given cards with an initial balance of 500 each.

Everyone then started simulating the activities, with some rushing to claim stalls and others wanting to be customers.

After the assignments were made, they started playing.

The beverage stall had all kinds of plastic models, looking just like real drinks, but the brands were clearly fake! And they couldn't even be unscrewed to drink.

The ice cream, when the small fridge was opened, emitted a chilly vapor like dry ice, giving the impression of a real ice cream freezer.

And the egg pancake stall - when you opened it, real yolks and egg whites would come out, and when you put them on the small pan, a real mini egg pancake would be fried.

The french fries would change color as they were "fried".ViiSiit n๐’velb๐’Š/n(.)c/(๐’)m for l๐’‚test ๐’๐’vels

Not only the children were amazed, even the adults were eager to try it out.

Netizens were excited: "Wow, I haven't played with toys for 10 years, the toy market has really developed to this extent?"

A netizen below said: "I have a child, but I've never found such interesting toys. Can you share a link, where can I buy these?"

"The toys might be too childish for college students, but just right for them."

"Anyone know the price range of these? Looks like they're not cheap."

"Replying to the comment above, I found a full set online for 9,800."

"Looks like this is a kindergarten for the wealthy."

"Can grown-ups come play too?"

The netizens were discussing animatedly.

Ever since He Lingfeng helped Ning Fubao deal with the bad principal who bullied people, Fubao has been sticking to He Lingfeng.

Fubao was quite introverted and shy, but this time he took the initiative to ask He Lingfeng: "Can we run the french fry stall?"

He Lingfeng nodded.

He had been studying a lot lately, so Shen Wei was afraid he wouldn't fit in, so whenever there was a game, she would call him to join.

At this age, if they don't play now, when will they?

Although He Lingfeng was gifted in studies, playing house was something he had never done before. His little face was filled with seriousness and concentration.

In the eyes of the netizens, they couldn't wait to hug and kiss him.

"Oh my god, this little handsome boy is so cute!"

"He'll be my boyfriend 20 years from now."

Ning Fubao then brought the fried potatoes and had He Lingfeng help with the sales pitch.

Netizens watching commented: "This is the classic 'wife does the inside, husband does the outside' setup."

After a while, they saw a chubby boy come over: "How much are these fries? I'm drooling already."

Ning Fubao hadn't sold anything before, so he looked at He Lingfeng, and He Lingfeng thought for a moment and said, "5 yuan."

The chubby boy said, "Okay, 5 yuan it is, give me one!"

Then Ning Fubao started "frying" the potatoes.

The chubby boy swiped his card, and the 500 went down to 495.

The chubby boy happily ran off to the next stall, which was run by Lingling and Qianqian. He bought yogurt and soda.

Just by looking at the chubby boy's weight, you could tell he loved to eat. His eyes were beaming as he looked at the offerings at each stall.

Netizens were almost in stitches: "This chubby boy is practically acting out my life."

"He looks so happy when he's buying things."

"I don't know, guys, I've been refreshing this stream for half an hour, and the boss just asked me what I was doing. I passed the stream to the boss, and soon he was also grinning stupidly."

"Everyone wants to make money, but this chubby boy is just frantically buying and buying, too bad he can't eat it all."

They then went to the next stall.

Soon the chubby boy was holding a stack of "items" he had bought, his eyes shining brightly as he went to find Teacher Tang: "This is for you!"

These were just toys for the adults, but very important to the children.

Teacher Tang was softened by the chubby boy's gesture: "Why are you giving this to me?" Her eyes were filled with warmth.

The chubby boy blushed shyly: "I like Teacher Tang the most."

Even though it was a very passionate and direct statement, coming from a child's mouth, it was especially infectious.

Teacher Tang said: "Teacher likes you too."

Hearing this, the chubby boy was overjoyed, acting like a wealthy person as he patted his pocket: "I still have money, next time you want to eat something, I'll buy it for you."

The netizens were all touched by the chubby boy.

"I thought he was just buying for himself, but it turns out he didn't keep anything for himself, he's much more generous than me."

"This must be the happiest moment for a kindergarten teacher."

"As a working stiff, I've actually been healed by this chubby boy, he's so cute, I've officially declared him my internet son."

Many were buying or selling items.

Only a thin, small boy, Yu Le, was observing everyone.

Teacher Tang said: "Why don't you go buy something?" Participating in the house-playing is the key!

The thin, small boy thought for a moment and said, "Okay!" He then turned around and left, and after a while, he came back with 10 real eggs.

He went around to the different stalls, selling each egg for "10 yuan."

These were real eggs, after all!

All the "stall owners" were thrilled.

The teacher didn't know where Yu Le got the eggs from.

After a while, they saw Chef Liu come in and say to Teacher Tang, "Yu Le took 10 eggs from me, I was wondering what he was going to do with them. Then I came over and saw it was for the kindergarten's trading game."

Teacher Tang smiled: "You just gave them to him? You really spoil the children."

Chef Liu smiled sheepishly: "But he called me Grandpa Liu."

The netizens were almost in stitches: "I've been laughing so hard my face is about to freeze, how can this be the kindergarten that got scolded? This is my true treasure trove of a kindergarten."

"'But he called me Grandpa Liu,' who can resist that?"

"10 eggs, that's nothing, tell your auntie, and she'll buy you 100."

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