Her Kindergarten is Full of Villainous Students

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

There were 15 students in total at the kindergarten, including He Lingfeng.

He Lingfeng lived at the kindergarten, so the school bus driver Zhang Daming only needed to pick up and drop off 14 children every day.

But today, he only brought back 13 students.

While on the bus, Teacher Tang called Shen Wei to say that Yuan Yuan didn't come and didn't ask for leave.

This kind of thing, everyone knew in their hearts.

With so many scolding voices appearing online, there were definitely parents offline who knew about it too.

When Zhang Daming slowly drove the school bus into Starry Sky Kindergarten, he realized something was off.

Outside, there were many internet celebrities holding selfie sticks, livestreaming right at the entrance of the kindergarten.

Among those livestreaming here, the main host with the largest presence was Xu Doudou.

She had 200,000 followers online.

The others just had a few or tens of thousands of followers, completely just trying to ride the wave of popularity.

No matter if they were big or small hosts, they were happy when they saw people joining their livestream.

Host Xu Doudou was the one who secured the front spot. Her hands were steady, and the quality of her livestream was high, so many people watched hers.

Her livestream captured the clearest footage.

In the livestream chat, viewers were saying all sorts of things:

"Today I really want to see what this is all about."

"Wow, this bright yellow school bus costs over 2 million!"

"This one is bulletproof! The safety rating is exceptionally high."

"I have to say, the financial strength of this kindergarten is quite strong."

The children went inside, and the inspection team came out.

Many people saw the officials and started speaking up: "How is it in there?"

The officials haven't issued an official statement yet, so they said they couldn't disclose anything personally, but there would be a statement later, and they hoped everyone would pay attention.

As soon as they left, others wanted to sneak in and fish in troubled waters.

But the lame security guard at the kindergarten had eyes like a hawk. He held a bamboo staff, and no matter who tried to sneak in, he would horizontally strike them with the staff.

So far, no one had successfully sneaked in.

An enraged small host who was struck yelled, "Why won't you let me in? I'm representing the people now, I need to expose you."

The lame security guard Liu Yi snorted coldly, "There are rules to follow. What if you scare the children by going in?"

His words rang with righteous rhetoric, and others couldn't find a way to refute him, only able to sheepishly ask, "So what's going on over there?"

Liu Yi said, "It's a great kindergarten!"

He used to be a war king and had learned reconnaissance techniques. If the situation was really as described online, he could single-handedly blow the whole thing open.

But now, it was just people online smearing them with dirty water.

The small host snorted, "This is your workplace, of course you'll say it's good!"

Viewers in the livestream commented below, "The host is basically speaking for me."

Liu Yi said, "I used to be a soldier. I'll stake my honor that everything here is fine."

As soon as he said this, sharp-eyed viewers in the livestream noticed a small badge on his clothes.

"Ah ah ah, that's the award only given to former regional war kings!"



Viewers instantly did a 180-degree turn: "I believe him."

"I believe him too, someone from the organization wouldn't lie to us!"

"I'm a military family member, I know they wouldn't just say this casually! This is staking their entire being to say this."

"Maybe there was just a misunderstanding about this matter."

Just as the livestream chat was heating up, a sudden scream rang out: "Teacher Tang, come out and refund me, I want my child to leave this garbage kindergarten."

The dozens of hosts on scene were startled, and immediately aimed their cameras precisely at the source of the sound.

A woman had appeared here, standing there and yelling for a refund.

Seeing so many phones pointed at her, she wasn't afraid at all, and instead became more energized: "Good! If I hadn't gone online, I wouldn't have known how shady this kindergarten is!"

"I was wondering why my child didn't want to eat after coming home. Is it because you abused them here? Just you wait, I'll sue you."

She kept rattling on.

A host asked, "Does your child study here?"

The woman immediately put on a performance: "Oh, I didn't know it was like this either. My mother-in-law just signed up for this school because it was cheap. If I had known it was like this, we absolutely wouldn't have come."

"They said they feed the kids imported fruits and organic vegetables, how could you afford that, you must be lying!"F么ll么w 饾拸ew stories at n饾拹/v(e)lb/in(.)com

The livestream chat had just believed that there were no issues with the kindergarten.

But seeing a parent of a child, they didn't leave any comments. At this point, they were truly confused about what was really going on. Concerning children, no one dared easily take sides.

"Let the bullet fly for a bit."

Shen Wei came out together with Teacher Tang.

Shen Wei said, "You're Yuan Yuan's parent, right?"

All the hosts' cameras unanimously turned towards Shen Wei.

The livestream was briefly stunned.

They had heard before that Shen Wei was the school beauty, but didn't feel anything. But through the camera, she really was beautiful, as if a special filter was applied just for her.

Shen Wei looked more beautiful in others' livestreams than in her own clarification video.

Everyone was just eating the drama, but suddenly seeing such a beautiful girl, their hearts weren't prepared.

Even the normally constantly scrolling stream of comments froze for a moment!

Yuan Yuan's parent immediately said, "Yes, I'm a parent. After studying here, my child doesn't even want to eat at night when they get home."

The students who could afford to study here generally came from well-off families. With this incident happening, quite a few people wanted to take advantage of the troubled waters.

Yuan Yuan's parent was one of them, having been bribed by Teacher Tang's former employer.

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