Her Kindergarten is Full of Villainous Students

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

For an ordinary person, the middle school curriculum already had some difficulty.

Fortunately, this slowed down He Lingfeng's learning pace.

He Lingfeng's progress was adjusted to complete one semester's worth of coursework in a single subject within an hour.

Shen Wei noticed that He Lingfeng was in a period of explosive desire for knowledge.

In addition to encountering suitable teachers, she also changed her approach, having Su Jun tutor him for an hour every day.

At the age of five, He Lingfeng exhibited an extraordinary learning ability, even having a feeling of discomfort if he didn't study.

Su Jun was under immense pressure.

These days, after returning to the dorm room from his own university courses, he was constantly preparing lessons.

He studied late into the night every day, prompting his roommates to tease him, "What are you doing? Are you preparing for a second college entrance exam?"

Generally, only high school seniors worked that hard, right?

University students looked down on those who studied so intensely, as if recalling the hellish days of their senior year of high school.

Su Jun simply said he was preparing lessons.

He didn't explain further.

His roommates thought he had gone crazy again.

They had heard that being a private tutor wasn't that easy of a job.

If one encountered a student who didn't learn well, various methods had to be employed to improve their grades.

Often, teaching was laborious, and the student's improvement was not always obvious. They assumed Su Jun was facing a similar situation.

Their eyes held a hint of sympathy.

Little did they know, Su Jun was being crushed by a sense of crisis.

As a teacher, facing the explosive thirst for knowledge from the five-year-old He Lingfeng, he couldn't afford to be unable to answer any questions.

One hour to complete one semester's worth of middle school coursework.

They had already covered up to the second year of middle school.

During the second year, physics was added, and chemistry was added in the third year, which could be challenging for a child to accept.

So he planned to use some small experiments to pique He Lingfeng's interest.

But during the actual practice, he realized he was being overshadowed by the child.

Someone like He Lingfeng, is he even human?

No matter what he studied, he could grasp it quickly.

He was like a born learning machine, never feeling tired.

Whenever encountering a new topic or difficulty, his eyes lit up with excitement, like a wolf spotting meat!

But Su Jun felt drained, his face haggard from preparing lessons late into the night every day.

During his school days, teachers and parents called Su Jun a genius.

He believed it until he met He Lingfeng and realized what a true genius was.

Such a person was too formidable!

Su Jun earned over 2,000 yuan in tutoring fees. He had to sacrifice half his life for that 2,000 yuan.

It was nothing like the relaxed experience his friends in the tutoring group had imagined.

Finally, he completed the third year of middle school curriculum.

Afterward, he gave He Lingfeng some in-class quizzes, using real questions from this year's middle school entrance exams.

The result? He Lingfeng had already reached the admission line for a key high school.

This was a five-year-old child? Terrifying!

Now, there was a problem. This kid would soon be facing the high school curriculum.

Su Jun's scalp tingled as he requested to resign from Shen Wei, "I'm sorry, my abilities are limited. I'm afraid I can't teach him the high school courses!"

After nearly half a month of interaction, he realized that being a teacher was not an easy task.Vissit n𝒐velbin(.)c𝒐m for 𝒏ew 𝒏ovels

His previous ease stemmed from encountering students of average aptitude.

Who would have thought he'd meet a prodigy this time?

Being a teacher is like this: one must have a full bucket of water to scoop out a ladle for the student.

Because students often think outside the box, teachers must explain from multiple perspectives.

If he encountered a student who followed the textbook, he could continue teaching high school subjects. But clearly, he was not dealing with an ordinary person.

Once they moved to the high school curriculum, there would be many topics beyond the standard curriculum.

He would need to understand and digest those as well.

For now, he could only teach by the book, but he was facing a true genius. He didn't want to ruin the child!

Shen Wei said, "Do you know anyone you could introduce to teach him?" She still wanted someone like Su Jun to teach He Lingfeng the high school curriculum.

If they encountered a mediocre teacher, it could be a significant setback and blow for He Lingfeng, who was currently thirsting for knowledge.

Shen Wei and Su Jun both understood this principle.

Su Jun thought for a moment and said, "I can recommend my high school senior. He had excellent grades and was the top student back then."

Shen Wei said, "Okay, if he can come, I can increase the pay to 1,000 yuan per hour."

Su Jun said he would ask.

He no longer felt that 1,000 yuan per hour was too much.

Only after teaching He Lingfeng did he realize how difficult it was to earn that money.

The next day, he approached his senior.

Coincidentally, his senior had just won a national math competition.

With training over, he had free time. The offer of 1,000 yuan per hour was quite attractive, so he agreed.

Su Jun repeatedly assured him that this student was not a slow learner and recounted He Lingfeng's terrifying learning ability.

The senior said he understood.

Su Jun felt relieved, though bittersweet and pensive.

Su Jun, once praised as a gifted child, had finally experienced being overshadowed by a student.

For the first time, he felt chased by his own student.

He constantly felt like he was falling behind, and the prospect of not teaching was actually quite relieving.

But he also missed the delicious food there. Oh, a mix of joy and sorrow.

Su Jun deeply remembered Starry Sky Kindergarten.

He had always heard others talk about geniuses, but only after encountering one did he realize how formidable they could be.

What is a genius? Someone who doesn't need to be taught, just given a slight nudge, and they understand everything clearly.

He finally understood those who scored well enough to attend prestigious universities like Peking or Tsinghua, only to drop out after a year because they couldn't handle it. The gap between geniuses and ordinary people spanned a galaxy.

Su Jun taught He Lingfeng for half a month, while his senior, who was slightly better, taught for a month. The senior also requested to resign, saying he couldn't teach He Lingfeng anymore. Shen Wei had paid 30,000 yuan in tuition fees.

The senior tested He Lingfeng with a college entrance exam paper, and the five-year-old child scored high enough to be admitted to a top university.

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