Her Kindergarten is Full of Villainous Students

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Volume 1: Chapter 13 - Hiring a Tutor for the Computer Prodigy by Default

Shen Wei didn't know who helped promote her again.

Now, every day she could see in her mind that she had gained new prestige points, which could be exchanged for over 10,000 credits.

The system immediately rewarded her with 1 million credits, 5 pounds of beef, 5 pounds of vegetables, and 40 cucumber seeds!

Shen Wei was even more motivated now.

Every day spent with the children, listening to their childish chatter, and smelling the milky scent of the kids.

The sounds of children running, jumping, and laughing were truly healing.

Not just her, even Liu Chef enjoyed watching the children play on the playground when he had free time.

He said working here was very relaxing.

But the education expert Weng Lan approached Shen Wei to discuss something with her.

Shen Wei asked, "What's the matter?"

Weng Lan then took out a small notebook containing her work records and handed it to Shen Wei.

During this period, she had done a great deal of desk work.

She had observed every child thoroughly.

Including the children's living habits, growth experiences, and their favorite things.

In just a few short days, even Shen Wei was amazed.

The more Shen Wei read, the more impressed she became, feeling that hiring Weng Lan was truly worthwhile.

An education expert not only needs to have a rich theoretical foundation but also enough patience and attention to detail.

Indeed, professionals do professional work.

Weng Lan, blushing at Shen Wei's unending praise, did not forget her purpose.

This time, she came to report on her work: "Look at He Lingfeng's case!"

Weng Lan said, "This child is always a bit unsocial and solitary. He rarely smiles and has a rather serious psychological defense."

She knew that Shen Wei had adopted He Lingfeng and was aware of what the child had gone through, feeling sorry for his ordeal.

But for a child so young to already show some psychological issues, intervention was needed promptly.

Once severe psychological problems form, they could affect his entire adolescence or even his whole life.

Such words would be shocking for ordinary student parents, and they might even be mocked, but Shen Wei was clearly exceptional.

Shen Wei said, "I understand."

Weng Lan was a bit curious, not knowing what Shen Wei understood. After reporting her work, she left.

Shen Wei called He Lingfeng over and asked, "How are you doing here?"

He Lingfeng, the future computer genius, very cautiously said, "I'm doing really well here."

"I have a task for you. Can you complete it properly?"

For a child, a task is a very important thing.

Quickly, his gaze became determined. "I can," He Lingfeng said loudly.

Shen Wei nodded in satisfaction.

Then, she found him a university student tutor online, offering a salary of 200 yuan per hour.

Of course, Shen Wei knew why He Lingfeng was unsocial.

He was a genius, and putting a genius among ordinary people would indeed be difficult for him.

His future path was broader, and Shen Wei planned to build him a platform.

As soon as Shen Wei posted the tutoring job on the platform, the order was immediately snatched up on the computer end.

Shen Wei checked the qualifications of the person who grabbed the order. The tutor had a 99% positive rating for home tutoring.

They were a top student from a 985 Project University and even attached their high school exam score of over 600 points.

Meanwhile, Shen Wei's requirement was only for tutoring starting from elementary school level.


Shen Wei had no idea that by casually posting a tutoring order, she had caused an uproar in the official group of the tutoring platform.

In the group, people immediately started chattering: "Wow, did you all see that big order just now? Who has the lightning-fast hands to snatch it?"

"That must be the hand speed of someone single for 20 years. I didn't even get a chance to look before it was taken down."

"Seriously, 200 yuan per hour?"

"I wish I could earn that kind of money too."

On this platform, many university students took tutoring jobs as a good side gig. Many people scrambled for orders.

The rates were set by the posters themselves, with most being around 30 yuan per hour.

50 yuan per hour was already quite difficult, and 100 yuan per hour was very rare. But now there was a 200 yuan per hour order!

And it was for elementary tutoring, practically like earning free money.

Afterward, someone with the ID Su Jun appeared and said, "Sorry, that order has been snatched by yours truly!" He then showed his order record.

Everyone became even more sour seeing that.

Why had they never encountered such good luck?𝒩eew updates 𝒂t n𝒐vel/bi𝒏(.)com

Hearing the sour remarks from tutors in the group, Su Jun in his university dorm couldn't help but laugh. He even told his roommate that he would treat them to a meal tonight since he was about to earn some money.

Upon hearing that Su Jun would tutor an elementary student for the high rate of 200 yuan per hour, his roommate felt both envious and jealous, saying he would thoroughly mooch a big meal off him!

Su Jun said, "No problem!" Then he took out the lesson materials he had prepared to review.

Since the parents were willing to pay 200 yuan per hour as the tutor rate, their expectations must be quite high.

He had to prepare in advance, though elementary material was very simple.

The next day, he arrived at the appointed time and discovered it was a place called Starry Sky Kindergarten.

As soon as he entered, he smelled an extraordinary aroma.

Even though he had eaten in the dorm, upon smelling that scent, his stomach growled hungrily.

Shen Wei had been waiting for ten minutes. "Hello, you must be Teacher Su Jun."

Su Jun immediately nodded politely, "Yes, it's me!"

Shen Wei said, "I'm the one who posted the order on the website. Please help tutor my student."

"No problem."

As he walked inside, Su Jun's heart sank with a vague realization.

No wonder the rate was 200 yuan per hour. The order must not have clearly stated that the tutoring was for a kindergarten student, so it wasn't really a high salary.

He wanted to ask about it but didn't know how.

The aroma grew stronger as they went deeper inside.

Shen Wei said, "You haven't had lunch yet, have you? Our kitchen operates as a self-service cafeteria. Feel free to have a meal here if you don't mind."

Su Jun immediately agreed, "Sure, I'll have a bite then."

Upon entering, he could hardly believe his eyes.

There were exotic fruits like mangosteen, pineapple, cherries, and even durian that had just been peeled - expensive items he couldn't afford to buy.

Yet they were provided for free.

He loved durian and wondered if it would be too much to take a piece.

He didn't want to take some first, only to be criticized online later for "Tutor ate my family's durian" - how embarrassing that would be!

Su Jun restrained himself, but when he saw the dishes, he couldn't hold back anymore.

There was braised beef tendon with a touch of red and green chili peppers - it would be amazing with rice.

Tomato and egg soup.

Grilled potato slices.

Steamed fish.

Plus other stir-fried vegetables, a total of eight dishes and one soup. Each dish emanated a tantalizing aroma.

They were all his favorite dishes, and coupled with the fruits, a sense of inexplicable bliss washed over him.

He then grabbed a plate and took a few bites.

The first bite left him in a daze from the aroma.

He never expected that the best meal he would have this year would be at a kindergarten cafeteria.

In the end, he wolfed it all down ravenously.

Before swallowing the food in his mouth, he had already stuffed in the next bite. No, it was too delicious - missing even a bite was a huge loss.

After finishing everything, he remembered he hadn't posted on his social media yet.

If his dorm mates saw this, they would be drooling with envy.

But the "clean plate" operation was too successful.

By the time he thought of it, he had already finished eating.

In the end, he took two pineapple slices and two mangosteens on his way out.

He still couldn't resist, extending his sinful hands towards the durian area. Thoughtfully, they provided mouthwash and breath mints for eating durian.

He took a bite, the texture soft and sweet.

Just this one all-you-can-eat meal alone was worth 200 yuan.

Su Jun decided that after finishing, he planned to give a lesson to a class of kids. He didn't mind anymore, after all, he was eating their food.

Having eaten and drunk his fill, Su Jun radiated a sense of bliss.

He couldn't help but want to submit his resume here. If he could work like this every day, he would be more than willing. He wondered if they would hire him.

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