Her Kindergarten is Full of Villainous Students

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Volume 1: Chapter 10, No More Requirements

The fruits were all imported varieties like mangosteen and cherries. The pineapples were foreign golden pineapples, exuding a strong fruity aroma.

Elder Sister Xu felt like she was dreaming after leaving there. Her heart was pounding.

How could she ever have imagined that her child would be able to attend such a wonderful kindergarten?


All morning long, there was a constant stream of parents coming and going at the kindergarten.

Attracted by the price of 260, they never expected the kindergarten to be so good. Parents who came with doubts were left gaping in astonishment, as if in a dream. It was as if a pie had fallen from the sky right at their feet, too good to be true.

Not only were the school bus and food high-class.

Especially for those parents who were not fully assured, they had lunch with the children. A single meal was enough to convince them.

Some even shared the Starry Sky Kindergarten's menu in the mommy groups.

The groups erupted in heated discussion, as they couldn't believe the kids were eating so well.

"It's really just 260? The fruit they have is so premium."

At current prices, they couldn't even afford to buy such fruit for themselves.

"Not just the fruit, even the chef here is the head chef from Jiangbei Grand Restaurant."

"Quick, someone send me Teacher Tang's number."

"The owner must be running a charity at 260."

Some understood clearly, immediately pointing out: "Hey, that's just for the first few days, wait till 5 days are up and they'll revert to normal."

But they were immediately refuted by other parents: "What more can you ask for at 260?"

The person trying to stir things up was almost successful, but then everyone was brought back to their senses by the 260 price tag. That's right, 260.

Even if it was just for a few days, it was still worth it.

"Teacher Tang is here too!" Teacher Tang had a great reputation in the kindergarten world.

The little group went wild, but the feeling was especially profound for some of the mothers.

Everyone knows a child is a mother's heart and soul.

The business knew this too, using the child to make demands like a sovereign.

Constantly asking for money for this and that, all sorts of idiot taxes, but the mothers dared not refuse for the sake of their children.

In reality, however, those with money were in the minority, most were ordinary families.

Seeing this conscience of the industry at 260, they were all moved to tears.Finndd the new𝒆st 𝒏ovels on n/𝒐/velbin(.)com

But there were still few mothers with children of the right age in the groups, most were still pregnant. They all remembered the name Starry Sky Kindergarten. When their children were born, they would send them there too.

Some joked: "I haven't even eaten food made by the Jiangbei Grand chef. The kids are eating better than us, not to mention their school bus cost over 2 million."

A few people couldn't contain their excitement and directly posted about Starry Sky Kindergarten on the local forums!

The price of 260 sparked a small craze on the local forums.

Everyone knew about the competition for kindergarten spots, but if the competition could be eased on the price front, it would be an enormous benefit for mothers.

So in less than a day.

The system in Shen Wei's mind burst into bloom.

"Congratulations to Shen Wei for gaining reputation value, exchanged for 36,000 points."

It was Shen Wei's first encounter with reputation value, so she immediately asked the system: "What is reputation value?"

The system replied: "As long as you have fame and reputation, it will be converted into points."

Shen Wei's eyes lit up. It was the first time the system had given her so many points. She would have to find a way to expand her reputation value.

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