Hell's Handbook

Chapter 389

Chapter 389

Su Jin now had a basic understanding of what these creatures were trying to do. They chose to slay everything in a Challenge, regardless of whether they were owners or monsters, because regardless of who they were, they were all people and things under the control of the Handbook.

Also, slaughtering everyone might not even be their main aim. Their main aim was probably to learn. These creatures were able to learn their opponent’s moves in an extremely short time, so to look at it in another way, the monsters and owners in a Challenge were free coaches to these rune creatures.

The way the nine tailed fox moved about was very special. The nine flames on her tails would explode when the tails came together, and she could use the impact to increase her speed and help her to make sharp turns. The creature chasing after her grew nine tentacles, then created an energy source that resembled the flames on the nine tailed fox’s tails. If the creature wasn’t very familiar with how to use it to increase its speed and make turns, it would have caught up with the nine tailed fox by now.

Su Jin immediately grabbed the creature with one hand, and it was unable to move. Before this, Su Jin didn’t know how to handle them, but he had now analyzed those runes, and he just had to erase the runes inside the body in order for the creature to disintegrate.

That sounded easy, but very few in the universe were capable of doing such a thing. And even fewer were able to crack the code in such a short time like Su Jin.

It wasn’t really because Su Jin was smarter than others, but because he was no longer confined to the Handbook’s universe. To a certain extent, he was very much like these creatures. Neither party was within the Handbook’s system, so they were able to make observations outside the box. If any other owner ran into these creatures, they wouldn’t think that these creatures refused to die because they were creatures that were outside of the Handbook’s control. They would just think that these creatures were created with some ability to revive quickly.

And once one was trapped in a particular line of logic, it would be hard to think outside of that. Su Jin was now already guessing that if these creatures had been made in bulk and sent into several Challenges, a tremendous number of owners were definitely going to die. More importantly, it was possible that the Handbook would not be able to revive the owners who were killed by these creatures.

This situation was like two videos filmed and saved differently. Without the right player or codecs, a program might be able to play one video and not the other. The owners killed by these creatures would be like a file that was converted to something another system could not read, so the Handbook might not be able to do anything about that.

When the nine tailed fox saw that it was Su Jin who saved her, she did not thank him but said, “Save my other companions!”

Su Jin nodded slightly and flicked his fingers. The nine tailed fox watched as everything around her changed, and both Bifang and Daitengu appeared in front of her. Su Jin had teleported them with the flick of his fingers.

While Bifang and Daitengu outnumbered the creature, they weren’t winning the fight at all. The creature was very aggressive in its attacks and was not hurt by any of the two demons’ attacks, which made it easy for the creature to gain the upper hand.

“Oh?” Su Jin sounded surprised, because he noticed that the creature was using the same method as the nine tailed fox to move about. In other words, the creatures could share information about new techniques they had learned with one another.

“Hurry up and save them!” the nine tailed fox shouted to Su Jin when she realized her two friends were having trouble holding up. She had seen how Su Jin was able to kill the creature very easily just now, so she knew that Su Jin was able to save them.

Su Jin did not make things difficult for her and grabbed hold of the creature like the last time. The creature suddenly froze, then crumbled into those strange runes and disappeared.

The nine tailed fox let out a sigh of relief after the creature was destroyed. Bifang’s flame covered body was transformed into a valiant young woman as she walked toward Su Jin and asked, “Please help to resurrect my friends.”

Su Jin looked at her and frowned before shaking his head. “I will not do that.”

“What… what are both of you talking about?” the nine tailed fox asked Bifang with a confused look on her face.

“This gentleman is able to resurrect the dead. I was killed by one of those creatures earlier and he revived me, so I’m asking if he could do the same for the Golden Horned King and Silver Horned King,” explained Bifang.

After she had explained things, Daitengu and the nine tailed fox immediately turned to look at Su Jin, but he shook his head again. “I already said no.”

“But why?” asked the nine tailed fox.F0lloww new 𝒄hapters at nov/(e)l/bin/(.)com

Su Jin shook his head and said, “It’s not that I don’t want to, but I was able to revive Bifang only because I found her immediately after she had died and I was able to use my powers. The Horned brothers have died for too long now, so to put it in a way you might understand, their souls have already dissipated. Even if I forcibly revived them, they would be two soulless zombies wandering about.”

He was just telling them the truth. His way of reviving the dead was actually very simple. When someone within the Handbook’s system died, their soul would be taken back by the Handbook. That was why conducting the Ceremony of the Gods was able to resurrect a dead owner.

This was the same as how a file could be deleted but kept in the Recycle Bin instead of being deleted permanently, so the user could still restore the item if they needed it. For Ye Yun, Wu Chen, and Bo Ya’s case, they were like password protected files, so he needed to fulfil a few more special requirements in order to revive them.

But Daitengu and the other demons were different. They were not part of the Handbook’s system, so once they died, their information would be deleted permanently, unless they had just died and their files were still being deleted. Su Jin was able to stop the deletion and pull the files back out, which was how he supposedly revived Bifang.

He only discovered he could do this after studying the rune creatures. He used his psychokinesis as a blueprint to develop his maniacal powers, and that’s what he used to revive Bifang. However, it had been too long since the Golden Horned King and Silver Horned King died, so their information would have been completely deleted by now, and Su Jin couldn’t do anything about that.

The three surviving demons believed what Su Jin was saying. There was no need for someone who had saved their lives to lie to them like this. They immediately felt rather depressed.

Just like what Su Jin had said before, they were different because they were not under the control of the Handbook. They were free beings, but they were also lonely beings.

“I wanted to talk to you guys earlier, but I didn’t expect this to happen at all. Can we continue our earlier discussion now?” Su Jin asked the three demons.

The three demons exchanged glances, then nodded. After they settled down in the middle of some rubble, Su Jin started, “Let’s start with what’s going on with you guys. As living creatures not under the control of Hell’s Handbook, you’re all very unique.”

The nine tailed fox spoke up first, “Actually… we are also puzzled about our own existence, so we’ve been moving from one space to another partly because we are trying to understand this.”

“And you have some understanding of this already, am I right?” asked Su Jin.

She nodded, then suddenly stared into his eyes and said, “Both of us already know about Hell’s Handbook, but do you know… the heroes who’ve overcome their destiny?”

“Heroes who’ve overcome their destiny?” Su Jin repeated her words quietly.

She went on, “Based on the information we gathered, the Handbook controls all the worlds and it is impossible to go against its will. The fate of every living thing is in its hands from the day they were born, except a few lifeforms called owners. They have a chance to change their fate.

“And out of these owners, some are formidable ones who refuse to bow to Hell’s Handbook. They try to break free from the Handbook’s control, to return freedom to all lifeforms. These people are called… the heroes who’ve overcome their destiny.”

Su Jin’s eye twitched. Of course he knew about these people. He had chosen to become one of them, in fact. But he didn’t expect the nine tailed fox to talk about these people. Did they have any relation to one another?

The nine tailed fox continued, “But none of these heroes have ever succeeded. Hell’s Handbook is more powerful than anyone could ever imagine, so their resistance always ends in their own destruction, disappearing into the innumerable universes and spaces. Those who aren’t controlled by the Handbook, like ourselves, seem to be… their descendants.”

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