Heaven, Earth, Me

Chapter 836: A Relaxing Stroll Through the Sect.

Chapter 836: A Relaxing Stroll Through the Sect.

While Cecile and Soluna had their fun, Yasenia was walking around with Kaleina, Flame, Angel, and Andrea in the sect. Their small group of five was very conspicuous since Yasenia's characteristic tail was easy to discern. Yet, thanks to the casual clothes Yasenia was wearing, people knew that she was just visiting the place and not for serious matters, so besides a few nods, people didn't bother them.

Unsurprisingly, the sect's inhabitants couldn't help but speculate about their group.

"Could those two be the Sect Master's offspring?"

"I heard that the red-winged Phoenix girl is not. However, she had been fully adopted by her. I've seen her live together with Sect Master's family many times."

A woman said sourly, "She is so lucky. I would give anything to be adopted by Sect Master."

A man at the side nodded. "Living with Sect Master must be a dream come true."

"Can you stop looking at Sec Master's breasts?"𝒩eew updates 𝒂t n𝒐vel/bi𝒏(.)com

The man coughed and said falsely out of embarrassment. "You are also looking, so don't speak much."

The woman who spoke shut up, turning around and leaving with a red face.

The man, who said it just because was stunned. 'Well, it's understandable.'

Meanwhile, an elderly man at the side commented. "That's the luck of nine lifetimes for that child. Heavens smiled upon that girl."

Yasenia naturally heard the whispers, but she ignored them. Instead, she continued grabbing Kaleina's and Flame's hands while walking and asked. "Where do you want to go, dears?"

Kaleina, still adjusting to her newfound bipedalism, ambled along. The others matched her pace, understanding her struggle. "Mommy, can we find something to eat? I'm hungry!" she exclaimed, her hunger palpable.

Yasenia smiled and suggested. "Of course, dear. Do you want to go somewhere in the sect, or do we travel to Astral Sky City?"

Kaleina pondered, using her chubby finger to tap her chin. The girls looked at her and found her adorable. Flame even commented with a blush. "Cute."

Kaleina blinked and gazed at Flame with her golden slit eyes. Then, she smiled, causing her eyes to bend into crescents. "You are also pretty, Flame!"

Flame's face became almost as red as her hair and she looked away shyly, making our girls laugh. Kaleina giggled as well and looked up at Yasenia. "I want to eat something here, Mommy!"

The dragoness heard her and started looking around. "Dears, any idea of a good restaurant around here?"

Angel shook her head. "I only eat your food, so I don't know."

Yasenia smiled and used her tail to caress her head. "Don't worry, baby." Then, she looked at Andrea and asked. "What about you, Darling?"

Andrea smiled and nodded. "I actually know one place that's not far from here. With Kaleina's walking speed, we should arrive in forty minutes or so."

Kaleina clenched one fist and exclaimed. "I'll walk faster, Mama Andrea!"

Andrea laughed and caressed her purple-gold hair. "Don't worry, Kaleina. Walk at your pace and learn slowly. We have nothing much to do, you can take your time. Your Mommy and us won't go anywhere."

Angel nodded. "That's right! Today is a relaxation day!"

Kaleina smiled cutely, making our girls almost squeal. 'So cute~.'

They walked along the sect's streets, observing the bustling place. After the new recruitment rounds, the number of people in the sect was already in the hundreds of thousands. The sect was designed to hold a lot of people, so it didn't look crowded. However, because of the strict entry requirements, the dragoness was expecting the sect population to become constant at around one or two million people.

It was a considerable number since most of those people could be considered talented. Still, it wasn't that much compared to what other top powers had. In fact, she was shot by more than one order of magnitude.

She wasn't worried, in any case. After all, the Astral Sky Sect had been aiming to be an elite sect since the very beginning. While their general numbers would probably never catch up, their top powerhouses would eventually surpass theirs.

It didn't matter if her sect had 1 million and theirs had 100 million if Yasenia's sect housed many more peak experts. Moreover, it's not like her power didn't have numbers.

While the Astral Sky Sect would not have as many people, that was not the same for Astral Sky City, Astral Dragon City, and Astral Sky Abyss Sect.

These places were there to expand the sect's average population without considering as much general behavior. Abolishing corruption was a lost battle unless the people in charge were physically and mentally unable to be corrupted.

What Yasenia's policies made was making it extremely difficult to create seeds of corruption and, if they appeared, be efficient at tackling them. Not even future Sect Masters would be safe from the laws she had placed, so if future Sect Masters went rogue, it would not be too difficult to take that position from them.

Yasenia sighed. 'Only a complete collapse in power and someone cracking down the formation that we set up would be able to make the Astral Sky Sect disappear.'

Kaleina's voice reached her as she thought of all these matters. "Mommy, are you okay? Why are you sighing?"

The dragoness snapped out of her thoughts and smiled. "Nothing to worry about, love. How is your human body? Anything off?"

Kaleina shook her head. "I feel energetic and healthy! But…" Kaleina poked her arm and laughed. "It's so soft~, I feel like I would get hurt easily by any weapon!"

Andrea smiled. "It is true that your human body is weaker, but with it, you might be able to do actions that were difficult previously. Especially those that need nimbleness. Later, we can try crafting together again."

Angel chimed in. "Formations are very useful, Kaleina. With your human body, you'll do better for sure!"

Kaleina nodded enthusiastically. "I will do my best!"

Flame smiled. "You can also learn to wield weapons now, Kaleina. Didn't you want to swing a sword like Aunty Yasenia?"

Kaleina exclaimed, her golden eyes glittering. "Ohhh! That's right! I can now swing a giant sword and mince my enemies like Mommy does!"

Yasenia laughed. "You want to learn how to use giant swords? Little Baby, they are not for everyone, so don't be upset if you can't do it, okay?"

Kaleina pouted. "I'll show you I can do it, Mommy!"

The dragoness smirked. "I'll teach you to the best of my abilities. However, you must also try to learn about other weapons. Trying to use one you like is usually the best. Still, remember that there are people who have a natural affinity or talent toward certain weapons."

Flame was curious. "Do you have that, Aunty Yasenia?"

The dragoness shook her head. "I don't. I can manage and fight with many different weapons. The giant broadsword just fitted my battle style best, so it is the oneI use the most. However, Draheart is awesome and can transform into many different weapons."

Kaleina blinked. "Draheart can?"

Yasenia summoned [Draconic Heart] in a dagger shape. First, the red core appeared, and from it, a blue liquid-like spread and took shape in an instant. When it fell on Yasenia's hand, an excellent and powerful-looking dagger was left. "See? Now, it is a dagger."

Flame asked, remembering Cecile. "Can it turn into a bow?"

Yasenia commanded Draheart through her energy, and the red core divided while creating two half-moon arcs. It looked gorgeous as the red gem's center became the place where arrows shot while the bow's arcs were beautifully curved with a scaly design.

Flame's eyes glittered. "Wow!"

Yasenia looked at it as well. "Honestly, this is the first time I've changed it into a bow. Let's see…"

Yasenia placed her hands in the air as if there was a string and an arrow knocked and pulled back. A string and arrow made of Yasenia's energy materialized and followed the dragoness's hand movements.

She felt resistance, forcing her muscles to tense as she drew it. 'Heavy.'

Then, she pointed skywards and released.


The air above Yasenia exploded upward as the arrow shot into the sky, leaving circular clouds of pure pressurized air. The dragoness lifted her eyebrow. 'Ho… I think I can use this.'

Flame and Kaleina looked up with their mouths open.

Even though it was a powerful attack, nothing got harmed, thanks to the formation protecting everything from the shockwave. It just looked mighty and powerful. The dragoness looked around and smiled. "Don't worry, I was just doing something my daughter asked for. Continue on with your days."

Everyone who almost got a heart attack from the loud and explosive sound nodded awkwardly.

They didn't take long to reach the restaurant Andrea talked about. It was called [Skyline Delish] and had quite a luxurious ambiance around it. The dragoness walked forward with the rest, and the receptionist approached with urgent steps. "Sect Master, we are pleased that you want to eat here. Would you like a VIP room? We can guide you to one if you please."

Yasenia smiled. "Hm. Sure, guide me. Is there a room with a nice view that's not occupied?"

The receptionist nodded with a wide smile. "We have two, actually. Even if they were filled, we could've moved those dinners to make space for you, Sect Master."

Yasenia followed while shaking her head. "Don't do that. This sect isn't one where you can bully others with power and influence. If there are any problems, go to one of the reporting buildings built around the entire sect."

The receptionist looked at Yasenia with surprised eyes, and he answered with a smile. "I'll keep that in mind, Sect Master."

Yasenia nodded. "That's for the better. While you need to be respectful to higher-ranked elders, there is no need to lower yourself like a slave."

The dragoness looked around and suddenly witnessed something she didn't expect. She gently raised as she asked, looking at one of the waiters. "A human?"

The receptionist who was guiding Yasenia paused and asked carefully, "Is there anything wrong, sect master?"

The dragoness smiled. "A problem? On the contrary, I'm glad to see one here. It seems that the slow assimilation is working. How is it working with a human?"

The receptionist pondered. "It's… an interesting experience. I'm like most beast humans, as I quite despise the human race. Still Interacting with her has been eye-opening. While she is ignorant on some matters and we can only give her the most common workloads, she does them seriously."

Yasenia nodded. "We've also created a training and education system for humans to slowly be added into society. Because of their global enslavement, their knowledge is, in general, very limited. We know that only one in a million humans in Distancia has some kind of literacy. Hence, while they probably will only be able to do basic work for a few generations, with time, I hope that we can create a harmonious society."

The receptionist smiled. "That's a wonderful ideal, Sect Master. I'll speak with the manager and tell him what you said."

The dragoness didn't mind. Her objective was to create a sect where all races were admitted unless they were inherently problematic. There were no significant discrepancies between human beasts and humans, as both sides were equally likely to become a problem.

For now, Yasenia has bought around 40,000 slaves from all around the world and placed them in educational institutions. This year was their first graduation year. Hence, a few of them were already walking around in the sect.

Ghana completed all of this while she was away. Seeing it somewhat working as intended was good news for Yasenia. 'It seems that the plans can continue to move forward. Well, I hope the integration of the first batch succeeds. If it doesn't, making humans proper denizens of the world will be an arduous task.'

Yasenia just wanted a place where her children would be able to live a proper life even if they were born entirely human. It was a possibility; after all, Evelyn, Andrea, and Angel were wholly human, which made having human children possible if fate wanted to.

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