Heaven, Earth, Me

Chapter 834: The Spirits' Concern.

Chapter 834: The Spirits' Concern.

The girls around looked at the precious little girl in Yasenia's arms and almost squealed. Angel said with a little shout. "She is so cute!"

Evelyn instantly agreed. "Adorable, to be honest. Her face is just like that of a little doll. Also, have you seen her eyes?"

Kali laughed. "Identical to Yasenia's."

Andrea joked. "Did Yasenia place that egg and lied to us, setting up the whole auction event?"

Evelyn burst into laughter. "Frankly, if she had done that, the admiration I would feel for the dedication to go so far would make anything else irrelevant."

Cecile lifted her eyebrow. "You are not sincere."

Evelyn rolled her eyes. "it's a way to put it, Cecile. No need to say what I would truly feel."

Cecile laughed.

Meanwhile, Kaleina was exploring her new body while being cradled in Yasenia's arms.

First, she lifted one hand, looking at her cute and plump little fingers. Curious, she wriggled them, making several strange movements. Kaleina looked up at Yasenia and laughed. "They look so different from my claws~. So soft and… Hm… flexible? Hahaha."

"Human hands are quite useful, love." Yasenia used her tail and left arm to cradle her. Her right hand went behind Kaleina's, making Kaleina exclaim at the size difference. "My hands are so tiny compared to yours, Mommy!"

The dragoness chuckled, and while supporting Kaleina's hand with hers, she guided her and spoke. "They are not that different from your claws, but when you use them, they are much more flexible. Look."

Yasenia summoned a thin and short metal rod and began spinning it between her fingers. Kaleina saw Yasenia perfectly manipulating her human fingers with ridiculous speed and precision to make her fingers spin the rod with wide eyes.

Yasenia smiled. "See? Try to remember how I'm moving this thing; I'll let you go in a few seconds."

Kaleina's eyes glittered, and she nodded. "Okay!"

Yasenia stopped helping her, and instantaneously, the metal rod flew off Kaleina's fingers. "Ah-!"

With Yasenia's reflexes, she quickly caught the flying object before it could leave her arm's reach, bringing it back with a laugh. Kaleina blinked and said with awe. "Mommy, you are so quick!" Then, she pouted, making an extremely adorable face. "I couldn't do it."

The dragoness gave her a little peck because she looked too cute and spoke. "It's normal, love. Don't worry about not being able to use them properly. We'll have training in everything, including hand control when we learn martial arts for your human form."

Kaleina nodded and heard steps from her left, making her turn her head toward the sound. She saw Flame approaching with a mixed expression. Kaleina waved one hand excitedly. "Flame! Look, look! Now we are very similar!"

Yasenia saw that Flame didn't know how to react to the sudden change, looking between herself and Kaleina, so Yasenia encouraged her. "Flame, you are Kaleina's big sister in using a human body, so you need to teach her well."

Flame's confusion disappeared, and realization dawned on her. She put on a serious expression and nodded. "I will, Aunty Yasenia."

The dragoness smiled and beckoned her, hugging her into her arms by Kaleina's side when she was close enough.

Flame blushed as the dragoness's arms buried her in softness and a pleasant and relaxing scent. She couldn't help but smile happily. 'Aunty Yasenia's hug is so nice~.'

The dragoness slowly stood up, using her arms and tail to lift the not-so-small Flame and little Kaleina.

Soluna approached, blinking curiously. "So, that's how a beast gains their human form?"

Yasenia looked at her and asked. "You hadn't seen any in the past?"

Soluna shook her head. "I haven't. I've been in the spirit world since they discovered me. I never really went out other than this time. Because they needed a low-level but powerful spirit, I was chosen for the first time~."

Yasenia briefly freed one of her hands to pat her hair and asked. "Are you glad you came here?"

Soluna smiled brightly. "Yes!"

Yasenia laughed and continued walking back to the house while looking at Kaleina. Kaleina looked at Yasenia and blinked her round eyes. "What's wrong, Mommy?"

Yasenia's smile softened. "Nothing, love. I'm just admiring my pretty daughter."

Kaleina giggled and kissed Yasenia's cheek with a loud sound. "I love you, Mommy!"

The dragoness happily walked back with the rest. Evelyn looked at the naked Kaleina and waved her hand. "Here, some clothes for the little darling."

Yasenia lifted an eyebrow in surprise. "When did you do this? These are mid-level Earth Ranked!"

Kaleina looked at the pink silk dress with glittering eyes. It was similar to a robe, with a wide belt to tie at the waist. While the dress was pink, the edges were white. Kaleina exclaimed. "So pretty! I really like them, Mama Evelyn!"

Evelyn smiled and snapped her fingers. The robe undid itself into fine threads and gently surrounded Kaleina's body. Kaleina and Flame looked at it with awe as it rebuilt itself around her without Yasenia needing to place her down.

After a few seconds, Kaleina was now fully dressed in a beautiful pink dress, looking cuter than ever. Andrea was nearby and couldn't help it, so she patted her head. "You look adorable, Kaleina."

Kaleina grinned widely, showing her sharp fangs. "Thank you, Mama Andrea!"

The family went inside and sat again in the living room. The expansive windows let plenty of natural light in and gave them a perfect view.

Embera and the rest of the spirits were also here, sitting with them. The furniture didn't have any problems as it was sturdy and durable. Most of it was peak-level Earth Ranked, while quite a few were in the Heaven Ranked.

This was something that almost gave a heart attack to the leaders of the other factions. Heaven-ranked furniture was really not on their checklist of things to expect inside a house. That didn't mean they didn't have any, but it was a punctual thing done mostly to show lavishness, not a real option for furnishing the house.

Embera asked. "Yasenia, I'm curious. What are your plans for us? While we have agreed to follow you for now instead of creating our own power, we don't want to be your tools."

Soluna looked at Embera with a frown, and Embera raised one hand. "Let me speak, princess."

Soluna considered and nodded. "Go ahead." While Soluna liked Yasenia a lot, that didn't mean she would defend her regardless of who was speaking.

Yasenia smiled as well. "Speak openly. I rather hate word plays between allies, so just be frank in what you want to ask."

Embera nodded. "Our strength is for all to see. We are a group that could, quite honestly, face against the groups sent by the Divines and Demons combined and somewhat tie, if not win. This is not an opinion but more of an objective thought after I've seen their performances."

Yasenia didn't deny it. Spirits were honestly a race that not even Demons and Divines dared antagonize easily. They were on par with many strong dragon races, and with their special bodies and almost unending energy, they were a force to be reckoned with.

Soluna showed it by bulldozing her way through the ranks alone at just the first Level of the fifth realm, also called the Spirit Core Harmony Realm.

Embera continued. "So, while we will help you because Soluna decided to side with you, we have no intention of becoming a spear that you can point at somebody and launch at will."

Soluna heard Embera and found it reasonable, so she looked at Yasenia and waited for her answer.

Yasenia reassured them. "Don't worry, I never had that intention. To be honest with you, Soluna is also the reason I let you come here and be so close to us." The dragoness chuckled. "As you said, you are all powerful individuals, and yet I'm letting you be this close with many of my close and fragile people like Kaleina or Tatyana. This is a show of trust toward your group."

Embera had already realized this. That's why she could be so forward-spoken with this issue. She trusted Yasenia would answer truthfully and something that would probably not hurt their current companionship.

"Hence, what I want for you, Spirits, is nothing more than to not stand in my way. That's it."

Embera blinked. "That's it?"

Yasenia shrugged. "If you want to join and fight with us, perfect. If you don't want to do that, just stay aside." Looking deep into her eyes, the dragoness stated. "What I don't want is forced collaboration or you stopping me from doing what I will."

Embera was confused. "Why would we do that?"

The dragoness explained. "Because many will die. The flames of war are already unstoppable and are currently gaining strength as we speak. More people are mobilizing, many more sightings of enemy forces are being reported, our disciple's injury rate because of external factors is increasing, and our allies are also feeling enough stress that they've slowly tightened their borders and recalled quite a few groups."

Yasenia commented, leaning back on the sofa to get more comfortable and crossing her legs. She was holding Kaleina and Flame on each side, so her movement was easy. "I don't know when, how, why, who, or what will cause the trigger to be pressed. But I know it's near, and we are probably going to be the ones assaulting these places."

Embera got thoughtful and nodded. "I've felt quite a few places with concentrated energy."

Yasenia smiled and threw each of the spirits a dark blue-colored jade identification card with golden edges. "This is the one used by Supreme Elders. It gives you free access to almost every place in the entire sect. I've restricted a few benefits, but it will work for what you want it. If you want something extra, you are always welcome to contact my maids. That identification card has an inbuilt communication tool, so use it."

Embera turned it around and smirked. "Fancy, I like it."

Angel smiled proudly. "I made it with Andrea's and Kali's help!"

Embera patted her head with her magma-like arm and smiled. "it's really well done."

Yasenia leaned back and looked at Soluna, who didn't receive a card. "Hm… I was hesitating to give you this, but well, here."

Soluna looked at the card and saw a purple jade card. "What's this?"

Yasenia explained. "That's unlimited access to every part of the sect. If you want to visit something or somewhere, you just need to flash this card, and you will be able to enter. Only the maids, top-tier members, and my close family have them." Yasenia specified. "Well, my family members have permissions above that level, but it's good enough nonetheless."

Soluna smiled broadly. "Thanks a lot, Yasenia! I love it!"

Cecile looked at Soluna and asked. "Do you want to go hunting?"

Soluna blinked. "Hunting? So sudden?"

Cecile tilted her head. "Sudden?"

Yasenia coughed. "She has been wondering that for a few days. She probably wants to compete in something."

Soluna laughed mischievously. "Oh! You want to challenge me!? I accept!"

Cecile smirked. "Prepare to lose."

Then, they left to play together somewhere. Yasenia looked at their back and sighed, feeling content. 'It has been a while since I had such a relaxing day.'

The dragoness conveniently ignored what had happened with Kaleina just now.


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