Global Killing: Awakening SSS-level Talent at the Beginning

Chapter 5:

This kind of reference is used to evaluate the strength of the beast, and it is relatively accurate.

It is used to assess the strength of human beings, and the discrepancy is relatively large.

Especially a human with multiple talents like Qin Feng will only be greatly underestimated.

After reading the data, Qin Feng exited the personal information page.

At this moment, his expression changed slightly, and he looked up in a certain direction.

The strong sense of smell made him smell a faint smell of blood, floating from that direction and moving quickly towards this side.

Could it be some injured beast approaching here?

This thought came to me, and there were some footsteps and some talking voices in the distance.

"Naughty! Our group is so unlucky, we encountered two giant rodents all at once, killing one of our measures!"

"Yeah! Everyone was injured, and Li Yue and Zhou Cheng died tragically on the spot."

"Fortunately, Mr. Hu was wise, and we retreated while fighting, and led the giant rat into the pit to besiege him."

"Hey! Stop talking! The other giant rat was seriously injured and dying. I wonder if it escaped?"

"Let's hurry over there! Don't let anyone miss it!"


As soon as the voice fell, the footsteps became faster.

Qin Feng was shocked.

Listening to the meaning of their words, it is not that they missed the giant mouse.

The five of them came in their own direction.

It turned out that the other party was a group of seven.

Before, they encountered two giant rodents.

After a melee between the two sides, a giant rat was seriously injured, Li Yue and Zhou Cheng died tragically on the spot, and the other five were injured.

Seeing that the situation was not right, the five people retreated while fighting, and finally used the terrain and resourcefulness to kill the giant rat they were chasing.

Now, they are returning to kill the severely injured giant rat.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Qin Feng hurriedly slumped into the grass and sneaked away...

He didn't want to conflict with the other party, because there was no need for that.

Besides, he took advantage of others.

With the talent for speed, Qin Feng is extremely flexible and extremely fast.

With the help of enhanced sense of smell, let him predict some routes in advance.

In just a moment, he sneaked away, away from the scene.

Before long, a few roars sounded behind him.

"Who! Who picked up our leak?!"

"Bastard! Damn bastard!"

In the distance, Qin Feng heard those roars and wanted to laugh.

He is not a good man.

What's more, in this **** world full of killing, kindness will only ruin your own life.

Doing everything to **** resources is always the main theme of the whole world.

Here, get stronger or die!

Qin Feng ignored those people and continued to search for the body...

A quarter of an hour later, with his strong sense of smell, he found the body of a blood-toothed rabbit.

After the endless extraction, he gained 2 more strength attributes, which made him feel somber...

Then, he continued to search for the body...

In this way, in this novice plain, more than 200 groups are struggling to kill all kinds of level 1 beasts.

Qin Feng doesn't do anything, just looks for corpses everywhere and extracts attributes, which is very comfortable.

In a blink of an eye, three hours passed.

He successively found more than a dozen ferocious beast corpses.

There are blood-toothed rabbits, giant rodents, prairie gray wolves, wild boars, poisonous nine-ring snakes...𝑅êạd new chapt𝒆rs on no/v/e/l𝒃in(.)com

He also found a rule.

For each level 1 beast, he could only extract it three times indefinitely.

You can get 2 attribute points each time.

The fourth extraction has no effect.

After this search, the blood-toothed rabbits, giant rodents, prairie gray wolves, and wild boars on the novice plain were all extracted by him three times, and there was no need to continue searching.

Only the venomous nine-ringed snake, he has only encountered it once.

In addition, seven more humans died during this time.

He only found one corpse, from which he obtained the F-rank talent - visual enhancement, which can also be regarded as a gain.

At this moment, in a bush.

Qin Feng called up his personal information to check his progress.

【Name】: Qin Feng

[Level]: Level 1 (30/100)

[Strength]: 20

[Agility]: 21

[Physical]: 18

【Energy】: 30

[Talent]: Endless Extraction (SSS Grade), Super Strength Enhancement (D Grade)

Speed ​​enhancement (E grade), smell enhancement (F grade)

Visual reinforcement (grade F)

[Skill]: None

[Combat Strength Evaluation]: 2 stars

"The combat evaluation has finally reached 2 stars."

After reading the data, Qin Feng was overjoyed.

This is just a combat assessment.

If you count his various talents, his comprehensive strength can definitely reach the limit of 3 stars, or even 4 stars.

With his current strength, he can completely single out a level 1 beast.

Chapter 6 Spirit Fruit! Surprise discovery!

After being excited, Qin Feng closed the attribute panel.

At this moment, a gust of wind blew, and there was a smell of fishy mutton in the air.

"Hey! This... is the smell of the highly poisonous nine-ringed snake!"

Qin Feng sniffed the air hard, and his eyes lit up.

Immediately, he dived in the direction of the smell...

For more than three hours, others have been working hard to kill beasts.

He wandered around and basically found out the situation of Novice Plains.

There are only five level 1 beasts in this vast plain, namely the blood-toothed rabbit, the giant rodent rat, the grassland gray wolf, the violent wild boar, and the highly poisonous nine-ringed snake.

The first four kinds of vicious beasts mean nothing to him, only the highly poisonous nine-ringed snake is left, and he can still extract it twice.

It's just that there are too few poisonous nine-ringed snakes, and he can't ask for it.

Now that he has discovered the trace of the highly poisonous nine-ringed snake, how could he miss it.

At the moment, he dived carefully.

The breeze is gentle, and the smell is wafting.

The closer Qin Feng is to that direction, the stronger the smell of fishy mutton, which is also mixed with a strange fruity fragrance.


Why is it fruity?

Qin Feng was curious and accelerated his sneaking speed.

Soon, he arrived in a small forest, and the smell became stronger.

He knew that the goal was approaching.

At the moment, he was tucked around his waist, using the low bushes to hide his figure.

In this world full of crisis, he must always be careful.

After walking about tens of meters, he finally saw the target through the gap in the bushes...

Just under a big tree in front, a five-meter-long python was coiling its body.

There are nine red rings on his body, which are particularly eye-catching.

It is the poisonous nine-ringed snake!

Qin Feng took a deep breath and was a little excited.

After killing this snake, he can extract some energy attributes again.

The Venomous Hydra is the strongest level 1 beast in the Novice Plains.

It is also the only level 1 beast that can provide energy attributes.

During this time, Qin Feng found that the energy attribute is the most difficult to obtain.

The harder it is to obtain, the more precious it is.

"Hey! This snake's belly..."

Suddenly, he discovered that the snake had a huge belly, as if it had swallowed something.

This makes it coiled on the ground, appearing a little dull.

In addition, he also found that there was a small dirt bag behind the giant snake.

Beside that earthbag, there is a half-foot tall spirit grass growing.

The spirit grass has seven fan-shaped green leaves, with a red spirit fruit growing at the top, the size of a ping-pong ball.

The strange fruity aroma he smelled before was from the red spirit fruit.

At this moment, the giant snake coiled in front of the Spirit Fruit, as if guarding it.

"This red spirit fruit should be a treasure. Otherwise, this giant snake wouldn't guard it like this. It seems that this time I'm going to make a fortune!"

Seeing Lingguo, Qin Feng's eyes lit up with excitement.

He was moved.

Immediately, he held a pair of knives and dived towards the giant snake.

Soon, he dived nearby, only five meters away from the giant snake.

But at this moment, the giant snake suddenly turned its head, and the vertical snake eyes looked in the direction where he was.

It actually found Qin Feng!

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