Global Killing: Awakening SSS-level Talent at the Beginning

Chapter 24:

"Upstairs, no matter what progress Edward is, as long as we are united, there is hope!"

Liu Xuan: "That's right! Let's unite! Until the end, we will never admit defeat! This time, Liu has fought hard!"

"That's right! Unity! Everyone must be united!"

"Fight! We fight!"

The blood of the crowd was boiling.

Qin Feng was also a little anxious when he saw this.

His level progress is faster than Liu Xuan, but much slower than Edward.

In this bet, No. 911 Novice Village will not have an advantage at the starting point of the level...

Immediately, he quit the chat channel.

Five minutes later, Qin Feng left the cave and returned to the Novice Plain.

At this moment, he was looking into the distance with a cigarette in his mouth.

The sun has gone down.

Twilight has come.

All visibility is greatly reduced.

But that didn't stop him.

He has superhuman vision, has night vision ability, and can move freely even at night.

[Announcement: The countdown is over, and the betting begins! 】

[Reminder: Level 1-10 Ferocious Beast Maps are all open (rewards for gambling competitions)]

Resource gambling!

It's finally started!

Two novice villages for gambling.

Tiandao also has an additional reward - the map of the beast's activity area.

Qin Feng quickly called up the map and directly searched for the activity area of ​​level 6 beasts...

Soon, he checked the route...

"It's time to act!"

Qin Feng looked into the distance.

The mountains in the distance have been immersed in the night, forming an endless black barrier.

He was about to have his first night in this world.


Qin Feng threw away the cigarette **** and exhaled a long string of smoke.

A gust of night wind blew, and the smoke dissipated with the wind.

The next second, his figure flashed, and he disappeared into the night...

At the same time, at No. 137 Novice Village, in the chat channel.

Edward: "Oh! That's great! The way of heaven has actually opened the map. If I want to find a level 4 beast, I have a direction."

"Great Lord Edward! This is God guiding you!"

Edward: "Oh! God **** it! Our noble blood family, never believe in God, let God go to hell!"…

At the same time, No. 911 Novice Village, Level 2 Ferocious Beast Area.

Liu Xuan anxiously shuttled on the road.

Longshan and Wu Yong followed closely behind him.

Suddenly, he stopped.

"Longshan and Wu Yong, with my current level of progress, I'm much worse than Edward. If we continue to level up in the level 2 beast zone, I'm afraid we won't be able to catch up with Edward. Otherwise, let's go to the level 3 beast zone!"

Hearing this, Long Shan and Wu Yong all nodded.

"It makes sense! The energy provided by a level 2 beast is definitely not as much as level 3!"

"Then go to level 3! With the three of us working together, it is not a problem to hunt down level 3 beasts."

Liu Xuan said again: "That's right! There are many 2nd-level players who want to come and help me find the beast. I need to talk to them about this."

Wu Yong nodded: "I'll go to the chat area and tell them the news."

Longshan interjected: "The level 3 vicious beast area is very dangerous. You make those level 2 players a group of ten, it's safe. As for the level 1 players, let them not come."


Soon, Wu Yong entered the chat channel and released the latest news.

Those Level 2 players responded one after another, rushing to the Level 3 Ferocious Beast area one by one, just to help Liu Xuan find the beast.

The Level 1 players sighed helplessly because they couldn't help.

At this moment, the unity of the people of Longguo is vividly displayed.

Compared with the people from the Dragon Kingdom and the Lighthouse Kingdom, Edward is fighting alone, and a group of people are watching in the chat channel...

At the same moment, Qin Feng shuttled through the dark night.

With super vision, he has night vision ability, and in this dark night, he can move freely.

His speed is extremely fast!

He has to be fast too!

He must level up earlier, surpass Edward earlier, and win this bet earlier!

Otherwise, he will lose 20 attributes, and No. 911 Novice Village will also lose half of the resources.

This is unacceptable to him!

Going to the level 6 beast area, you have to pass through the activity areas of level 2, 3, 4, and 5 beasts along the way.

Time flies!

Seven minutes later, Qin Feng arrived at the level 2 vicious beast area.

A quarter of an hour later, he rushed to the level 3 vicious beast area.

Half an hour later, he rushed to the level 4 beast area

It was at this moment that he finally encountered the first vicious beast, a level 4 vicious beast - Lightning Mink!

Qin Feng didn't hesitate at all, he rushed up and killed it...

[Succeeded in killing Lightning Mink! Get +150 Energy Points! 】


Qin Feng was surprised!

Level 4 beasts have 150 energy.

Level 6 beasts definitely have more energy and are more conducive to leveling up.

【Your level has been promoted to level 4! 】

【Your strength index increases by 10 points! 】

【Your agility index increases by 10 points! 】

【Your BMI increases by 10 points! 】

【Your energy index increases by 10 points! 】

【You get 5 free attributes! 】

Fuck it~!


Up to level 4!

Ha ha!


It's so cool!

Qin Feng was ecstatic.

In his mind, his own upgrade progress also appeared, level 4 (90/1200)…

The gap between this and Edward has greatly narrowed...

Immediately, he hurried forward, extracted the body of the Lightning Marten, and gained 2 more agility attributes.

After doing this, he rushed to the level 5 vicious beast area.

Now is the time to upgrade the game, time is racing against the clock, he does not want to waste any time......

Chapter 26 Dragon's Blood Fruit

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After another half hour, Qin Feng arrived at the junction of level 5 and level 6 beasts.

He also encountered a second beast.

It was a fierce beast with a huge body, like a tiger and a leopard, with golden pupils, named Jinyanbiao, and its combat strength evaluation reached 7 stars.

Qin Feng is a one-shot kill when he goes up!

[Killing Jinyanbiao successfully! Get +180 energy points! 】

A level 5 beast has 180 energy points!

good! good!

The upgrade progress appeared in Qin Feng's mind: Level 4 (270/1200)...

He raised his eyes and looked ahead again. The level 6 vicious beast area was ten meters away, and he finally arrived.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

Afterwards, he stepped forward to extract Jinyanbiao's body and gained 2 strength attributes.

It was at this moment that Tiandao sent a reminder.

[Reminder: Liu Xuan exchanged the corpse of the level 3 fierce beast Huoyunbao for your 10 jins of barbecued meat. 】


Good things are coming!

Qin Feng quickly entered the trading channel.

The next second, white light flashed.

In front of him was a huge red-haired leopard corpse, which was the third-level vicious beast—Fire Cloud Leopard.

He hurried forward to extract...

【Endless extraction success! Gain 2 Dexterity Attributes! 】

Great, another 2 attribute points!

It's really cool to be able to grow attribute points easily.

By the way, I have killed myself all the way, and I have risen one level, and my combat power should be improved.

Thinking of this, he opened his properties panel.

[Level]: Level 4 (270/1200)

[Occupation]: Level 1 Judge (10/100)

【Reputation】: 4

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