Earth's Greatest Magus

Chapter 2068 Assembly

Chapter 2068 Assembly

As the 30-day period drew to a close, every acolyte within the academy had made their pivotal choices, aligning themselves with the halls they believed would shape their futures. With decisions made and destinies forged, the academy buzzed with a sense of finality and anticipation.

On this momentous day, all acolytes were summoned to converge upon the grandeur of the Academy Great Assembly Hall, a colossal testament to the institution's prestige and tradition. Crafted from enduring stone and designed to host gatherings of monumental scale, it loomed majestically, its capacity far exceeding the number of eager souls that now filled its hallowed halls.

Within the inner sanctum of the assembly hall, nearly 4,000 inner hall acolytes stood in formation, a sea of uniforms rippling with anticipation. Across the divide, over 7,000 outer hall acolytes occupied their designated areas and awaited the commencement of the academy's opening ceremony

At the center of the hall, a raised platform served as the focal point of the ceremony. Here, the top ten instructors stood, their authoritative presence commanding the attention of all who gathered. Flanking them were the upper and middle instructors, positioned on the west side of the platform, while Emery and his fellow lower hall instructors occupied a separate wing to the east.

Far removed from the spotlight, the assistant instructors, along with their counterparts from the outer halls and the academy staff, remained discreetly positioned at the rear of the assembly hall, their contributions vital yet often unseen by the eager eyes of the acolytes.

The opening ceremony of the Academy Great Assembly Hall was not just a formality; it was a carefully orchestrated display of hierarchy and prestige.

As Emery surveyed the arrangements, he couldn't help but notice the subtle hierarchy reflected in the positioning of both acolytes and instructors. Acolytes of higher ranks stood proudly at the forefront, their demeanor reflecting a sense of privilege and distinction. Meanwhile, those of lower ranks occupied positions further back, their anticipation tempered by a palpable sense of reverence for the ceremony about to unfold.

Turning his attention to the instructors, Emery employed VIA, the artificial beings to glean insights into their backgrounds and strengths. Faces filled with digital overlays of data, revealing each instructor's background and expertise.

Of the supposed 120 instructors, VIA only allocated information for 101 of them, with notable absences among the top and higher hall instructors. This discrepancy was to be expected; many of the grand magus held prestigious positions within their respective factions or were deeply immersed in their own cultivation pursuits. Consequently, ceremonies such as these often took a backseat to their other responsibilities, leading to their conspicuous absence from the proceedings.

Emery's gaze swept over the assembly, eventually settling on a group of six top hall instructors standing prominently at the center of the hall. Among them stood Lucius Corvin, the half-blood overseer of Hall 7, accompanied by two women and three men. Their presence commanded respect and admiration from those around them.

The first figure that captivated Emery's gaze the most was no other than the first hall instructor. With an aura reminiscent of Delbrand himself, this middle-aged man was known as the Star Tower Lord, a three cosmos grand magus renowned for his legendary status. Having mentored over a hundred famed magus disciples, his decision to serve as an instructor in the academy was nothing short of extraordinary, leaving a profound impression on all who beheld him.

The other hall instructors, ranging from the second to fourth halls, were also formidable three cosmos Grand Magus, albeit only one was present at the ceremony. The Hall 4 instructor, a master of arcane arts hailing from the esteemed Arcanum faction, stood as a evidence to the passage of time, his age surpassing an astounding 5000 years.

Halls 5 and 6 were occupied by female grand magus, each possessing unique backgrounds that piqued Emery's interest. Despite both being one cosmos realm magus, their distinct stories set them apart.

Hall 5 was overseen by Neytiri, a striking woman with ethereal features—pale skin adorned with light blue hair. Despite her seemingly mysterious identity, a note in VIA revealed her lineage as the daughter of a supreme magus who held dominion over the very planet upon which the academy was built.

Meanwhile, Hall 6 was controlled over by a royalty hailing from the prestigious Nephilim faction. Draped in a resplendent golden gown adorned with exquisite jewelry, this beautiful grand magus called Isthar exuded an aura of regality that commanded attention.

As Emery's eyes lingered on her, an ominous feeling stirred within him, suggesting that their paths would intersect more frequently than he might have hoped.

Rank 10 was occupied by a grand magus whom Emery was familiar with. Famous Spirit master from the Alabaster faction, known as the Soul Blade Prince. Trained under Duke Damian Alabaster himself, Coliins Alabaster carried a reputation that preceded him.

There were a dozen more two cosmos realm grand magus scattered across the higher halls, Emery's eyes fell upon familiar faces and renowned names. Grand Magus Api, the seasoned fire instructor from the old academy, now presided over Hall 14. Additionally, a famed swordsman from the Proxima faction held sway over Hall 18. Witnessing these formidable individuals standing before him, Emery couldn't shake the stirring desire to test his mettle against theirs.

Moments passed, and the figure everyone had been anticipating finally stepped onto the stage. Grand Magus Aurora, the Oracle and Deputy Headmaster of the academy, made her entrance first, her presence commanding attention as she addressed the gathered acolytes. With her signature aura of wisdom and foresight, she set the tone for the ceremony, preparing the audience for what was to come.

Following her introduction, Headmaster Goldstein made his appearance. Despite lacking the charismatic presence of Supreme Magus Altus Dresden or the imposing battle aura of Delbrand, the two cosmos grand magus in glasses exuded an air of authority befitting his role as not only the head of the academy but also as a Minister of the Magus Alliance. His behavior was that of an administrator, yet his words carried weight, resonating with the audience as he delivered a powerful speech.

"Acolytes!! This marks the dawn of your new beginning," he proclaimed, his voice carrying across the vast assembly hall. "You are the chosen few from among countless worlds. Seize this opportunity to showcase your talents and ascend to greatness!"𝒂ll new st𝒐ries at n0ve/lbi/𝒏(.)c𝒐m

His words stirred the morale of all present, filling them with a sense of purpose and determination. Even Emery, caught up in the fervor of the moment, felt a surge of excitement.

"This should be an interesting three years,"

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