Earth's Greatest Magus

Chapter 2066 Captured

Chapter 2066 Captured

Just minutes ago, the chase had been intense, with Annara hot on Klea's heels like an eagle hunting a rabbit. However, Klea swiftly turned the tables. With confidence, she activated a binding formation, one that not only restrained Annara's limbs but also sealed her ability to cast spells, effectively neutralizing her threat.

As Annara hovered still in the air, she surveyed her surroundings, her surprise evident as she discovered multiple markings on the surrounding trees. She couldn't help but chuckle softly at the ingenuity of Klea's trap. "Impressive," she remarked with a hint of admiration. "You actually prepared this formation before approaching the hut and then purposely lured me into this trap... Amazing..."

Klea remained silent, her gaze unwavering as she stayed vigilant. "Now, we can talk," she declared with authority. "Tell me, why are you here? What is your relationship with the girl?"

Hearing this, Annara only laughed, a hint of amusement in her tone. "That's your question? Haha... Seriously, it's better we talk over some drinks..."F0lloww new 𝒄hapters at nov/(e)l/bin/(.)com

"Not interested" Klea replied firmly, "Tell me all I need to know,"

Instead of providing a straightforward answer, Annara countered with a question of her own. "Did you not ask your boyfriend about this?" Her words hung in the air, leaving Klea momentarily speechless.

Annara's smirk grew as she continued "Emery knows everything... you should ask him instead..."

Klea however knew better than to fall for Annara's mind games. Her response was "Alright, you don't need to tell me, You can explain to the Utopia enforcer instead!"

With a swift gesture, Klea conjured a small green bird in her hand. "One message, and they should be here in 5 to 10 minutes," she declared.

Annara sighed, her demeanor shifting slightly. "Even if I say anything, you will not believe me,"

"I'll be the judge of that," Klea retorted firmly before dispelling the green bird from her hand.

Annara briefly explained the complexity surrounding the fake identity of 'Shura' and the precarious situation at Ouroboros that forced her into hiding at the academy. She revealed that the Ouroboros queen had tasked her to look after the girl as part of a repayment, "It's either this or prison... Do you believe me now?"

Some of Annara's explanations seemed to align with what Emery had previously told her, but one question still lingered in her mind, one that she was eager to uncover.

"The girl... who is she?"

Annara responded casually, almost nonchalantly, "Emery never talks about her, does he?" Her words hung in the air, causing Klea's muscles to tense involuntarily.

"Her name is Shinta, she is... Ouroboros Queen's granddaughter... you remember Silva, right? She's her niece..." Annara revealed.

"Niece... That girl is... Silva's niece," Klea muttered to herself.

The answer seemed satisfactory to her--or, to be exact, one she wished to be right. It explained everything... However, despite the apparent clarity of the answer, Klea's heart remained unsettled, a nagging sense of doubt lingering in the depths of her mind.

Seeing Klea's reaction, Annara seemed surprised and said, "Why are you…? No way…!! do you think she is?... Really!?" Her words were followed by an excessive laugh.

"Shut up!" Klea snapped, feeling as though she was being played.

Annara stopped her laughter and said, "I told you… you won't believe me."

Next, Annara's expression shifted from amusement to determination. With a sudden burst of energy, she attempted to forcefully break free from the restraints. However, Klea swiftly intervened, "Don't waste your energy... It's a tier six individual bind formation, any magus will not be able to break it without an outside force."

Annara's smile remained, albeit with a touch of admiration. "Tier six… wow… that's an achievement indeed," Then, her smile widened as she added, "Thank you for the tips."

Suddenly, Annara unleashed a technique. She appeared to be screaming, but no sound escaped her lips. Instead, the air around them crackled with an eerie silence. Moments later, the trees in the distance began to tremble, their leaves rustling with a sense of foreboding.

As the mysterious presence drew nearer, Klea's eyes widened with surprise. What emerged from the shadows was a sight to behold – thousands of bats, their wings beating in unison as they flew like a dark swarm, converging upon the trees. With astonishing speed, they descended upon the forest, their chaotic flight pattern disrupting the very fabric of the formation that bound Annara.

In the midst of this spectacle, Annara's bloodline transformation began. Her body seemed to blur and shift, morphing into a bat-like form as her limbs slowly broke free from their constraints.

"Not so fast!!" Klea exclaimed, her voice resolute as she swiftly drawn out multiple coins from her storage rings and a pearly white pen [Lotus Jade Pen]. With practiced precision, she began to chant while scribing intricate runes in the air. As she did, shimmering symbols materialized and soared over the surrounding area, forming a complex formation [Heavy Wind Formation].

This formation exerted a powerful force, causing the bats to spiral out of control and plummet helplessly to the ground. But Klea wasn't finished yet. With unwavering focus, she produced four yellow flags and proceeded to inscribe runes in the air. Each stroke of her pen strengthened the bind, reinforcing the potency of the formations already in place.

Annara's shock was palpable. "Rank 7 formation! You're a Formation Master!" she exclaimed, her voice tinged with disbelief.

This was one of Klea's proudest achievements in the last four years. Balancing her studies between the prestigious Golden City Formation Institutes and the Eastern Sage, she had recently earned her master's title. With her proficiency in multiple elements, Klea had become a formidable formation expert.

"You're not going anywhere!" Klea affirmed firmly.

"I have told you everything... What else do you want?" Annara retorted, her tone tinged with frustration.

Just then, both Klea and Annara detected multiple figures drawing near them. Uncertain of their identities, the tension between the two escalated. As the newcomers came into view, disclosed by their distinct uniforms, Annara's expression darkened with a frown. They were Utopia City guards.

"Seriously... you really calling them up?!"

Actually, Klea hadn't called them, but their skirmish so close to the city had likely attracted the attention of the guards. While it wasn't unusual for them to intervene in such situations, this turn of events could spell trouble for Annara. Klea felt a twinge of regret but remained steadfast, believing that such criminal should be apprehended by the authorities.

Before she could interject, the guards raised their weapons, pointing them directly at Klea. "Bandit! Stop what you are doing!"!!

Klea was taken aback. "Bandit? Me?"

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