Dark King

Chapter 1280 - Afterword, if life is only like the first time

Chapter 1280: Afterword, if life is only like the first time

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There is only one main color in the vast universe, and that is darkness.

The shooting star streaked across the sky.

In an instant, the flickering radiance was like the descent of a god. It was gorgeous and eye-catching, enough to attract all the gazes in an instant.

Although it was short, it seemed to be eternal!

However, the eternal feeling of this moment would eventually fade with the passing of People’s memories until they forgot.

Life itself was not eternal, so how could one remember the eternity of a shooting star?

What truly never fell was the darkness in the vast universe. However, this darkness was often ignored by people as a backdrop, and people paid attention to the gorgeous brilliance of the Shooting Stars and stars.

It was just like how people remembered the greatest people and heroes in history, but they ignored the background behind them.

But no one could really erase this darkness.

Even the Sun and stars that were glowing were just a tiny ray of light in the vast universe, and they would eventually age, die, and turn into a dark ruin.

This was fate..

And also the destination!



On a desolate planet.

There were no forests to purify oxygen, no rivers and seas, only frozen snow mountains, or active volcanoes that were ready to spew magma at any time.

There were no buildings here, only some strange caves.

For example, on an iceberg, there were many pitch-black caves that looked like small holes. Looking from afar, it was easy to develop a fear of density.

At this moment, on a steep snow-capped iceberg, three figures were strolling hand in hand. In the snow behind them, there were many snow-white things lying in a mess, like snakes made of cotton.

Among the three, there was a young man with black hair and black eyes. In his left hand, he held the hand of a seven or eight-year-old girl. Her face was as delicate as porcelain, and she was very beautiful. There was no part of her facial features that could be picked on or modified. It was a pure natural beauty.

On the right hand of the young man, he held the hand of a peerless beauty wearing a purple cheongsam. She was devastatingly beautiful, and her temperament was clear and noble. However, her expression was indifferent, without the slightest emotion. Her gaze was also extremely cold, as if she did not hide any emotions.

“Father, the environment here is much worse than on Earth.”The petite little girl sniffed, pouted her lips and said to the young man, “It’s really uncomfortable to stay here.”

The young man smiled, “Your body is the structure of the people of Earth, so of course, you’re not used to this place. These demonic insects have a very low demand for oxygen. In addition, the entire planet is in an extremely cold or extremely hot environment, so it’s not suitable for plants to grow. Water resources are also scarce. It looks desolate, so of course it doesn’t look good.”

“No wonder these magic bugs want to leave this place, HMPH!”The little girl snorted angrily.

The young man smiled slightly and led her and the beautiful woman beside him to sit down. The moment he sat down, the ice and snow ground beneath him instantly melted, turning into emerald green. Countless tender grass and fresh flowers bloomed, extending into the distance, it turned into a green field with a diameter of more than ten meters. The flowers were fragrant and pleasant.

With a single thought, a hundred flowers bloomed.

Such an ability was completely beyond human understanding, but to a god, it was a common thing.

“Dad, can you let my body grow faster?”The little girl held the young man’s hand and said coquettishly, “Just like my previous body, I want to be an adult, not a child.”

“But you are a child.”The young man patted her head and said with a smile, “A child needs to grow up slowly. Otherwise, if you grow too fast, you will become deformed.”

“Humph, dad is stingy!”The little girl pouted and turned her head away angrily with her hands crossed.

The young man looked up. He could see countless stars in the sky above his head, which was extremely clear. He could also see two huge planets, which were very close to this devil planet. He could even see the dents on the surface of the two planets.

This kind of scenery was also somewhat interesting.

He watched quietly as one of his hands slowly tightened around the beautiful woman in the purple cheongsam beside him. He turned his head, and his gaze fell on her expressionless and cold face. However, his eyes were extremely gentle.

“Do you like the scenery here?”

The beautiful woman did not answer, as if she had not heard anything.

The young man did not seem to care, and his gaze was still as gentle as water, “After we destroy this place, I will bring you to the Aragami planet to take a look. I heard that there is nothing there, but I can transform that place into what Earth used to look like, just like when we met.”

The beautiful woman still did not speak, just like a stone statue. She just sat straight and did not move at all.

“Father, why don’t you let Mommy really come back to life, so that she can chat with you.”The little girl next to him had a curious look on her face as she looked at the young man with her big watery eyes.

The young man smiled and looked into the distance. He said to himself, “Your mother loves me very much, so she wants to kill me.”

“I love her very much too, so I can’t let her wake up.”


“Because of love.”

“I don’t understand...”

“Don’t understand, and don’t touch.”


After a long time.

The young man seemed to have rested well and had seen enough of the scenery here.

He slowly stood up and held the little girl’s hand, as well as that beautiful maiden who was as quiet as a virgin.

“Let’s go, let’s go to the Aragami planet to have some fun,”the young man said with a smile.

“Okay, okay.”The little girl cheered. Then, she thought of something and her little face became a little worried. “After the Aragami planet is destroyed, are we going back to Earth?”

“No.”The young man smiled and said, “Let them live and die there. Let’s continue to look for a new planet. If we don’t find one, I’ll build one for you as an amusement park.”

“Create? Alright, we will destroy it when we get tired of it.”

“Well, then we will create it first...”




It was completely over.

It was the end.

It was possible that there were too many words at the end of the last chapter. Some people didn’t read it carefully. It was explained that Aisha had attacked Dudian because she didn’t know about the existence of the magic bug and the conspiracy of the Aragami, the memory was still in the pattern of Sylvia. The memory was also tampered by the magic worm and some things were added.

Why didn’t the protagonist find it when he read the memory? Because it was the act of reading the memory that triggered the mechanism buried in Haisha’s body by the magic worm and let her memory recover.

In other words, it was the protagonist who activated the mechanism that led to the final tragedy.

Why does the protagonist activate the mechanism? It is the betrayal along the way, it is the doubt.

The protagonist’s emotions are real, but the protagonist’s character is not fixed, there are some changes that he himself can not detect, so the protagonist will go through the memory, which leads to the activation of the mechanism, leading to the ultimate tragedy.

This is the life and experience brings sadness. F0lloww new 𝒄hapters at nov/(e)l/bin/(.)com

We think we won’t change, but we have already changed.

Just as the introduction said, the virus is rampant, where is the original human face?

It’s already beyond recognition.

I’ve written several eschatological novels, the superficial loss of the motivation to upgrade, to dig up some cool points, and no longer have the motivation to write. As early as writing the dark civilization, I wanted to write an idea, that the eschatological world is not just a zombie.

The Apocalypse was the human heart.

The city was also the apocalypse.

Just like Noyce’s words in the book, as long as there was desire, it would be destroyed.

As long as there was desire, there would be an apocalypse.

Personally, I felt that the Apocalypse wasn’t limited to just one theme, but was a kind of deep meaning. Just Like Love wasn’t limited to romance, in all the books, there could be love between male and female protagonists.

This book expressed such an idea. Perhaps it wasn’t well expressed, or perhaps no one cared, but I felt that my end of the world novel was a good ending.

I wouldn’t write an end of the world novel without thinking about the deeper meaning, because I had already written all the ideas that I needed to write. Unless it was an end of the world fantasy novel, fighting monsters and leveling up, then.., i might as well write an eschatology fantasy novel.

There wasn’t a shred of light in this book. Just as the opening of the epilogue had said, even if there was a shred of light, a shred of humanity would eventually die out.

This was the eschatology.

In the darkest and deepest environment, praying was also a tragedy, because the god you prayed to might be the source of your disaster.

In conclusion, I personally felt that the ending was pretty good. I basically didn’t have any regrets.

Finally, thank you all for following along the way.

Also thank you for your persistent clicks, recommendations, and tips.

Sometimes I did not even notice the matter, the readers in the group will remind me, I can feel that many people are even more attentive than I am to write a book.

King is not only the child that I gave birth to, but also the child that you all care for, the result is remarkable, thank you all! ! ! !

Forgive me this life unruly love freedom

Will also be afraid that one day will fall, oh... well, can’t sing.

The terminal station.

Friends goodbye.



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