A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality: Immortal Realm

Chapter 773: Surviving a Major Ordeal

Chapter 773: Surviving a Major Ordeal

"Come back!" Feng Qingshui roared in an authoritative voice as he reached out to make a grabbing motion, and countless translucent blue threads emerged around Han Li's trio, ensnaring them before dragging them away from the spatial passageway.

However, right at this moment, the nearby space shuddered once again, and bursts of dark red light emerged, forming a projection of a mountainous red wheel. Tรดp ๐’๐’v๐’†l updates on n/(o)/v/๐’†lb/in(.)com

There were six dark holes on the wheel that were arranged in a hexagonal formation, and within every single one of these holes was a swirling vortex of black light.

As soon as the giant wheel projection appeared, it immediately began to revolve, giving off a burst of indescribably immense power.

The translucent blue threads around Han Li's trio were instantly severed, and they began flying toward the spatial passageway once again along with the Virata Lute.

However, right at this moment, Weeping Soul suddenly fell unconscious, and countless bursts of black qi surged out of the pores of her entire body.

Countless human and beastly faces could be seen within the bursts of black qi, and all of them were flying into the giant wheel projection.

At the same time, Weeping Soul's aura was rapidly diminishing, while her body was also taking on a transparent appearance.

Han Li hurriedly grabbed onto her upon seeing this, then stowed both her and Daoist Xie away into his Flower Branch domain, and he did so just in the nick of time as in the next instant, he was sucked into the spatial passageway.

A furious roar from Yin Chengquan rang out in the distance, and at the same time, two completely different bursts of law powers came surging toward them in unison.

Immediately thereafter, all of the sounds behind them abruptly faded, and it seemed that the spatial passageway had closed. The two bursts of law powers were also severed, but much of it had followed Han Li and the others through the spatial passageway.

Swept up by the two bursts of law powers, Han Li's body instantly became extremely slow and sluggish, and even the circulation of his spiritual sense and immortal spiritual power had slowed down significantly.

Through his blurry vision, he could just barely make out the Virata Lute releasing a series of silver halos that sucked away the two bursts of law powers, one gray and one blue, thereby freeing Han Li from their influence.

After taking a moment to compose himself, Han Li cast his gaze forward, and he discovered that there were two bursts of light, one blue and one gray, circling around the Virata Lute.

Several streaks of silver light were released by the strings of the lute, and they wrapped themselves around Han Li and Shi Chuankong's waists like streamers before pulling them along.

At this moment, Han Li's entire body was throbbing with pain, but he could still clearly sense bursts of incredibly formidable spatial power compressing toward him from all directions. He wanted to raise a hand to put up some resistance, but once again, he wasn't able to lift even a single finger.

Shi Chuankong wasn't far away from him, and he also appeared to be in the same situation, drifting along behind the Virata Lute with a pained grimace on his face.

Han Li gritted his teeth tightly as he peered deep into the spatial passageway with his Infernal Devilish Eyes, but all he saw was a seemingly endless expanse of empty space. It seemed that there was some type of powerful spatial force drawing the Virata Lute forward, and even though it was unclear whether the situation had taken a turn for the better, at the very least, they had managed to escape from Yin Chengquan and the other Dao Ancestor.

Right at this moment, the streaks of gray and blue light circling around the Virata Lute suddenly began to speed up, and a sense of foreboding immediately welled up in Han Li's heart upon seeing this, but in his current state, he wasn't able to do anything but watch.

The two streaks of light continued to pick up speed, and no more than twenty seconds later, they abruptly exploded without any warning, sending waves of blue and gray light surging through the air in all directions.

The surrounding spatial passageway instantly began to warp in the face of the immense explosive force, and countless specks of silver light began to dissipate in all directions.

Bursts of warped power glided past Han Li, further exacerbating the compressional force exerted by the surrounding spatial power, all of which ultimately acted upon the silver lute.

Shi Chuankong had clearly also sensed that something wasn't quite right, but just like Han Li, he was also completely immobilized, drifting along like a helpless raft in a turbulent sea, unable to do anything.

All of a sudden, a faint crack rang out, and the Virata Lute flying up ahead suddenly shuddered violently, and it was unable to continue to maintain a stable flight path.

After teetering around momentarily in an unstable fashion, it shuddered once again before tumbling violently through the air.

Han Li and Shi Chuankong were being dragged along behind it, and they also began to tumble through space, causing the world to spin around them. At the same time, in the face of the tremendous pressure exerted upon them by the surrounding spatial power, they were struggling to remain conscious.


After what seemed like an eternity, a glimmer of light finally appeared on the dim horizon.

A streak of silver light shot out of the glimmer of light, then reverted back into a silver lute that descended out of the sky.

Immediately after it came Han Li and Shi Chuankong, both of whom began to plummet out of the sky.

They had been jostled around quite severely within the spatial passageway, and even though they had managed to remain conscious, both of them were feeling very disoriented, so they were only able to gradually regain their vision after a brief process of acclimation.

Han Li cast his gaze forward to discover that the sky was a little dim, and gusts of fierce wind were howling past his ears. At this moment, he was situated in the air above a dark azure mountain range, plummeting rapidly toward the ground.

He hurriedly channeled his immortal spiritual power to stabilize himself in mid-air, then inspected his surroundings to discover that Shi Chuankong was also plummeting out of the sky not too far away.

Right at this moment, Shi Chuankong seemed to have also returned to his senses, and after stabilizing himself, he immediately flew over to the Virata Lute.

Holding the lute in his arms, he began to inspect it with a pained expression, upon which he discovered that there was a clear crack on its head, and the silver light radiating from it had also dimmed significantly.

Han Li was just about to call out to him when his entire body abruptly stiffened, following which a string of cracks and pops rang out from within his body as his immortal acupoints lit up one after another.

Wisps of the world's origin qi began to appear in the surrounding space, and they were rapidly becoming denser and denser as they converged toward him from all directions.

At this point, Shi Chuankong had also noticed what was happening, and he turned to Han Li with a bewildered expression.

"I was already about to make a breakthrough back in the Baleful Cleansing Ponds, and I only failed to do so due to the lack of the world's origin qi in the Gray Realm. Now that we're back, the breakthrough is commencing on its own," Han Li explained with a wry smile.

Shi Chuankong took a glance down at the mountain range below, which was filled with mist and miasma, and his brows began to furrow tightly with concern.

"But this is not the right place..."

Before he had a chance to finish, Han Li interjected, "My breakthrough is no longer being impeded by my baleful decay, so I won't be able to suppress it, and I have no time to choose a spot to enter seclusion. Hence, I'll have to trouble you and Brother Xie to protect me."

As soon as his voice trailed off, he flew down into a valley below as a streak of light.

Shortly thereafter, a door of silver light appeared in mid-air, and Daoist Xie also appeared before descending into the valley with him.

Thick pillars of silver lightning erupted out of Han Li's body before blasting into the valley amid a string of resounding thunderclaps that caused the entire valley to tremble incessantly, and amid the chaos, countless beasts and birds fled the valley in a blind panic.

All of the vegetation within a radius of dozens of kilometers around the spot that was struck in the valley was reduced to ashes, presenting a very jarring sight to behold.

Han Li sat down in that artificial clearing, and the dense world's origin qi that had gathered around him had already formed a series of white vortexes that were filled with glittering specks of light.

Outside the clearing, Daoist Xie was hovering three feet above the ground, wielding Thunderslash in its left hand and Heavenslash in its right, serving as Han Li's guardian.

Meanwhile, Shi Chuankong inspected his surroundings with a grim expression, and his expression only darkened even further at what he saw.

"You've really picked out a terrible place, Fellow Daoist Li! If you knew we are right now...""

His voice trailed off as he shook his head with a wry smile, then also landed outside the clearing.

Daoist Xie cast its gaze toward him from afar, and there was a clear hint of wariness in its eyes.

"You take the north, I'll take the south. We're going to be very busy soon," Shi Chuankong coordinated.

A hesitant look flashed through Daoist Xie's eyes upon hearing this.

Right at this moment, a chorus of strange roars rang out from both within and outside of the valley, causing the entire valley to tremble incessantly.

"Here they come!" Shi Chuankong yelled.

As soon as his voice trailed off, the sound of snapping trees rang out from deep within the valley, and one enormous tree was felled after another, sending wood chips and clumps of soil flying in all directions.

A giant black ape, an azure serpent that was over a thousand feet in length, and a massive purple spider rushed out of the destroyed forest in unison, charging directly toward Han Li.

The black ape had a pair of crimson eyes, and its body was completely devoid of fur. Its skin resembled black steel that was giving off a faint sheen, and it launched a huge tree and a giant rock at Shi Chuankong from afar.

Meanwhile, the azure serpent opened its mouth to release a cloud of five-colored venomous smoke that surged through the air, interspersed throughout which were countless smaller azure serpents and purple spiders.

Furthermore, there were even more formidable beasty figures to come, and it was only a matter of time before they emerged from the forest as well.

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