A Journey That Changed The World.

Chapter 799 Bend The Knee

Chapter 799 Bend The Knee

Archer looked at the dragon goddess with a cocky smile, ''I know I'm better than them, but does that mean you will become mine now?''

Hearing his words, Tiamat's smile grew even wider, ''You're not there yet, but you're getting there.''

''What do you want?'' he inquired.

''I want my husband to become the God Emperor of Thrylos and bring peace to my world where children can grow up safe, and people can live their lives without the worry of war or famine,'' Tiamat said, standing up without taking her eyes off him. ''Once you achieve that goal, I will become yours, and you can give me many babies. Now continue with your activities, and we shall meet again.''

After speaking, she waved her hand after bidding him farewell, and Archer came to Hammergate Town, where Kassandra was shaking him. He shook his head before saying, ''I can't use Gate or return to the domain due to that spell that washed over Thrylos.''

When the Kraken girl heard that, she tried the bracelet, but nothing worked. She then sent the other girls a message and soon received a reply. Archer saw this and revealed, ''Tiamat said we can destroy the spell to Cursed Isles where the Swarm cast it from.''

Kassandra's eyes widened in shock when hearing the name, and she felt a shiver go down her spine. Archer noticed her reaction, ''What's wrong with you?''

''Cursed Isles is a horrifying place that is full of high-ranked monsters and cannibal tribes that hunt people who come to the island,'' she said. ''Many of my race have gone missing when traveling in that area.''

Archer nodded, ''We'll have to take the 1st Fleet as I don't want to fly that long carrying you girls.''

Kassandra giggled and was about to reply until an explosion went off inside the underground city, causing Archer to rush toward it and see the Dragonblood Knights being pushed back out of the tunnel entrance.

Without wasting any more time, he cast hundreds of Plasma Missiles before sending them flying at all the creatures that crashed against the shieldwall. The spells caused the explosions to ring out all over the sudden battlefield.

Archer rushed forward, followed by Kassandra, as the two started annihilating the monsters attacking the soldiers. When Elara saw them aiding the knights, she ordered them to pull back slowly.

The couple brutally put them down using their fists and magic. Kassandra crushed a dozen Ratlings and Rat Orges with her tentacles, destroying the enemy as Archer's violet flames burned them to ash.

When the 1st Legion saw their king and queen fighting, it lit a fire inside them, and the Dragonblood Knights roared and charged forward before crashing into the monsters, followed by the rest of the uninjured soldiers.

Thanks to the shield walls protecting most of the army and the soldiers' help, they quickly ended the battle without losses. Archer looked around and cast Aurora Healing on all the injured until they were healed but tired.

After that, Elara appeared with some mean monsters that resembled horses but were much bigger. The redheaded dragonkin woman rushed up to him as she spoke, ''Your Majesty, these men are from the 3rd legion who are marching to Hammergate but are under constant attack and suffered casualties as soldiers were dragged off into the mist.''𝒩eew updates 𝒂t n𝒐vel/bi𝒏(.)com

Archer heard this and got annoyed, so he summoned his wings before looking at Kassandra. ''Protect the town. I'll guide the soldiers while waiting for the cats.''

The Kraken Princess nodded before he took off and flew north. He noticed over a thousand soldiers guarding the wall surrounding the town. Archer was pleased with the training that allowed them to push the monsters back.

After flying for twenty minutes, he spotted the first sign of the 3rd Legion and swooped down, only to see them ambushed by Ratlings. This annoyed Archer, causing him to summon his Stone Men in mid-air.

The stone beings dropped from the air and fell on the monster, shocking them. However, they didn't have time to react as a giant fist crushed them into meat paste. As they did this, Archer cast Aurora Healing over the beleaguered soldiers.

But that's when he noticed there were just over 50,000 soldiers. He wondered where the rest of the Legion, which consisted of 200,000 people, was and started looking for the Dragon Marshels, whom he found in the center, but there was only one.

Archer approached the man, now disguised as Cornelius Darkwater, an up-and-coming general highly regarded by Mohamet and Aisha for his talent and command skills. The Marshal stood six feet tall, sporting ashen grey hair and piercing blue eyes.

When the man spotted Archer, he quickly knelt alongside the other soldiers, but he ignored that and questioned Cornelius, ''Marshal, where is the rest of my legion?''

''Your Majesty, they are stationed at Ironpeak Town outside another underground city, but we were ordered to clear the way for the rest.''

Archer's eyebrow raised before asking another question, ''How many men and women have you lost?''

"2500, my lord. I'm sorry for the pointless losses, but Darian Silverleaf claimed you ordered this and even showed some paper with the Draconia Royal Seal on it," Cornelius replied.

When Archer heard this, his temper flared as the Dragon Marshal dared to lie about him. He shook his head and replied, ''Is anyone else on his side?''

''Yes, My Lord,'' Cornelius said. ''There are about 5000 soldiers that are Silverleaf fanatics and only have a slither of loyalty to you or the kingdom.''

''How can I believe you?''

Cornelius took out the paper and handed it over to him. He instantly knew it was fake because no mana came for the seal like a real one would, as he had created the thing in the domain.

Following that, Archer commented, ''I will bring them back to Draconia and show the rest of the army what will happen if they go against me.''

The older man's eyes gleamed with happiness and smugness, which caught Archer's attention. ''Yes, my lord.''

Without any warning, he grabbed Cornelius by the neck before raising him and casting Soul Sunder on the man and eating a part of his soul, which shocked the surrounding soldiers as their commander screamed in pain.

Some of them tried to react but were stopped by the Stone Men. Once Archer ate some of the Marshal's soul, his anger only worsened when he saw the surrounding faces and knew these 50,000 soldiers left the rest of the Legion and Darian to distract the Swarm.

However, the revelation that Cornelius was a Novgorodian Spy who supplied them with information about Draconia further fueled his anger. Archer approached the traitor, his smile not reaching his eyes as he crouched before him.

"When we return to the kingdom, I'm going to kill you," Archer's voice dripped with malice as his eyes glowed with intense hatred. "But your death won't come swiftly. You will endure an endless torment as I skin you alive and crucify you. And that's not the end of it. I will command the healers to mend your wounds, only for my soldiers to flay you alive once more."

After that, Archer turned to the soldiers, who recoiled in fear. He approached them and inquired, ''Bend the knee if you want to live and be ready to repent from your cowardly ways or remain standing.''

He scanned the crowd, but none dared to speak and dropped to one knee. Only about 5000 defiant men and women stood, glaring at him with intense hatred. Archer chuckled, ''Those who remain standing will join the Marshal in their never-

ending punishment.''

Most of their faces paled at his words, and some attempted to flee. However, Shadow Creatures suddenly emerged, seizing the rebels and dragging them into the shadows to imprison them, just as they did with the remaining defiant soldiers.

Following that, Archer looked at the remaining commanders, ''Head toward Hammergate City, and I'll deal with you when I return.''

They saluted him before the Stone Men circled the tired soldiers and started leading them back to where he came from. Once they were gone, Archer took off again and started flying toward Ironpeak.

It took him an hour to get there, and when he arrived, a Swarm Army attacked the town walls while Dragon Legionnaires fought with them and managed to push them back, allowing them to fortify their positions.

When Archer saw this, he smiled before casting dozens of Plasma Missiles and sending them into the horde of monsters, causing a carpet of explosions to wash over the creatures. Afterward, he cast dozens of Eldritch Blasts into the larger foes.

His spells bombard the horde, causing them to become panicked as the remaining Spellfire Battalion soldiers cast their magic over the wall. Archer kept up his attacks before summoning his Shadow Creatures to join the fray.

A tidal wave of shadows washed over the enemy, taking most of them out, but that's when Archer quickly noticed a being flying at him and landed a solid punch on his jaw that instantly broke it.

He was sent flying into Ironpeak and crashed through the houses before coming to a stop when he hit a large stone fountain. Archer slumped and shook his head only to see the culprit appear,

Archer's head spun, and his jaw was now healed completely, allowing him to scan the newcomer.

[Mutated Human Warrior]

[Level: 601]

[Rank: Sovereign Mage]

'Finally a good fight!' Archer got excited.

With an exhilarated grin, Archer leaped into action, his excitement palpable. He swiftly cast Blink, disappearing in a motion blur, leaving the mutant bewildered.

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